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  1. Well! There are more than 50 different wicks that we can purchase in US, and many of us have tried them all. And many of us are always searching for something better outside of US. If my memory is correct, then I believe many people are happy with HTP for 6006. We have many other 6006 experts here, and they might join here for better recommendations. I don't know what it is, but I just don't like the melt pool shape 6006 creates. Most other waxes form flat melt pool, but 6006 creates concave shape melt pool. I don't like deep melt pool in any candle, and middle of
  2. It might be a good thing that you don't have pre-blended candle waxes over there. None of pre-blended waxes in USA can be considered spectacular. You might want to start from 75% soy, 20% paraffin, 5% vegetable shortening instead of oils, little bit of stearin, micro soft and maybe Vybar 260. You can start adjust from there. You might want to keep percentage of soy above 70% and use no more than 10% vegetable shortening. Good luck!
  3. Another fabulous analysis and recommendation! But I am wondering how many people can apply this into their candle development. *There is one thing I don't completely agree though. I think it would be easier to reformulating the wax than finding the right wick.
  4. There aren't that much price differences of tins & waxes even if they are purchased in volumes unless it is purchased by the full trailer. But if you calculate price of rent for the storage space & utility cost to keep them cool & warm, then there isn't much difference. Maybe 20 cents per candle. We will need to at least go by 1 lb of FOs prices. Price difference is about 50 cents per candle if they are purchased in 4 oz bottle vs 1 lb bottle. If FOs are purchased from manufacturer in 25 lbs to 50 lbs keg, then cost can go down another 40 cents. Wick should be calculated at l
  5. Would Bath & Body Works candle recipe considered as proven recipe? Here it is! In order to beak down this recipe, you need to know the CAS NUMBERS (8016-70-4). Percentage of blend is still our job to figure it out. But when we have this, it should be a lot easier. PM me your email address. I will send you some files regarding CAS Number & others if you are interested. Frosted Cranberry 3-Wick Candle UPC#: 667553889836 Ingredients: Hydrogenated Soybean Oil(8016-70-4,Wax), Paraffin(8002-74-2,Wax), *IGI 1230 Fully Refined Paraffi
  6. @calan So why doesn't everyone jump all over GG palm? In other words... what is the massive, nightmarish brick wall ahead of me that I'm not seeing yet? I don't think there is any nightmarish brick wall front of you using Palm Wax. I love those looks that palm wax creates. But I prefer to use colored jar over clear one due to colors fading under direct sun light or store lightings. And, I find that hydrogenated palm oils(fully or partially) work better if it is used as additives. Many big name brand candle companies use it as additives in their candles. I belie
  7. Even if we are starting from our kitchen, below are things that we need to calculate in order to grow into real business. When you have these $ figures, then it will lead you to the idea how to pricing your candle and when your business can grow out to commercial space and expand. These numbers will kind of lead us to figure out how many we need to sell in order to get into commercial space, hire employee & how many, and when to invest in more machinery, etc. When you have goal of sales volume, it could make you think about your marketing method in order to reach that goal.
  8. Wow! That is nuts! My profit for $50 wholesale is about $25 counting the cost of free delivery. And I get to sell them in bunch to one place.
  9. Is the off-center caused by the wick curling? TallTayl has the solution to solve that problem. According to TallTayl, wick has pattern that shows direction of the wick that is going to curl. If it is wick centering problem, then it is much easier problem to solve. Some centering device or practice... *In my case, I use the wicks that does not curl.
  10. @MilosCandles "Candle wax melting pot" should be the right name for search. @WCCS I suppose some USA manufacturers with aluminum or stainless steel rolling or turning capacity might be able to do it on special order basis. But I don't think they can beat the prices of Chinese pots.
  11. Some candle testing institution might have those data, but it’s going to cost you tons of money for that kind of report. That is if they ever have it. ASTM Standards are not mandatory standards, which means no one has to follow it. Manufacturers & we try to follow it because of safety reasons. Most of canning jars are designed to withstand boiling water which is 212F and above. Very hot coffee is served at 175F. Container of our candle should not be hotter than 150F if it is designed right, so we should be safe with most of candle containers if they are dish was
  12. Melt pool depth was about 5/16" which was great, and I loved everything about it. But I found out it has serious reliability problem. Some of the wick would not lit up or won't stay lit. See picture for bad wick. Different part of same tree has different density which means some wood wick will have normal capillary action, higher than normal, little, and some does not have any. It would be unpredictable. If you end up with high density wood wicks, then you are going to have no capillary action problem. Booster wick was designed by other company, but it was not enough to sol
  13. Adhesive Dots https://www.thomasnet.com/nsearch.html?cov=NA&heading=96139670&typed_term=adhesive+dots&searchterm=adhesive+dots&what=Adhesive+Dots&WTZO=Find+Suppliers&searchsource=suppliers Melting Pots CandleMakingSupplies.net [General Wax] is importer from China. They have reasonable volume discount. If you want better price, then you have to source it direct from China. But it's going to be almost impossible to get anything here from China during this pandemic. https://www.candlemakingsupplies.net/candle-wax-melting-equipment/cate_97/p___
  14. I use 464. From my experience, Booster wick .02 worked best. Mine is 3.6" tin and melt pool can be controlled by width. I think I cut down side little bit of .500". (little bigger than .375") Are you making candles for personal use or is it for commercial purpose? Wood wick would be the best choice for 464 for personal usage, but I would not recommended for candle business. Many of the wood wick just won't stay lit or lit up at all. It's got serious capillary action problem due to density of wood can be totally different even the wood pieces came from same tree.
  15. Many suppliers still have C3 in stock. If you are in the east coast, then Candlewic would be good choice. West coast would be Candlemakingsupplies.net (General Wax). It is going to be almost impossible to find square mason jars right now. You have to keep on checking suppliers for availability and grab as much as possible when it is available. Candle Science and Candles & Supplies are good suppliers to keep checking for mason jars.
  16. I believe Sturgis Motorcycle Rally had big turn out this year even with our pandemic situation. I did Coffee & Donut once in Pasadena Rose Parade. This was when I was very young, and I was sold out in 2 1/2 hours. I could have made a lot more money if I had brought more. I don't have interest in participating in festivals or fairs selling candles, but festivals like Pasadena Rose Parade & Portland Oregon Rose Festival are too good to ignore.
  17. @TallTayl Like you have mentioned earlier, we would need to place our product in right place with right concept. And, lucky break will come when you are placing yourself in right place with good product. Here is few examples of lucky break that some company had. Do you remember Jelly Belly jelly bean and Ronald Reagan? Jelly Belly sales took off after Ronald Reagan became our president, and they are possibly only one who ever made jelly bean with US Presidential Seal on them. Callaway Golf became no-name brand to name brand over night thanks to Bill Clinton. Nobu Sushi re
  18. May I intervene here with my marketing thoughts? In my opinion, marketing research is all about finding out Who buys What, Why and How they use it after purchase. Jo Malone & other expensive famous luxury brand candles are mostly bought as corporate gift items. If you go into luxury brands' website, then you will always find "Corporate Gift" section. Of course, there are rich people who buys them to show the world that they have money to burn, and they treat it as one of interior design item. Some will buy Jo Malone because they are royal to Jo Malone perfume lines. Some w
  19. I am very curious to see how you can modify them(wicking) to make it better. I have been playing with other brand candles, and I got much better result than their original wicks.
  20. Has anyone seen this before? https://everlastingcandleco.com/
  21. Best part is that my customers don't know that I don't know what the hell I am doing.
  22. Yes. It should be a wick issue. I make 464 candles. I heat it up to 180F, add 12% FO at 175F, & pour at 135F. It's almost impossible to find a wick for this wax. The best you can do is bring out 65%(This number could go down to 50% if someone is aiming for hit in your face strong HT.) of its HT capacity. This is possible if you are using wicks from well known wick manufacturers. I was able to achieve 75% by making my own wicks, and I consider both of them as sellable candles. But it still is far below what other easier waxes can bring it to the table with using only 6% F
  23. I have 464 candle that is more than 2 years old. It is still good as few month old candle. I also have 464 wax that was almost 3 years old kept in good environment, and I think wax gone little bit bad. It's more watery and lean even though it kept in nice dry storage. It took a lot longer to hardening up after pour.
  24. Quality changed during 2016, but real changes were made during 2018. It is leaner and burns a lot easier than before. Soy wax has recommended shelf life of 1 year. This wax has past that date long time ago even though it might still can be used.
  25. Good catch! It's still work in progress. So far, it works very well in 100% paraffin, 100% coconut (coconut 83), and Yankee & WoodWick soy blend candles. It does not work in 6006, 464 & Ceda Serica. They are layers of fibers taken out from the tree. I was searching for this material's manufacturers, and I found out someone already beat me to it and has patent on this material wick. I will need to talk to inventor/manufacturer about putting layers of other material to make it work in other popular waxes in US. Or I can just use it as is in paraffin, coconut wax or make a wax blen
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