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  1. Okay. I do have Apricot Kernel Oil. --Thank you both for the feedback.
  2. Hello Fellow Crafters....Could you Please help me out. I am going back and forth with my decisions on using Sweet Almond Oil in my lip balm due to the possible allergic reactions one could have. ? I do understand the product must be labeled accordingly. Also, for those that do not use SWO - what would be the other best choices of carrier oils to use instead of the SWO? I currently will test with Sunflower oil. I did make a batch with Soybean oil, but to me - it has a Greasy Feel. Any help will be greatly appreciated! TIA.
  3. Thanks TallTayl. I went on the WW site and noticed they do have different types of Wood Wicks and the supplier of the wood wicks that I have certainly do not. I appreciate this insight.
  4. Hello - So I am about going crazy with the HTP wicks moving close to the edge of the container even after the candle has set for weeks. I would like to try my hand at wood wicks - which I did before , but the flame keep dying. I made this candle sometime last year and decided to revisit the wood wicks. This is a 16 oz flint jar with a 464 blend. The diameter is 3 1/2 inches. The wood wick is a large wick. I trimmed the wick to about a 1/4 inch. Should I have left it longer?? I am still left scratching my head. Why does the wick die? Is it too large? After relighting a few times, it did finally reach the edge, but the wax was black and nasty. I think I have seen where people use double wicks. This is just a single wick. Maybe I should choose another supplier...Please - Any suggestions?
  5. A quick question also. So with the Bakery Scents, do you find that 6% works with most or do you hang around in the 8 -10% Range?
  6. OK - Just to report back. Not sure what gives. So I upped to 10% - and wow!!! Just the throw I was looking for. As you said Candle Rush, throws like 5 minutes after lighting after about a 2 week cure. No burnt wax smell either. Weirdly, the cold throw was too strong for me, but the hot throw was perfect. Now its just up in the air if I carry the scent or not. 10% is a bit much. - But hey- we will see.
  7. I have had my eye on Fragrance Buddy for a while. I will get a list together. I will order Blueberry Cheese Cake from CS as well and get a few others I have had my eye on.
  8. Hello- I am searching for a true honeysuckle scent. I recently smelled a sniffer in the YC Spring Scent Magazine. To my nose, it was a true honeysuckle scent that I smell in the spring time when I walk out my door. I have the smelled honeysuckle scents, which indeed were very dull strong, but the sweet notes were missing. The sweet notes takes the beauty of the scent to another level. I am very particular when it comes to trueness of a scent. So any recommendations for a true honeysuckle scent and supplier - I will greatly appreciate it. TIA.
  9. Hello - I understand that floral and fruity scents are more for the spring time. But are there any Bakery Scents and Suppliers that anyone can recommend that does well during the spring? Also I am looking for a really good Blueberry Muffin scent. I know Candles and Supplies had a really good one some years ago. I am not sure if they still carry that same one or not. But I would appreciate your recommendations. TIA!!
  10. That's what drives me a little beserk.... Cargill says 6% and the CS site says 10% max fo. I would imagine it depends on the suppliers- as one suppliers oils may be stronger or may not have all the same ingredients as others. So...if i up it to 10% FO - is there an additive necessary for C3 wax so more Fragrance can be used?
  11. Does anyone find that they need to use more than 8% of mac apple in C3 wax? I am using Mac Apple from CS. The cold throw is definitely there. But when it burns, the hot throw is there, but seems to be lacking. - Its hard to describe, but seems to be just short of a burning wax smell. I will up the percentage of FO but would rather use less if possible. If you have suggestions on another fresh apple type scent that throws well at a lower percent, please chime in. I'd appreciate it.
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