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  1. Thank you for the reviews. I know what you mean about the chandling in the veins. LOL. No matter what I do or what my doctor says, I still have to come back to making them, even if it’s just for family, friends and personal use.
  2. I have tried so many cinnamons since TCS closed—they had the BEST cinnamon ever. FB’s cinnamon broom is really good and strong. Northstar’s cinnamon & spice is very good, too, and is close to TCS. Still wish I could find one identical to TCS though.
  3. Do you know if their balsam fir smells like B&BW “fresh balsam”?
  4. B&BW has two FOs that I love to burn all year long—Fresh balsam and Holiday. Holiday is available some years and then some years it isn’t. There’s nothing crazy complex about these scents, I just love them. Does anyone know of some good strong dupes of these 2 FOs so I can make my own?
  5. I totally agree with Lana—KY at Rustic Essentials is the one I’ve used for years alone and for mixing. I did use Bert’s originally and KY’s is the closest I have found to it.
  6. Yes I get several scents from them—best sugar cookie I’ve ever tried, cinnamon & spice, berry tangerine, French vanilla, Amish harvest, cinnamon & spiced apples. I use my own parasoy blend.
  7. Yes, their sugar cookie is the best one I’ve found and I have tried many. Their cinnamon spice, to my nose, is very close to Tennessee’s cinnamon stick, which was my all time favorite cinnamon. Their Amish harvest is excellent, as is their berry tangerine, cranberry citrus, honey crisp apple, and French vanilla.
  8. I really love Northstar’s cinnamon and spiced apples—one of my personal favs. OOB it’s more cinnamon, but the apple really comes through once burning.
  9. I agree with Belinda—NG’s gingerbread could easily pass for gingersnap.
  10. Mzpickles, I don’t add any cinnamon or spice—it’s already in the scent, subtle, but it’s there.
  11. And then there’s abbreviations. For example, SOB can be the curse word, or in my line of work, I think of shortness of breath, but as a chandler, I think of the FO “Sex on the Beach”
  12. I have tested many pumpkin scents over the years and my absolute fovorite is ‘Ol South pumpkin pie by OT—excellent throw with a nice balance of pumpkin, some spice and smooth light sweetness to finish it. I love it as a mixer, too, especially with Amish harvest—fabulous!
  13. My fav Amish harvest that threw like crazy was originally from Tennessee candle supplies. I know I’ve read good things about Peak’s but am afraid to go that route right now. Keystone is out of stock on the 16 ounce size, so I was wondering if FB Amish harvest is like Peak’s and if it’s as strong. Also, is RE’s Celtic Moonspice as good as Peak’s in the throw department for those of you that have tried both. Years ago, I tested the Celtic Moonspice and it smelled similar to the one I had from TCS, but don’t remember how well it threw. Any other Amish Harvest scents y’all can recommend from
  14. I love their spiced cranberry, Northwoods Christmas, All hallow’s eve, biscotti (Wix and wax)—great mixer, too, Sissie’s sugar cookie (makes an excellent snickerdoodle cookie scent), pear tart (Wix and wax), candy corn, and Yuletide. I’m sure I’ll think of some more. They were the first place I ever ordered from and that was over 15 years ago. Trappeur, I love the Yuletide, but I tend to get the dreaded butane smell with it—do you have that issue, do you add anything (vanilla, coconut, etc.)? I use a parasoy blend and have tried various percentages.
  15. WooHoo—Keystone has it! 😀 Thank you thank you thank you Jeana!
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