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  1. This is a top seller for us - candles, lotion, bath bombs, sprays. Very sweet & strong in all the applications we use it in. Our customers love it - especially the younger crowd.
  2. They are located near me, so I have used them a lot. I use many of their essential oils and a few of their fragrance oils. Their lotion bases were wonderful until they started using a new perservative that did not smell good to me. I do like their body spray and Goat's milk liquid hand soap bases. They have been great for the most part. I have noticed that a few of their fragrance oils smoke a little when making my candle melts. When I say smoked, I mean that I can see them evaporating off the wax as I stir. I do mix in my FOs when my wax is quite hot, but I have noticed this visual evaporation more on their fos then from any other companies. Not sure why this happens, lower flash point perhaps??, but it does. I usually add a little more than my 10% FO and still have a strong candle melt. (I have not made wicked candles with them, so not sure how they would behave)
  3. I love experiementing and wanted to try this too. I think you could mix fo with DPG, which is used for reed and other diffusing, and give it a try. Maybe I'm more risky, but I say watch it closely and go for it. We learn from trying it out.
  4. What is up with CS's Hazelnut Coffee. I used to love it!!! It was my go to coffee scent. But, not anymore! It is now that gross nutty, carmel smell that does not smell like coffee at all. Does anyone know a great coffee fragrance oil, that does not have that nutty smell? I'm like Candle Nook and don't care about PHTHALATES! I just want good smells back!!
  5. I have used Fillmore's Christmas tree for the last 4 or 5 years, but price increases and high shipping costs have forced me to switch. I am switching to White Birch and Frasier Fir from Candle Science. Both seem very Christmas tree-ish to me. White Birch is more piney - while Frasier Fir has a slight sweet, powdery, vanilla undertone to it. Both are Nice and worth a try. I am being forced more and more to use companies like Candle Science, their prices seem to stay consistently low and the quality is good. (I am a fragrance snob, so I was surprised at how many candle science fos I like)
  6. My two favorites - Pumpkin Souffle from Lonestar and Pumpkin Coconut from Essentials by Catalina - mix the 2 and it is perfection. I ordered a Pumpkin Seed & Oud from Lonestar as well, but have not tried it in anything yet. It smells very promising for a more earthy, non sweet pumpkin. I'm excited about it.
  7. Here are some of My male customers favs: White Birch, Frazier Fir, Oakmoss & Amber, or Christmas Hearth from Candle Science Acqua Di Gio or Fierce are also very popular Patchouli
  8. I do mine at 4% - 5%. All of my FO and EO are skin safe at that %.
  9. I'm starting to use enough oils that I'd like to order straight from the manufacturer. Does anybody know who Candle Science, Peaks, MM Sage , or Lone Star order their oils from? Does anyone have inside scoop that they can and are willing to share? Thanks in advance!
  10. I have not smelled this one. I have ordered about 10 of their Scentsy dupes. The scents are hit and miss for me. I liked about 1/2 of them, but a few were awful, imo. I do not order from Save on Scents anymore. Way too expensive for the extreme fos. The only one I still get occasionally from SOS is the Brown Sugar Fig (BBW Dupe) - I can't find another as good.
  11. Save on Scents has it. Make sure you buy the ultra or extreme strength. The standard strength is watered down. BTW- I hate that they do this!!!
  12. Hi, all! I made CP soap with this fragrance a few weeks ago. It soaped beautifully - strong scent with no discoloration thus far. For those of you that have used TT's Tonic. How would you describe it? What notes are in it? I'm having a hard time coming up with a description for it. TIA
  13. Tobacco and bay leaf from Brambleberry is too die for. Becoming a top seller in my shop!
  14. Love, love, love their oils - but they are pricey! I order 2 in five pound increments because they are part of my regular line up and have to be in stock for my customers. They are Coconut Lemongrass and Hydrogen. Both are great. I also have to have gingerbread in the fall/winter. It is the absolute best gingerbread ever! Also love cotton candy, oak and acorns, Alice, and a bunch of others. I like their flavor oils as well ! One of my favorite suppliers!
  15. I've been selling these for 5 years, but just canceled my order last month and will stop carrying them. The shipping is ridiculously expensive and they rarely are on sale anymore. Also, the variety of styles keep decreasing. When I first starting selling these I could charge $25, now I charge $45. I would need to increase price even more to make a decent profit. I Decided it is not worth it anymore.
  16. I use and love: pumpkin soufflé (best creamy pumpkin I've found) Cranberry marmalade and twilight woods (best one imo). There a lot of other good ones, but those are my main staples from there.
  17. I use Aloe from soapsupplies.net. Really nice and sticks great in CP. it is a fresh, green scent with a hint of sweetness. I really like! Reminds me that I need to make more. Nice in candle melts, too.
  18. My favorite is soapalooza's frankincense,myrrh and gold.
  19. Ha. Happy Accident. Love when this happens!
  20. I have tried around 20 fragrances from this company and , just like all companies, some I like and some I don't. Cucumber and sea salt - very nice in melts, crisp oceanic scent. Will try in CP soon. Will reorder this. Welcome Home - love this. Very similar to Salt City candle scent. Butt naked - good, very similar to most. Fruit loops - super strong, sweet. I mix this with fruit slices. Good ht in parasoy. Pink Sugar - just ok. (Peaks, the best, imo.) I Won't reorder. Black Raspberry Vanilla - just ok. Missing something. Will not use again. Love Spell - was a no for me. Hurt my nose. That's all I can remember now. I will post others when I get to shop and see my notes.
  21. Is this a real thing? Are there co-ops out there? I'm very intrigued by this. Can you lead me to a group like this?. TIA.
  22. Nice! I always love the feeling when soap is done and curing shelves are full,
  23. Thought I'd share today's soaps. Blue = Fresh Mint (peppermint eo, spearmint eo and a little eucalyptus eo.) White/red = Black Raspberry Orange/ white = Orange Creme (orange 15x eo - hold scent great)
  24. Sorry about the Citrus Cilantro. I probably bought them out during the sale. One of our top sellers in soap, lotion, butters etc. we use the fo/so blend for Cedarwood sage. It is very woodsy, but not overly masuline. I had a lady order it for wedding soaps last summer. I think she wanted something unisex, and this fit the bill. But I will say - more men like this than women. I have only used Velvet Sugar in bath and Body products. My teenage daughters love it. It is a very sweet, young smell, if that makes sense. A lot like pink Sugar with a fruity/powdery twist.
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