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  1. Snuggle Baby is really nice from AH/RE. It's a cross between baby powder and lotion. I just love it.
  2. NG's Blood Orange is very nice too.
  3. I have not tried these, but BitterCreek sells them in chip form http://cart.candlesupply.com/Flourescent-Chips-c-410.html
  4. Beautiful pics!! Congratulations to your success ;-)
  5. Suzy!! Just gorgeous. What scent are they? You always share such awesome creations
  6. If I am not mistaken, you can replace the hydrosol w/ distilled water, or aloe vera juice.
  7. Zanzibar Clove, Blueberry Cobbler, White Nectarine and Pink Coral, Bay Breeze, French Market (not my favorite, but super strong in soy), and Sweet Potato Pie
  8. Brown Sugar and Fig Indian Sandalwood (note: i have not had any coffee yet, so this is all I can think of) These throw very nice for me in 415
  9. Tomara

    Never Good Enough

    Maybe try KY-Para Soy tart wax....it works well, and it is still granulated.
  10. Vanilla Bean Noel from MW..omg...It's so good
  11. I tried before, and the results were not pretty. Your best bet is to use a pouring pot. if you don't have one of those, use a large pyrex measuring cup. HTH
  12. I love indian sandalwood from NG. They also have Aqua Di Gio for men which also smells very nice.
  13. I use Peaks and I love it.. 2nd best is Candle Science. HtH
  14. Thank you Alan for taking care of us!! I love this forum.
  15. Kentish Rain is fantastic in cp soap...so I can only imagine it would be nice for MP
  16. Snuggle Baby!! omg I love this scent. Claire Burke Original, Lavender Vanilla (KY), if I had more money I would try more ;-)
  17. I love them too. I was so happy to discover them through the nice peeps on Craft server :-)
  18. I thought I saw on there they were discontinuing C3. I could be wrong
  19. No problems with it at all. Soaped easily. Scent stuck too.
  20. Peak's Rose Bouquet! Smells fabulous. I gave a co-worker (who insisted she hated rose) a bar made with it and colored w/ rose clay, and she loves it.
  21. Kentish Rain is soooo good. I am going to order that Meyer Lemon next time..I have heard wonderful things about it too.
  22. First time soaping since I have moved...I made Kentish Rain Round Salt Bars and Rose Clay and Coconut Milk Yogurt Round Bars scented in Peaks Rose Bouquet. Bubble bars w/ powdered goats milk scented in Peaks Paris Twilight. The house is smelling so nice.
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