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  1. Grani L

    Botonical Orchard and Nectar

    Ok - I will definitely check them out.
  2. Hello... With all this soy craziness sweeping the Handmade nation....makes me wonder if the big dogs are paying the Regulators to force manufacturers to mess up the formulas for the Handmade Nation due to the fact the handmade nation is on the rise with better smelling and better burn quality products? Has any of us been told " Yours smell better than ...the Big Y Dogs? I have...with my still in the testing stage self. I mean for goodness sake there is plenty $$ to go around. Why break something that is fine?? --- SMH - My question is tho...we know the down low on soy - with all the changes in burn quality and reporting it, yet we are told that nothing is wrong -- SO....that tells me - we that actually test is just a little bit crazy...."OOKKKAAYYY" So my question is --since paraffin candle nation was probably affected due to -- SOOTING Stories, and Black Jars--- and the rest of the bullcrap that can also happen with SOY and COCONUT and any candle if the wick is not trimmed properly, or wrong wick type and of course if the candle burns in excess....... And ask me HOW I KNOW!!! My Question is:::: Since soy suddenly became the -BIG EPIDEMIC- from the Introduction and Promotion of it -- up to the Last 2 Year DOWNFALL-- and now - onto the Promotion / Introduction of Coconut Wax...NO??? .... has anyone had any really bad experiences with the Paraffin Wax - 4630, 4627, 4786 or any others -- where in it has had a huge impact on your candle making process??
  3. Grani L

    Botonical Orchard and Nectar

    Really? Ok. Thanks.
  4. Hello - Does anyone that have smelled Peaks Botanical Orchard and Nectar in the past know where I can find a dupe of this scent? TIA
  5. Grani L

    4627 - I just cant....

    Thanks. The burning qualities is driving me nuts.
  6. Hello....I am back into testing again and am wondering. I just purchased a block of 4627. The throw is out of this world I do agree, but in the Jelly Jar, which wick wont have the appearance that it is going out? I mean there is a full MP about 1/4 - 1/2 inch deep but the LX wick appears to just Mushroom real bad and the flame dies down as if it will go out. I must admit that the smallest LX that I have is the LX 16, but would it be worth my while to purchase LX 14 if the LX 16 already looks weak and dying? This also happened with the 44 zinc wick. They say it doesn't need additives, but I dont know. I did add an 8% FO load to it. I will pour a candle wax only and see. I would like to use it due to the throw, but the non vibrant dying flame after 3-4 hours is very dis-heartening. But any wick, additive or process suggestions that anyone would be willing to help me out with - I would greatly appreciate. Thanks
  7. Grani L

    A Good Lavender for CP Soap

    Ok - thanks. I will check out Camden Grey. Thanks.
  8. Grani L

    A Good Lavender for CP Soap

    Sorry - I was searching for the essential oil. But I am willing to try a Lavender fragrance if it is a good one. I just need it to be just strong enough - but not overbearing.
  9. Hello / Greetings to all!! I am currently looking for a good lavender for soap making. I used to use the one from the Soap Making Resource, but they are no longer operating. So - if someone could help me out and point me in the direction to a few reputable companies that you feel has a good strong - but not overbearing, reasonably priced Lavender, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks.
  10. I have a few paper core. Not sure of what sizes I have. -
  11. I wonder was it some type of Regulation that was above their heads that caused the havoc. I am very tempted to give it a try, but hate for it to be a wash out and waste my money. No smaller sizes I guess? Geez....what gives?
  12. First I used a CD - then moved to HTP. You are certainly right as this coconut wax is a world its own. So now, I have a 100% Coconut Wax candle - just lit it. The flame again is as tall as Mt Everest and it is blowing smoke like a train. This is a new batch of wax I just purchased a few weeks ago. I have an RRD wick in this candle. SMH - as I am beginning to suspect the wax may be an issue. I only say that because the last slab of coconut wax I tested didn't smoke like this at all. The only issue I recall was the melt pool was very deep in 4 hours.
  13. I had ruled out the over wicked - due to the un-melted MP wall on one side of the jar in 3 - 4 hours. But I will melt the wall down, and will take the wick down another size or two, then begin again.
  14. On the Smoking Subject -- I thought I would blend a small amount of 4630 with the coconut wax - for a harder to burn type of substance due to the deep melt pool of the coconut wax.... in two hours time, the room was SMOKEY!!! Had to air it out. Does anyone know what can be used to harden the coconut wax just a little - so that the melt pool isn't so deep?
  15. I used 464. I hate to start to sell anything with all these changes going on. Wax changes... FO Changes.... I need consistency!!