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  1. Good gravy!! Have you seen the prices at Pure Fragrance? I definitely won't be shopping there. Far too expensive for me. CC
  2. Has anyone used a black bottle for their lotion? I'm thinking of using one but wasn't sure how well people would receive it. You don't see many of them around and I was wondering why. Thanks!
  3. You're the chief executive of your company. Create a policy that states you can't disclose that information and then you can honestly tell people that your company policy prohibits you from releasing that information. Problem solved.
  4. Thanks for the information Moonshine! I like hearing how things work regardless of how "crappy" they might be! :laugh2:
  5. Thanks for the advice Moonshine. Would you be so kind as to elaborate on what damage EO's and FO's do to septic systems? For those who choose to make and sell these types of items it would be good to be able to put a warning on their website with a little detail so the customer will know the seller knows what they're talking about.
  6. I apologize for the long post and seek your forgiveness. Okay, I’m not really seeking your forgiveness but I do apologize for using so many words in my rant. This is not meant to bash any one company, so they’ll remain anonymous, but instead it’s my attempt to voice my frustration over what seems to be an increasing willingness among some companies to stretch the truth about their products, or should I just put aside the politically correct speech and call a spade a spade? They lie. As a case in point, during my endless research into the competition I came across another company that sold cand
  7. I agree with Alpha1477 that you should remove the phone number and email address from the front of the label and add it to the warning label. Move the name down too. I would try removing the fleur-de-lis icons and see what it looks like without them. With the fancy border and the fleur-de-lis icons it's a little too busy. Take a few pictures of different layouts (you don't have to put them on a container) and see which one people like best.
  8. Does anyone know if there is a thread in this forum where people have shared their fragrance combinations? I would like to start attempting to mix some of my own but would like an idea of where to start. Is there a favorite supplier(s) for base fragrances or are they like the other oils, hit and miss? Thanks!
  9. I would think you do have to change them, especially if the original has the trademark symbol with it. Or, you could take the position my wife does which is, "It's easier to beg for forgiveness than to ask for permission".
  10. $1.75 billion huh? Shouldn't be a problem getting my little candle business to sell for a measly $10 million in 5-10 years then.
  11. Here's a short video of their history and products.
  12. Hey Heather, Could you repost the link to Flicker's recipe? The original isn't working. Thank you!
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