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Found 10 results

  1. Hello Everyone! I am selling everything listed below. I do not want to separate the items. I am selling them as an entire lot. Everything was purchased within the last three months and I am selling them because I have narrowed down the fragrance oils I will be using. They are .3oz sample sizes and 1oz and 2 oz sizes. All items have been opened in order to sniff and only nine of them have been partially used for testing purposes. I have noted below the ones that have been used. I am selling the entire lot for $210 and I will pay for the shipping within the United States. This is a great way to try several different fragrances. I will accept PayPal. Please let me know if you are interested. Thanks! CANDLE COCOON: SUGAR SHANTY: 2 OZ PEPPER AND PORT: 2 OZ CRANBERRY, CARDAMOM AND CLOVE: 2 OZ NEROLI DE LA LUNA: 2OZ (3/4 FULL) LEMON BLOSSOM: 2OZ (3/4 FULL) OUD, TURMERIC AND SAFFRON: 2 OZ (3/4 FULL) SUNWASHED SANDALWOOD: 2 OZ (3/4 FULL) MIDNIGHT MUSK: 1 OZ (1/2 FULL) ———————————————————————————- SWEETCAKES NOT USED (2 OZ EACH): MANDARIN ORANGE CLEMENTINE OLIVE BLOSSOM CITRON ET FIGUE CITRUS POMELO KAREN’S OCEAN RAIN ———————————————————————————— WOODEN WICK SAMPLE SIZES SNIFFED BUT NOT USED (.3 OZ EACH): GREEN BAMBOO AND WILD VIOLET (2) MOSS AND WET FERN OAKMOSS AND CEDAR YLANG AND GERANIUM COCONUT AND AÇAÍ CREME DE MAMAO AND CASSIS SPICED PEAR AND WHISKEY SALTED CARAMEL AND KAHLUA DRIFTWOOD AND JUNIPER (2) MANDARIN AND RESINS (2) WILD VETIVER AND SUEDE (2) SANDALWOOD INCENSE AND EXOTIC AMBER PALO SANTO AND SAGE SPICED BERGAMOT AND LABDANUM MANGOSTEEN AND GREEN COCONUT BLOOD ORANGE AND LIME AGAVE CEDARWOOD AND NEROLI BLOSSOM MULBERRY AND NEROLI LEAVES OUD PATCHOULI AND RESINS (2) IRIS AND GINGER BLOSSOM WILDFLOWERS AND SEA AIR DAMASCENA ROSE AND OUD (2) WOODEN WICK SAMPLES SLIGHTLY USED: GRAPEFRUIT AND LEAVES (2) LAVENDER AND YLANG ———————————————————————- MIDWEST SEA SALT COMPANY NOT USED (1 OZ EACH): FRENCH LIME BLOSSOM MOROCCAN OIL TYPE PURE GRACES BERRIES AND BULGARIAN ROSE BAIES TYPE EGYPTIAN MUSK ———————————————————————— AZTEC (1 OZ): PERSIAN SILK ROSEMARY PEPPER SULTANA 100% NATURAL ORANGE CLOVE FRANKINCENSE AND MYRRH (HALF USED) ———————————————————————— CALIFORNIA CANDLE SUPPLY (1 OZ): OUD WHISPER (HALF USED) ————————————————————————
  2. Hello everyone. I just signed up to this forum. I look forward to learning a lot and interacting with fellow candle makers! Little background; My wife and I are just getting started making candles. We live Right outside of Atlanta Ga. Once we perfect making them we are going to teach our 7 year old daughter how make the candles. Eventually we plan to let her do all the candle making, coloring, labeling, scent choices, etc. So candle making will be her hobby and her business, she is super excited about it. We’ve only made 2 candles so far. Products just arrived 4 days ago. We are using gb444 soy wax, fragrance oils from Aztec(that’s where all our products came from), 8oz patio jars, and wi-767 wicks. We test burned 1 with 24hr cure time(probably should have waited longer from everything I’ve read)and not getting strong hot throw at all. We are going to let the other one cure for 1 week. We added FO at 185 degrees and poured at 135. Candles look perfect and cold throw is good. We used 1.25oz of FO in 16oz of wax(both measured by weight and not volume) We plan to test pour a dozen or so tomorrow. Using different FO/wax ratios, different pour temps, different temps we add oil, etc. We are open to any advice, suggestions, and/or criticism. We are only four days into candle making so all help is appreciated. Thanks in advance. Ben
  3. What are your favorite scents from Aztec for candle making?
  4. Has anyone tried WSP's, Peak's, &/or Aztec's goat milk MP soap? Do you prefer one over the other? Do you prefer a different supplier altogether? Thanks!
  5. Burning this in a candle testing all I can say is WOW! My new favorite. Smells like Christmasmn my house. Pine Boughs and Apples from Aztec
  6. For those of you that have ordered from Aztec, what are some of your favorites. Barbara's post of their Pine boughs + Apples inspired me to try this one. Any tried their Vanilla Bean - Cozy Cabin - Tobacco - Kentucky Bourbon - Apple Pie . I already have their Blueberry cobbler + its really good. So is anyone ordering FO's during Black Friday ? I hope Fillmore is having a sale Id like to get a pound of the Cranberry Citrus - Love this one ! If anyones tried Fillmore's Cranberry + plum, please let me know what you thought. They've got some great oils !
  7. As others have mentioned on this forum, people are having problems with Aztec's Cinnamon Sugared Doughnut oil. They are asking on Facebook, "Has anyone had problems with the Cinnamon Sugared Doughnuts fragrance oil? We have had 3 people say it didn't mix with their wax and we are trying to trouble shoot this"; and they are getting responses. I don't know what experience you have had with Aztec, but I am glad to see they are putting the problem out there and publicly asking customers about their experience. Goldie
  8. Has anyone used this FO in 464 or 415 soy?
  9. Just an FYI- I'm testing Buttered Biscuits from Aztec in soy and the HT is strong! I bet this and BNC's Starwberry Jam would go great together.
  10. Aztec is having a intro price of $11 lb. Is anyone thinking of trying this FO out? Sounds very refreshing!!
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