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  1. Natasha2106

    Fragrance testing at %

    Very expensive hobby. But I do live my candles. 😊
  2. I'm sure this has been asked before, but I've not been able to find it in the search. so I'm aware that the fragrance can be stronger/weaker depending on the % fo we use, so using 6% can actually achieve a better ht than 10% fo used. But my question is, how do we test this most efficiently? my thoughts are that I would have to make 3 test candles at 6, 8, 10% FO and wick test each one. Once I got a wick that works, then make another 3 test candles with the 3 different %'s fo (6, 8,10), and wick with correct wick based on first test and then test in different closed rooms to test for ht. Is this the best way to do this, or does anyone have a quicker way of testing for the highest ht per %? Surely this is a very long winded way around, and I'm hoping someone has a better suggestion. I hope my scrawling makes sense to everyone. Thanks Natasha x
  3. Natasha2106

    Honest feedback

    Oh my god, I've just typed in armoniecandles.com and seen the site come up too. It is using an old logo design that I was playing with through 99 designs, even the flame design is almost the same as what was being used. When I was searching for domain names, I'm almost positive I searched for .com only and nothing was being used. I'm worried now that some of potential customers could accidently leave off the .au and then end up on that site.
  4. Natasha2106

    Honest feedback

    hi all, I've now completed my website, which has taken me months and months. It's been open for around 6 weeks, but I am still yet to receive one order. I have advertised on facebook and instagram and still nothing. The website is www.armoniecandles.com.au Would you be kind enough to look through and give me some construction feedback, maybe what its lacking, what else to add etc etc. I have added all the tags, and google words to each item. I cannot afford an SEO company, so if anyone has any suggestions to help me with this also. I've added all the usual words to search, candles, wax melts, wax tarts, melts, tarts etc etc. thanks Natasha
  5. Natasha2106

    fragrance blending

    Thank you x
  6. Natasha2106

    fragrance blending

    I'm sure I've read on here somewhere a list of good fragrances to blend together, but I cannot seem to find it. Does anyone have a link to good blending ideas? I have a lemongrass fragrance, I would like to blend and several others. Wanting more unique scents and not just the same old standard scents that can be brought off the shelf. Thanks
  7. I'm starting to use tobacco vanille in my melt range, but I'm not sure what colour to use. I don't really want to use Brown. Any ideas ?? Thank you
  8. Natasha2106

    Burn tests

    I'm going to buy some different series of wicks and test side by side. It's just so frustrating. Wick down and they drown and there is no ht and wick up and they are too big at a third down. Really need to get these right this Year!
  9. Natasha2106

    Burn tests

    I use 4630 wax and they recommend htp wicks. I haven't tried other series, I will try some others and see what the outcome is. I did try cdn once but they didn't work well. Will see if I can get any other series. Thanks
  10. Natasha2106

    Burn tests

    Only used the one brand of wick. Do they vary that much between suppliers? I thought they would be the same being htp wicks
  11. Natasha2106

    Burn tests

    The tabs are still stuck as there is still some unmelted wax. I tried with smaller wick but they were looking like they were drowning on the first couple of burns, there was barely a flame.
  12. Natasha2106

    Burn tests

    Hey, just wondering if anyone can help out here. Ive been test burning my candles, 4630 In a double wick 4 inch wide jar, the first half of jar burning wicks work Well, however I've noticed that once jar gets to around third left and burning for 4 hours or more the wicks lose their rigity and move slightly and end up closer to the jar and this can cause the jar to become too hot. Does this mean the wicks are too big? Any advice would be great, thanks
  13. Natasha2106

    Help with fragrance name

    I'm confused and I can smell it lol. My nose just doesn't pick out the same as others. I'm liking Jasmine Spice and Exotic Jasmine. Thank you
  14. Natasha2106

    Help with fragrance name

    HI ALL, I have a fragrance that is called 'Istanbul' from our fragrance supplier, but I don't want to call it this. I have looked at the fragrance notes, but cannot decide what to call it. I have listed the notes below and hopefully someone can give me some ideas. Top Note: Fresh Rose ( although I don't smell rose as I dont like rose) Middle : Raspberry & Jasmine, Cinnamon, Nutmeg Base: Musks, spices, tobacco, patchouli, cedarwood and sandalwood I was thinking of having something along the lines of Spices & Jasmine. I'm at a blank with this, and the notes, don't sound anything like it smells. Any advice would be great, thanks
  15. Natasha2106

    Fragrance Strength Testing

    great idea. thank you. i will give this a go