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  1. Thank you, Sarah! I am checking her page out now! I also haven't heard of Windy Point, so I will check them out too!
  2. Hi everyone! It's been awhile since I was on here, but I was hoping someone might have some suggestions on where to buy CO's in Canada. Shipping from the US is SO expensive! 😩 I could potentially have them delivered to my parent's in the US and bring them back with me when I drive... but that seems like it would be a hassle as my business grows... not to mention dealing with the border agents. I'm not sure what the regulations are for that kind of thing. Flying with them would be even less of an option. Anyway, I know New Directions is a popular choice here. I've used a few of their oils recently and I'm just not sure I love them. One of them was pretty rancid... so I guess I'm worried about the quality of their oils. Maybe this was a fluke though? And I should disclose...it wasn't one I purchased directly from the store, it was from a local company that had a skin care class. So maybe they had it in their stock for too long? Can anyone attest to the quality being good?? Hoping for some hidden gem that I don't know about yet. I've done so many google searches, but either the oils are too expensive or they don't carry a big selection (e.g., 7 or less CO's listed on their site). I really love MRH but the shipping (even in the US) is just way outside of my current budget. Thanks in advance!
  3. Thanks for the suggestions everyone! I will be driving through knoxville in a week-ish so I'm definitely going to stop in the store and check these out!
  4. I realized after I posted in here that you had probably already seen his post. Maybe it'll be helpful to someone who hasn't seen it yet though.
  5. What are your favorite scents from Aztec for candle making?
  6. @Brad Ford posted this article in another thread: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-basf-forcemajeure-aroma/basf-declares-force-majeure-for-certain-aroma-ingredients-idUSKBN1D21AB Hopefully this is something that will be fixed quickly.
  7. I wonder if the coffee could be improved by mixing it with something else?
  8. I'm thinking of placing an order for fragrance oils from Fillmore Container... What are your least/most favorite from them? I'm not that picky about scents so all suggestions are welcome.
  9. I think all cats are pretty amazing. I joke with my husband all the time that if he wasn't around, I'd just be a cat lady. haha! I hope I can have my sweet fur baby for at least that long! She's around 10 now. She seems to like the lavender but I don't put a lot in the diffuser so I'm sure it's pretty diluted.
  10. WOW... 18 1/2 years!! That's amazing! That sounds like an awful/scary experience to go through. I would've been terrified. My cat doesn't seem to be bothered by the EO's in my diffuser but dust makes her sneeze a lot. If I run just lavender in my diffuser she will often go sit in the same room near the diffuser. When I made the candles with FO, she was in a separate room, and I only made the one batch with 1lb of wax. So I don't think I was using it long enough to really fill the house with the scent. She didn't seem bothered with it but I will definitely take more precautions going forward.
  11. YES!! Last year I ordered several FO's for the first time and I really didn't take any kind of precautions with them. I didn't know I needed to. I didn't wear gloves... no respirator... didn't open the windows. I had a horrible headache for hours and felt really dizzy. It was awful. I almost didn't want to use them ever again. I think that situation made me really want to look into them more. That said, I obviously didn't take the necessary precautions as I should have. I do wish they labeled the bottles with how to handle them properly.
  12. Yeah, they are definitely way too expensive to waste. My favorite company is Simplers Botanicals. They're definitely on the pricier side but out of all the brands I've tried... these smell the best. They smell so pure. I will definitely get a respirator though and wear gloves. I was going through a lot of lavender and still am... but rose geranium is probably my new favorite. I can't get enough of it! haha. We don't have kids yet but I will definitely be extra cautious using these things around them when we do. Ideally, I'd like to have a space to make products outside our home but we just aren't at that point yet. So I'll have to make do and just be very careful in the meantime. Also, I had no idea there was coffee EO!! Where have I been??? I need to get some ASAP! haha.
  13. Oh wow... 6 months! lol Poor guy! I don't think my husband would ever agree to live anywhere else, even if I said I was going without him. hahaha. I'm sure I'll adjust to the winter and we will find things to do to make it more bearable. I'd love to try cross country skiing, although I've heard it's pretty challenging. lol... that's funny. I've been to a Titans game and a Vols game. Once was good enough for me... I'm not super into football but I sure had to hear about it constantly in TN. Most people there are obsessed with the Vols. There is orange everywhere. It was worse when I lived in Knoxville (home of the vols) for awhile. Game day traffic there was the worst!
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