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  1. A real shame about the HTP's. I was about to order more from CS....Oh Well....
  2. Hello All -- I hope someone may be able to help out. So - I am currently searching for black lids / covers for the 16oz. Country Comfort Apothecary Jars. I only see the silver color offered on the sites that sell the jar. I did a google search but nothing turned up. - Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. I am using a CD wick for this jar. - I am not sure if the biggest Zinc I have will work for this jar since it is a teense over 3 inches. I have tested LX in the Mason Jar. I really don't like the tall flames with the LX. That wick - after trimming seems to grow very tall. - BF Roberts - I honestly have not burned a candle all the way down using the LX wicks due to tall flames. Have you had the wick falling over issue? I can revisit the LX wick in this jar. But I notice that when I stick a wick pin into the melted pool, the wax underneath is soooo soft.
  4. Hello All...So I am currently testing a 3.25 Diameter Straight Sided Jar using 6006. There is still 1/2 jar of wax remaining - but I notice - it seems like the wax is too "SOFT" at this point and the wick is falling / moving in the pool. So my question is...Would I be better off pouring a "HARDER" wax? - in the bottom to help stabilize the wicks or would adding a cooler burning wax that don't burn so hot? I like the idea of the cooler wax...but not sure. Is there a Cool yet Hard wax?? Please if anyone could chime in....any suggestions on this and what wax I could potentially use? Thanks.
  5. I have ordered from Rustic Escentuals, (Their Apple Pumpkin Strudel is very nice) - Natures Garden, (they have a very nice baby powder scent I recently used for Baby Shower Candle Favors.) I have also ordered from The Flaming Candle. - Their scents smell pretty promising. I still need to get those oils into wax. WSP - I have used some of their scents but mainly for lotion and soap. -- I will check out that Sandalwood FO. The Tobacco Caramel also sounds interesting.... I will add these scents to my scent list. Thanks.
  6. Thanks Gail...I appreciate this.
  7. OK - So all the listed suggestions are a great start. Gail, I would imagine the Lemon Pound Cake has no fuel smell? I went through my notes to a tester and noted it had that dreaded fuel smell. Just cant remember where I purchased...will have to double check. I will also look into a few of these suggested scent categories. As far as the masculine scents go...I personally like masculine scents in soap...such as the Green Irish for example...but for a candle? I got to wrap my head around the masculines in a candle. I would like to offer just one or two to start, then see where it leads. As far
  8. Thanks for the responses. Everything as far as customer base will come together as I did in my ice - cream business...the customers drove the business!! So if someone was to ask me - for some suggestions for some start offs for Italian ice flavors... I would give a few suggestions...to start...and also as you stated Night Light I would definitely clue them in to listen to what their customers wanted...but I would definitely suggest they carry cherry. Because I know for a fact I could not go with out it. The people would have a colored cow if I did not have cherry. It was a nightmare when I ran
  9. Hello, I was just wondering...I know mainly Bakery / Spice / Pine Type scents are some of the main scents for candles in the fall / winter months...but I am searching for unisex masculine scents that is a year round scent, as well as a few Fall / Winter scents that are found to sell all year. Also is there a minty, floral, or baby type that sells year round also? I am trying to not go on an FO Rampage.... I would just like clear my head and to just order a few to test for my Candle line up. So please, if you have any suggestions, I would greatly appreciate your help! TIA.
  10. Thank You Night Light. I appreciate this. This will help out greatly.
  11. For all who use this, does it seem to have an odor that stays in the product, over powering the fragrance somewhat? I had some of this Brown in color Vitamin E before, and I used it in lotion. I did not use much, but It had the same smell that I cannot stand that are in some name brand lotions and body washes, where it you can smell it through the lotion. Its like the fragrance goes away and you are left with this smell that leaves the top of your throat sore. I wound up throwing that batch of lotion away because at first I thought maybe an oil had went bad. But I discovered the smell was comi
  12. Okay. I do have Apricot Kernel Oil. --Thank you both for the feedback.
  13. Hello Fellow Crafters....Could you Please help me out. I am going back and forth with my decisions on using Sweet Almond Oil in my lip balm due to the possible allergic reactions one could have. ? I do understand the product must be labeled accordingly. Also, for those that do not use SWO - what would be the other best choices of carrier oils to use instead of the SWO? I currently will test with Sunflower oil. I did make a batch with Soybean oil, but to me - it has a Greasy Feel. Any help will be greatly appreciated! TIA.
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