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  1. PeggyK

    Best Apple Cinnamon?

    Can anyone try to dupe the Tennesee's version? I've never had it but it sounds like it is a "must". I recently poured Flaming's Apples and Cinnamon and gave it to someone to test. They said it was good/strong and smelled fairly accurate to what an apples and cinnamon should be ....
  2. PeggyK


    Thanks, everyone. 🌻
  3. PeggyK


    Thanks Shari. I have a bad feeling about them also even though the scents I used were fantastic. Do you know which companies (besides Keystone )have duped the Peak scents? Thanks!
  4. PeggyK


    Hey there....I know that another company (can't remember who at the moment) bought the Peak fragrances and you can get them from there.... but now that Peak has opened again, is anyone using them? I just don't know if I should buy from the one who took over their scents .... or if I should use Peak. What do you all think? thanks!
  5. PeggyK


    Thanks, EllaJoan. I am actually testing a few scents I got from WSP (didn't get Tulip, darn!) Will place another order though. Thank you
  6. PeggyK


    Hi. Is there a strong and true Tulip scent out there? Tried NG's and it doesn't seem authentic... thanks for any suggestions!!
  7. I'm very late but I have had great success with Nana's Apple Butter from Just Scent (though not an apple pie which I still yearn to find or mix on my own)
  8. PeggyK

    Looking For A Good Raspberry FO

    had unbiased noses sniff about 5 raspberry FOs for me and most of the people chose BCN's Raspberry Burst as the best one, without seeing each other or conversing with each other at all
  9. PeggyK

    Love's Baby Soft? and similar scents

    Darbla, have you tried Children's Room from RE and/or NG? OOB, both of them make me think of Love's Baby Soft
  10. PeggyK

    Just Scent - Country Christmas

    Its not like any other Country Christmas I have smelled, so if another supplier offers the oil, it might be under a different name. Definitely not Spiced Cranberry, like you said Grama. Its a sweet/tangy blend... more of a "sparkling" fruit kind of smell than a spice. I have a little bit under 2 pounds left, but not happy its discontinued. For anyone who is interested - get a pound... its on sale for about 10 or 11 dollars (probably until supplies last...). I will go search the Fragrance Twins thread and or maybe I can try mixing up my own blend in time for next Fall. lol
  11. So exasperated to learn yet another FO has been discontinued. At this point, I have had to discontinue about 10 of my scents due to suppliers not providing the oils anymore. For those who used or who are familiar with Country Christmas from Just Scent - do you know of another supplier who offers something that smells like it? Thanks!
  12. PeggyK

    Just Scent favorite fragrances?

    Country Christmas
  13. PeggyK

    Need a new lilac

    I've only ever used BCN's... its very strong and the fans of floral scents love it. Repeat requests
  14. I understand not being allowed to use other people's photos, but I'm still confused by the scent names being used. Suppliers that some of us purchase from (Just Scent, BCN, etc..) - why are they allowed to sell the FOs with Trademarked names? I just don't understand it. Does anyone know? Also - how can a common name (such as Sugar Cookie) be trademarked in the first place? If this has already been posted and commented upon, I'm sorry -- is there a link of the conversation so I can get clarity?
  15. Lots of those sound so good! Thank you for the wonderfully descriptive reviews! Gonna try me some Mountain Leaves....