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    Pouring Slushy

    Hi everyone! This is probably a stupid question, but how on earth do you manage to pour slushy? I've been experimenting with gw 415 wax (mixed 80/20 with IGI 4630), and since I got sinkholes pouring at higher temps, I decided to try pouring at the recommended temp of 95. I actually ended up pouring at 115, because even at that temp I was struggling! It was like trying to pour frosting; I ended up scooping a lot of the wax out like cake batter, and even then a decent amount ended up stuck in my pour pot. Also, tried tapping the jars gently (I'm working with 3 in. diameter glass tumblers) to get the wax to settle, but it's not uniformly settled against the jar (again, kind of like if you scooped frosting into a jar), and the tops are a mess! Is there something I'm missing? Maybe my thermometer's bunk or something? I don't know, but I'm feeling a bit dumb at the moment.