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  1. Hello - I hope someone can help. So I made a batch of lip balm and used WSP watermelon flavor oil. Does anyone know if coconut oil masks the scent? I can barely smell it. The IRFA guidelines says 20% for lip products. The recommended percent is 3%. I used 4%, but when I take the lid off, it is almost non existent. At what temperature should I add the flavor oil? I will wait a few more days and see if there is a difference. If anyone can help - I would appreciate it. Thanks
  2. Ok. I am NOT the sharpest tool in the shed, but Now I understand. I read what you said, and revisited the Calculator and played around with the numbers. Makes sense now!! I truly thank you for this, as at least I now have something to go by. The last thing I need is skin irritation. You are truly the Best!! God Bless!!
  3. Could someone please help me out?? I am attempting to make Roller Perfume Oils. So I am using the sites conversion calculator. I see the Max IRFA guidelines, then the suggested populates after putting in my formula information. I checked out some of the recipe's on the site, and it appears that those do not follow the "Suggested" Recommendations for Fragrance Load. So, for those of you who make these, do you go strictly by the Suggested Recommendations of lets say ...6%....or do you just test the strength according to your own standards - but not going over the Max IRFA guidelines? - Also i
  4. I am waiting on the 755's to come back in stock. -- Looks like I need to order the smaller sizes to test, as I have the larger sizes. Ok, at least I have a good range to go by. Thanks.
  5. Hello All..Can someone suggest a good wick size starting point for Premier wicks in a 3 Inch Diameter Mason Jar type jar. Jar Height is 5.1 inches. I am very testing 6006 wax. Thx..
  6. So...I burned a test candle all the way down. The jar is clean - as far as...no wax left. But the jar was left black. There is about maybe 1/8th inch of wax left. The jar is a 16 oz Mayo Jar with CD wick and a 6% FO load. So my question is... has anyone found that adding soy to 6006 helped to have a "NOT SO BLACK" jar? Or is it a possibility that 6006 burns clean, and maybe I should change my wick type for that particular jar? TIA!!
  7. This tester in the Pictures is 6006. For the Fragrance Load - it says "High fragrance load - 8% to 10% fragrance loads are possible". But, I have seen candles sweating before. - So this particular test is 6%. But if I use 8% of an FO, should I add vybar to it? The baseline is 6%. What makes 8% to 10% fragrance loads possible? Lighter oils?
  8. So, this is an example test of my experience with the zincs after 2 -3 hour burn. I never trimmed the wicks. The flames just got smaller and smaller. If you look into the melt pool, you can see it was to the edges just about at one point. So, this particular test - made about 4 -5 weeks ago - has about 1 oz. Mulberry FO. 6006 Wax. 16 oz. Apothecary Jar. I would not trust moving up to the next 44z wick size. Would it be safe to go with the 51 or even the 60 Double wicked? --NightLight, I am going to make up a few more testers to include the LX series also so I can review the performance.
  9. Ok-- I only cured about 3 days. I will create another test, and let it cure longer. I am interested in the burn quality of the short, which I already experienced the above scenario, and the burn qualities of a longer burn time. I definitely need to see the difference. - Let me also ask you... Have you noticed a difference in the burn if using 8% FO as opposed to 6%? I used Georgia Peach and will back down on the FO although I was very pleased with the throw of the higher percentage. Less may just be more in this instance as other factors come into play.
  10. The diameter of the jar is just about 4 inches. -
  11. Thanks for the suggestions. So...I did a test with the 44z. - All was well until the wax burned down to half, then the Flames grew smaller and smaller -- and the wicks drowned. I never trimmed the wicks at all. How far apart would you suggest the wicks be. I had them both maybe an inch from the sides of the jar. They were gapped pretty far apart.- Should the tabs touch? -
  12. Ok - I have a question. I am currently double wicking the country comfort jar using 6006 wax. I am using CD Wicks. The Melt pool is good - as the wax has burned down to a half jar. The flames are small but at least not threatening to go out as before. But the Jar is entirely too hot. Do you find that ECO's or Zincs would burn cooler. Can this jar be single wicked using 6006 wax? Any suggestions? TIA!!
  13. Greetings All, So I notice that Fillmore has HTP wicks in stock. I want to order jars, and would like to order wicks also, but just am not sure if these are the new ones. I saw no indications on the site about the wicks at all. I did send an email and am waiting to hear back from them. Does anyone know if they are the new ones? Thanks.
  14. I have also experienced using Zinc wicks in soy 464. Nothing is worse than your candle going out....especially when there is no one else in the house but you. - So that is why I left off the zinc in soy. As Hotmama stated, they fizzle out after a while. HTH.
  15. TallTayl - Timing is everything as they say. Trying to keep up in the Candle World of Changes almost requires brain charging and reset stations -- and therapy booths for those who pull out their hair and teeth. Weirdly, yet we still remain sane!!
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