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  1. Goat milk is very beneficial for human skin. I had acne and eczema last month. I tried quite a many remedies but couldn't get the right cure. My aunt suggested me to use goat milk kin products. I went for the goat milk soap for eczema specially made to tackle skin diseases. Within two to three rounds of usage I was finally able to get pass my dry and rough skin. Please share your experience about skin issues and the remedies you applied.
  2. trite but true i need help finding a soap base to suite my needs... i will list them needs as: THIS WILL BE LYE FREE SEA BUTTER ORGANIC IN LARGE QUANTITIES FARE TRADE IF CAN BE NO MILK OR OAT WOULD BE NICE IF IT HAD COCONUT OLIVE OIL TOO now let's see what you can come up with. BLESS YOU ALL BROTHERS AND SISTERS
  3. I have been making candles for awhile now and selling them (albeit slowly) but now with the summer months in Texas, it is really not good for me to take them to the local flea market. I still want to be able to take something there, however, so I've been looking into start making body products. I've narrowed it down to M&P soaps (can't work with lye with my toddler around), bath bombs, foaming bath truffles, bath salts, and sugar/salt scrubs. But, I don't know which I should start with! I know I can't start with all of them at once, so I guess I am looking for some advice on which product
  4. Is there any way to making frosting out of melt and pour without using a foaming bath base ? I was going to make bath bombs for my granddaughters birthday but I need more ingredients than I thought I would. So I decided to make her unicorn soap instead. I was looking at some online recipes and they say I need foaming bath base along with melt + pour along with a few other items. Is there any way to make the frosting with just using melt + pour ?
  5. It doesn't matter which base I use. I spray with the correct alcohol. The layers do not adhere. They always come apart. I find that the directions are too vague. "Wait until it forms a skin" means nothing to me. "Press the top to test." OK. But how firm should it be? Despite the tutorials, I just can't make it work. I'm missing something. There must be a correct way to do it, not just vague "when it's ready" instructions. Maybe an exact temperature? Something? Anything? Please help with this sad soap situation. Thanks.
  6. I found I have quite a few containers of the old Soap Crafters "double scented" fragrance oils so I had one called "Pipe Tobacco" duplicated and it came out great! The fragrance level was right on and I can't wait to use it! Does anyone remember using these so still have some in your "fragrance collection" like I do?
  7. The prices here are fantastic. I was wondering about the quality. Anyone know? https://www.chemistrystore.com/Products-Fragrance_Oils_A-G.html
  8. I just ordered these unusual scents from SoS as sniffies. I have no idea what to expect, but I can't find them elsewhere, so I figured it was worth a shot. If anyone is interested in hearing more about the resultant weirdness, I'll update. Exhaust (Gas) Gasoline (Low Octane) Library Magazine Paper Antique Shop Basement Beef Jerky Chalk (Sheetrock/Drywall) Dusty Attic Pot Roast Toast (Buttered) Key Note: Musty Light Beer True Rain Snuggles |Type*| Camay Soap |Type*| Agree Soap |Type*| Dark Rum |Type*| Brown Sugar
  9. Im sure this has been asked and answered countless times, but which scents last the longest in CP soaps?
  10. Just wondering if they had any materials, including FOs, that you're crazy about.
  11. I thought maybe this should go under scent reviews, but no one seems to post there, and this is important. Even if this FO smelled good, (which it doesn't, it's the most inauthentic cotton candy I've ever smelled) it made my BB bases rubbery and, thus, impossible to layer. I used both clear and white bases, in two different concentrations of the FO. Regardless of the concentration, it had the same rubbery character. needless to say, I threw all of it away. I've never had this happen before. Usually, the white base is very hard and not at all pliable. Just a weird, yucky experience all ar
  12. I liked how many options were offered. Hope it's helpful! http://www.fragrancelaboratory.com/soapmaking-calculator.html
  13. Forgive me if that is considered a dumb question, but I'd like to hear from you. I haven't made CP simply because I make so many other things that I like the ease and time-savings of making M&P. I want to easily match my soaps with other scented products I make. It just seems easier, overall. But I see that most soapers are CP soapers and I'd like to understand why it's such a lovable art-form, because it clearly is.
  14. I make other scented products, but I've only done simple M&P with Brambleberry bases. Maybe this is basic stuff- I really hope so: I have this cool idea for a shaped soap that would require two pours, much like a cupcake with icing, I imagine. The problem is, the base has to be fully cooled so I can remove it from the mold, and I want to top it with an icing sort of thing. I used clear base for the bottom piece and wanted to use white for the top. How can I possibly get the two to adhere? I feel like the top will just fall off since the bottom is completely cool. I thought about a hea
  15. I'm getting nauseous and having a runny nose while working with fragrance oils. My windows are all open. This is a pretty big problem, I'd say. Please tell me there's a solution!
  16. I am new here. I am a soaper and crafter. I live in the Memphis area, have 4 young kids and own my own soaping business. Life is busy but enjoyable. I love to do wood painting, color in my adult coloring books and make wood letter art.
  17. Hiya! A gigantic hello and an enthusiastic wave from Malaysia! Hoping to learn from everyone else.
  18. Has anyone tried using flavor concentrates (without sugars) in place of FOs? I can't find any reasons they wouldn't work if they didn't contain sugars, but I don't know. They're relatively inexpensive from sites that sell them to vape oil makers.
  19. Hi guys! I've got a question on how you guys would price your soaps for sale and how would you list out the inventory of your product (and the ingredients of course). If someone would be able to send me a sample, it would be a great help too! I'm literally about to rip my scalp apart :C Thank you!
  20. Do any of you soapers make any almond scented soaps ? If so, how do they sell for you ? Im asking because WSP has 3 / Cherry Almond - Honey + Almond + Almond They also have 2 Oats + honey type ... one with milk, one without. Why do they all have to complicate things. Im so indecisive lol ! Im hoping one of you expert soapers will be doing a oatmeal or a coconut milk soap recipe for soap of the month - wink wink lol ! Out of curiosity, if you had to choose your top 3-5 CP Best Selling scents what would they be ?
  21. Where do you guys buy oils for soap such as olive oil - coconut etc. Ive read articles about olive oil in particular that many if not most are cut with other oils. It went on saying that its cut to obviously save them money + to help stop the oil from going off quickly ? Have any of you had any issues from buying OO or other oils ,say at Costco ? Have you noticed any DOS on your soap from oils bought locally ? Who knew any of this was going on, that is so maddening From what I read, OO in particular is a HUGE business . Thank you in advance !
  22. What do you prefer to use in your CP soap - Lavandin or Lavender EO ? Do you typically use the 30/32 or 40/42 or straight lavender EO ? What have you found holds up best and what ratios pp. to you use ? Ive always used Eden botanicals for personal use but its way too expensive to use in large amount IMO. So Im looking at suppliers as well. Thank you in advance
  23. Mad Oils just did a post on FB stating that they are only going to be selling FO in 25 lb drums and doing sales throughout the year on certain dates for 1 lb bottles. I don't know many people who can afford not be able to use 25 lb drums. Such a shame. I hope this doesn't become a trend for other suppliers. If so, I can see many just throwing in the towel since they won't be able to afford buying in such bulk.
  24. Can anyone recommend a good digital scale + a digital temp gun. Also, is it safe to assume a new scale will be accurate right out of the box. Thanks
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