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Found 23 results

  1. I'm starting to experiment with perfuming and it's mostly been with fragrance oils and carrier oils. I'm interested in using aroma chemicals individually, but I'm no chemist, and I'd like to learn more about others' experiences with things like fixatives, bases, mixtures, and all sorts of other things that go into perfume making.
  2. Hello, I am new to candle making and to this forum, so I apologize if this is redundant, but I mistakenly purchased several large bottle of fragrance oils before testing and they are not what I was looking for. Does anyone buy or sell FO on this site? All of these were purchased end of January and February. NG - Fresh Brewed Coffee 8oz NG - Honey Almond 8oz NG - Oatmeal Milk-n-Honey 8oz AAA - Chocolate Covered Cherries 16oz AAA - Turkish Fig 16oz I can ship for free. Please let me know if you are interested. Lessoned learned; testers from now on! lol Thanks! Jamie
  3. Hey! So, we use the Golden Wax 444 Soy type with Cotton Core wicks and 7oz Hex Jars with Lids! We've been using JS fragrance oils, and so far things have been great. Our best seller has been the bourbon pumpkin and cotton candy super strong! Although I think we messed up on a few batches 😕 we were heating up the wax to 180° and then adding the fragrance while stirring for 5 minutes. But then we changed the process to where we let it cool down from 180° to 120° before adding fragrance and stirring. Sooooo, I'm thinking it didn't bond properly. (Oops) If you're familiar with this wax, what specific process do you use? Frgrance oils that bond strongly with the wax? Do you add anything to it? What are some of your favorite scents that give off a fantastic scent throw?
  4. Hello, I'm looking for good blackberry or blackberry pie fragrance oils. Or even perhaps a blend suggestion? I see that TCS (The Candlemakers Store) and (JS) Just Scent have a Blackberry Pie FO. I've never ordered from TCS before, I have ordered from JS though. The first time from JS was a huge miss for me, lol, but I have since ordered a lot of good ones from there. I just got Blackberry Brulee from CandleWic and it smells really good OOB but maybe a little too sweet and without the pie crust note. I also see that TCS has a Blackberry Cobbler that I think may pass as a "pie" scent. Has anyone tried any of these? Or have any other suggestions? Also, who has a good straight Blackberry scent that I can perhaps blend to make a pie scent? TIA
  5. Hello all Have any of you used FO or EO from either of these for candles or wax melts ? I tried searching old posts but only saw lebermuth + patchouli reviews and Nurture soap had posts about micas so I'm thinking the FO from Nurture is mainly for soap ? If so, any recommendations . Thank you in advance
  6. I have exhausted myself reading through dozens of topics on here... and I was all ready to hop on the FO wagon when I came across people discussing the health issues (asthma, headaches...etc.) they experienced when breathing in FO's for hours everyday. The solution was to wear a respirator. Now... I'd be willing to do that and possibly get an air purifier down the road if that's what needs to be done... but if EO's can work, then I think I'd rather attempt that just for mine and my family's own sake. I'd be doing these candles in a very small apartment with no real way to vent the air. My husband and I have both developed seasonal allergies the last couple of years and our cat seems to have her own set of allergies as she often has sneezing fits. So, I guess my questions are: Have you had any luck getting EO's to work in candles (I'm wanting to use coconut/beeswax) Would EO's work better in something like tarts?? How well do they work in soaps & bath bombs? I really love some of the scents in FO's... but I'm a lot more weary now after having read through some of the posts on here. I even took it one step further and read through some of the MSDS on some oils... one of them said "may cause cancer". I realize most anything can cause cancer these days it feels like but when you've known people who have had cancer ... it really makes you question things like this. Especially when I'd be surrounded by these oils all day and not just a few hours at a time while burning here and there. I was also a bit concerned about the issues FO's present when they end up in the water system and in the MSDS, it says to keep it out of the drains. So... how do you clean your materials when you're done?? Or do they mostly mean just in large quantities? Anyway... what are your thoughts??
  7. Has anyone tried Rustic Escentual's Fruit Loops Type in CP Soap? There is no information or reviews on their site about it unfortunately. I'm putting in an order with RE and NG for others things and I have a custom request for a Fruit Loops scented CP soap. The reviews on NG all say theirs fades horribly in CP.
  8. Hello all and Happy New Year! I want to know if this type of container is ok to store fragrance oils in? I’d like to start mixing large batches of my FO blends and these look perfect but not sure if this type of plastic is ok for FO. It’s made of HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Thanks for any help/ advice you have. https://m.uline.com/h5/r/www.uline.com/Product/Detail/S-10748/Jugs/F-Style-Jugs-1-Gallon-White
  9. What are your favorite scents from Aztec for candle making?
  10. Does anyone have experience making fragrances from several individual scents, and perhaps using a perfumer’s kit to try different combinations? I’d like to delve into this and wondering where to purchase a somewhat complete professional array of base/middle/Top note choices for experimentation. Also wondering if if anyone has visited a professional perfumer for consultation? Or is everyone just sort of using the basic online suppliers oils and mixing a couple along the way? Any advice welcome!
  11. Hi I saw a topic before about the best fragrance oils per each company and now I can’t find it can anyone help me find it if you know what form I’m talking about.
  12. I've never ordered from RE before so I'm just curious if you've tried any of these? Are any of them total duds? Better from another supplier? I've only ordered FO's from Flaming and wasn't too impressed with the turnout. I'm going to be using coconut/beeswax if that makes any difference. Amish Quilt Barbershop 1920's Bonfire Bliss Butterrum Cappuccino Cardamom Cedar Blossom Cedar, Sage & Blackberry Coffee House Driftwood & Sea Salt Elderflower & Moss Earl Grey & Apple Juniper Berry & Cedar Lavender Luscious Vanilla Fig & Cassis Ozark Forest Pipe Smoke Redwood Rose Geranium Silver Birch & Vetiver Sweetgrass & Cedar White Sage
  13. I bought about 15 samples from The Flaming Candle several months ago. I made some candles with them but I wasn't very impressed with them. I hate that I wasted a lot of wax trying these out... although I guess that's part of it until you find what works. I'm just wondering if there's any companies you've tried that you had more success with than "duds"? (I realize that not everything will be great and scents are very subjective) I probably wouldn't mind trying around if it weren't for such high shipping rates. Seems a waste to only order one or two samples from 4-5 places if the shipping is $10-15 at each. Sorry if this has already been discussed, I checked through about 5 pages before posting this.
  14. Galenr3393

    Wax melts

    This might be a weird question but if I’m making multiple batches of wax melts with different fragrance oils as long as I keep cleaning all my equipment should I be concerned that all the scents in the room might cause the end product smell weird? Also is it okay to let all my different tarts cure in the same area?
  15. does anyone know how to creat room Sprays using fragrance oils!? Also if so can you share a recipe? Thanks! (:
  16. Hi! Has anyone used the candle makers stores fragrance oils? The reason I ask is I see the have copy cat fragrances of Scentsy and Yankee and wasn’t sure how true they are to the actual scent?
  17. Has anyone ordered from this supplier?
  18. I haven't found anything like what I'm looking for. Seems like they throw extra stuff in all the time. I sort of want the smell of rice pudding or tapioca pudding. You know that smell? Milky, creamy, sweet, vanilla-y, and subtle? Yeah. That.
  19. HI from Kansas! I am new to making my own scents. I was wondering if anyone has used fo's from Texas Candle Supply? Also, is 464 better than 416? I am currently using 416, of which I love, however I'm curious if 464 will give a stronger and longer scent throw... any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  20. Hello friends, I love the fragrances from the Flaming Candle Company, but there are some scents they don't carry and I'm having a hard time finding another shop with different scents that has the same high quality. Where do you all buy your fragrances? Which shops do you trust online? I'd appreciate your opinions very much. Thanks!
  21. Do you have a favorite fragrance for shampoos/hair products? I've been experimenting with making my own & am having a hard time moving past EOs. It's not that I don't want to, I'm just indecisive.
  22. Do you find that NG's FOs are as strong as other supplier's FOs in wax tarts? Or do you find they're all about the same?
  23. I used to order my FO's exclusively from RE for years but then I started trying a few from other companies because of reviews here I read etc. Well I noticed in the past 2 years, my FO's from RE going rancid faster or losing/changing their scent compared to the ones from other companies. I have always had my fo's last at least a year without going bad and usually a LOT longer. RE always had excellent customer service...until now :undecided I ordered some FO's recently including 1 to replace one that went bad after 11 months and when I received them I noticed the one I was replacing wasn't as strong as it usually is (but I said nothing) and another one was totally off from what it usually smelled like. It isn't one of their best selling fragrances but one my husband enjoys so I know this scent. I sent them an email and was told that they checked and there was nothing wrong with it. As a customer of theirs for 13 years, I think I know when something is bad or off. I told them of my disappointment and got no response. I will take my business elsewhere even if it means paying more.
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