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  1. I just made a calendula infused soap. I love love love what it does in my recipes.
  2. I don't make lip gloss, lipstick and mineral makeup but I recently discovered the miraculous wonders of natural light. I have a light box too but if I take a product pic outside at about 8:30-9:00 AM EST, I am amazed at the difference.
  3. Patchouli. I haven't tried Pink Sugar but thus thread is tempting me. Which one holds up best in CP?
  4. I love Backwoods Sea Salt Breeze too. .
  5. Ok, so I had some CO from JBN and decided to play. I used ecosoya 135. I guess I didn't pay attention to the amount, cuz I added 2 TBLS pp. Then I reread the thread and thought, '...gonna be failed test #193725629498!!!!! BUT...low and behold...the two testers I made, both 16 oz Apoth, 1 Green Clover and Aloe, the other Vanilla Sandalwood, wicked differently, have absolutely NO WET SPOTS, no cracks, creamy smooth tops, better cold and hot throw, and they burn like a dream. Better than beeswax, UCA, vybar and crisco. So I'm gonna keep testing with CO.
  6. I've been giggling all the way thru this thread, but I had to come out of lurk mode for that. LMAO
  7. As tarynjms so eloquently put it in the candlescience. 99 scent sale thead... ENABLER!!!!!
  8. How about Starry Lights? (a play on the title of Vincent Van Gogh's "The Starry Nights")
  9. Wow, Holly! Your eyes are GOOOD! LOL
  10. Well I have ordered both, so we'll see!
  11. If I mix Maduro and Indonesian Teak...will it smell like a Rainforest? I need a Rainforest Fragrance that throws in C3!!! Desperately!!! (and I don't like musk) (I'm not picky or anything...LOL)
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