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  1. That 4 weeks only applies to their wax processors who get a bulk tank in liquid form.
  2. Here is more information on SoyMAX. https://owensborograin.com/candle-wax/
  3. @GoldieMN That is nice find! SoyMax is resistered trademark of Owensboro Grain Company, so they should be the same stuff. Here is the Data Sheet.
  4. I add palm wax not the palm oil. I am not sure if there is going to be difference in those two.
  5. @Kay P It's almost impossible to get decent HT out of any 100% soy wax. We will need to add something to make them perform better, but vybar is not the solution. If your targeted market is against using paraffin, then 5% palm works really well. Some others add coconut wax. Just don't add too much. Soy wax will frost over time when they are exposed to the lights. Only way to prevent it is to use colored packaging that can block lights. If your targeted market is the one who does not like paraffin, then you are dealing with the hardest to deal with group. It's only a small group that are unpredictable and does not have proper candle knowledge. And also, you will be competing against other candle makers who will be lying about their ingredients. I make soy candles, but that is one market that I don't want to target myself. There are so many other targets that we can sell lots of candles without hassle.😉
  6. Lumetique did pretty good job of covering all aspects of being Planar Wick. They covered almost all possible materials and shape that can be used as candle wick and also covered using cotton and/or saw dusts sandwiched between wooden pieces to increase internal capillary action. It even talks about why their wick design can cover large diameter container better than traditional cotton wick. Only holes I can find is the argument of "What is being planar?", External capillary action & Tapered shape. *Everyone is talking about internal capillary action of a wick, and it feels like I might be the only one who talk about external capillary action. 😉 I was planning to use tapered wick design as a candle safety feature, and I think that could be a good story that customers could be raving about our candles. But then, I can turn back to double wall container design for safety if this does not work out. Below is a double walled insulated aluminum tumbler. Worrying about candle container getting too hot at the bottom? Never with this container. GREAT STORY = CREATIVITY!!!
  7. I have searched other country's patent office website, and it was so easy to navigate through their website and easy to understand the patents. But all of our governments' website is not well built compare to other countries, and USPTO is no exception. It takes an expert to search information from our governments' website which I am pretty good at. But I have to say USPTO website is designed to have the patent attorneys to make money. I have pulled out many planar wick & wooden wick patents from USPTO and Justia Patents. This one is from Justia Patents on Planar wick patent which is much better organized and easier to understand than USPTO filing. https://patents.justia.com/patent/20050037308 But still, it would take really good patent research specialist and patent attorney to be 100% sure in this country.
  8. This is recent posting from one of the Coconut 83 supplier. UPDATES ON COCONUT 83 INGREDIENTS Hello everyone we have some crucial information to give you regarding the ingredients in Coconut 83. Due to some news we received this weekend we called the manufacturer this morning and confirmed that Coconut 83 contains small amounts of food grade paraffin and food grade mineral oil to fortify the wax. Unfortunately due to this wax being a proprietary blend, exact amounts cannot be disclosed. The new management, that came on board in March, has been more transparent about the ingredients in this wax. From what the new management told us today, Coconut83 is made of Coconut, Palm, Food Grade Paraffin and Food Grade Mineral Oil. Previously we were told by some employees, that no longer work there, that this wax only consisted of Coconut, Palm and Soy and that no Paraffin was in it. Such as many of you, we are shocked about this information that came to light YET we are also grateful since now we have some transparency from the manufacturer which in turn allows us to be transparent with everyone else. We have updated our website to reflect these changes that came to light. For those who no longer wish to use this wax due to the content of paraffin and mineral oil, we want to thank you for allowing us to serve you for the time being. We will still continue to sell Coconut83 as it has been a great wax to work with and for whoever would like to continue using it. Thank you for your time and understanding.
  9. Hi there! I graduated from Ventura High School long time ago. There is no candle supplier in your area. California Candle Supply, who has good quality FOs, is located in Glendora CA, but they don't have verity of Holiday scents. You might want to look into Candle Science, since they have the best shipping rate to our area. Fragrance manufacturer "Agilex" is located in North Hollywood, but that should be for your future consideration. There is another candle supplier in North Hollywood, but there FO quality isn't so good.
  10. @SOMISKID Welcome to CraftServer! Your ultimate goal is to deal with a fragrance house or manufacturer when you grow your operation big enough. But best place to start would be any American made fragrance oil supplier in your area. Quality of any American made oils are similar, and this will save you shipping cost and transit time. Paying more does not translate into the best quality. You can pay 1/3 less and end up with better fragrance oils. Fragrance is all about scent not the quality of oils. So, who has the best scent? The answer depends on your scent preference.
  11. Do you think this is going to be good enough to fight against Planar in court? TECA(Tapered External Capillary Action) or XCAT(External Capillary Action Taper) Wick Description: Wick having rough surface to increase external capillary action and having tapered design to provide just right amount of perfectly needed heat to each container shape for ultimate result and safety.
  12. I don't know how the patent office ever issued "Planar Wick" patent when there were so many flat oil lamps wicks are in existence for long time. So, I am assuming it is not about the planar shape but plane surface. Definition of "Planar" would be "flat surface". So, as long as it does not have smooth flat surface, it should be okay. Cottonwood & ribbon(and all flat oil lamp wicks) wicks do not have smooth flat surface. I guess it's going to be argument of "What is Planar?" if it ever goes to a court.
  13. Search key words! For pumpkins: "pumpkin image pictures" or pumpkin image clipart pictures" First one would bring out real pumpkin pictures & second one will bring out pumpkin clipart images. For fallen leaves: "fallen leaves image pictures" or "fallen leaves image clipart pictures" For fallen pumpkin leaves: "fallen pumpkin image pictures" or "fallen pumpkin image clipart pictures" and so on.... You should get the idea. Most images on internet is free to use for Personal Usage Only! If it is for commercial usage, then we have to buy or pay usage fee. All of pictures or clip arts on internet have rightful owners, and I suggest you to not to use them without owners' permission if you want to protect your business. There are so many websites who have images that it is hard to pinpoint few. But shutterstock.com is one that I used when I first started candle business.
  14. @Hadzol It's not going to be easy to control temperature with microwave. These are some of the choices. There are many other choices, so shop around. Presto 06006: $26.88 at Amazon. Can handle about 5lb wax. This is great for beginners, and I still use them to make test candles. https://www.amazon.com/Presto-Kitchen-Kettle-Multi-Cooker-Steamer/dp/B002JM202I/ref=asc_df_B002JM202I?tag=bingshoppinga-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=80814156492482&hvnetw=o&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4584413735421765&psc=1 Same thing with pouring spout: $89.95 at Amazon. Same capacity. https://www.amazon.com/Melter-Soy-Candle-Making-Paraffin/dp/B073R6CT7P/ref=asc_df_B073R6CT7P?tag=bingshoppinga-20&linkCode=df0&hvadid=79920806880911&hvnetw=o&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=c&hvlocint=&hvlocphy=&hvtargid=pla-4583520384046696&psc=1 Wax melters sold at The Wooden Wick Co.: $139.95 19lb capacity. I only paid $300 for this used one but it was almost brand new condition. Can handle more than 50lb. Brand new would be $1,200.
  15. We have ability to tell good materials from bad one, and we are using high quality materials to create as good as or if not better candles than many luxury brand candles. But the big problem is that majority of consumers don't have ability to know which is better. Many of us complain that most consumers don't know how to burn candle properly, and I don't think they ever will recognize better candles. They just want that certain brand name thinking they are the best. We all got into this industry dreaming of making tons of money and becoming one of well known brands. Do we want to become a general well known brand like Yankee or BBW or do we want to become one of below luxury brands? I guess it all depends on how we want to build our empire. How much do you think it is going to cost to make below candles? What could they have used in there that can justify that retail price? I believe it is all about marketing budget and endorsements. What could make us become as one of them? To me, it is "One of kind unique scents and great story to be recognized as a luxury brand!". Many of these luxury candle brands are already well known luxury brands before being candle makers. So, we have more creative marketing work to do for being just candle makers. "If you build a story, then they will come!" BusyBee
  16. Both of them should be same Ceda Cerica. If you lost CT after first burn, then the chances are wick might have been be too big. Try it by knocking off booster if you don't have one without the booster! Coconut wax should work better with thinner wooden wick. But then, I was not able to get strong HT out of Ceda Cerica. So, I am not an expert with that wax.
  17. According to CalWax, The Wooden Wick Co. is the distributor of their Ceda Cerica. But The Wooden Wick Co. does not sell Ceda Cerica. Instead, they have Coconut Apricot Creme. So, is it Ceda Cerica or Coconut Apricot Creme?
  18. I find that Coconut 83 is much easier to get stronger HT than Coconut Apricot Creme. *Warning: Coconut 83's manufacturer is having problem with their machine, and its quality has been bad since last year. It appears to me that they are almost back to normal again. But still, be careful with its quality if you decided to try them. Wooden wick .375" .02 booster wick works well for soy wax that is if it stays lit. Coconut wax would need several size smaller wick than that. Smaller wooden wick without booster might work better. But then again, it is not easy to get strong HT out of Coconut Apricot Creme. Some other candle makers were happy with small CDN wicks.
  19. Only Ecosoya PillarBlend is available at Candle Science in USA. All others are only available in UK.
  20. Welcome back to candle making world! There has been a lot of changes went on while you were away like NGI went out of business and Ecosoya brand was taken over by British wax company Kerax. They manufactuer CB-Advanced, Pilar Blend, CB-135 & Melt in UK. Many waxes, FOs & some wicks had been changed little bit also that they might be different than what you used to know. My favorite soy wax is 464, but I use it with little bit of modification. Ultracore wick is old wick by manufactured by Fil-Tec. Some supplier just brought it back.
  21. It is true that it takes less investment capital to start a candle business compare to many other businesses, but that does not mean it is an easy business. It takes years of experience, well preparation & perfect execution in order to succeed in any business, and candle business is no exception even though it look so simple. No business owner is going to have fun when the business is not profitable, and you would need to know how to sell your candle to generate profits which is the hardest part of candle business. First thing you need to check would be your city's regulations whether they are going to allow you to have a candle making business at your garage, and also check out business insurance rates. Regulations are all different from a city to cities, county to counties & state to states. So, don't rely on online people for this, and you must check with your own city or county departments. Next step is to do marketing research and come up with marketing plan. It would be better if you can write a business plan while you are doing that. You will need to take a look at electrical wax melters if you are thinking of making this into a business, but Presto 06006 will do for beginners. Good luck and have fun! All the challenges will become fun when you are prepared well.
  22. That sounds more reasonable. But it might be better if you can find something with better price. Check out Jar Store for customized glass vessels. Good luck with your venture!
  23. Price should not be a concern in luxury product market especially in Los Angeles or New York City. As a matter fact, the higher the price the better it will do. What is your definition of luxury candle? To me, luxury product is a brand recognition not a product itself. You have to realize that no one makes luxury candle. No superior quality, high pricing nor fancy packaging will ever make you as a luxury brand. It's people's recognition of your brand that makes you as a luxury brand. And it would take years of marketing effort and budget with a great company story to build a brand recognition. That is the reason why TallTayl is recommending you to work with a well established brands or store to piggy back on their brand recognition since none of start up candle maker has that brand recognition from the start. Try to collaborate with well known perfumer, artist, hair salon, skin care salon, interior designer, famous celebrity, etc. from the start since they have brand recognitions. If not, then start build one. Do I have candles that perform and have appearance of luxury candle? Yes I do! But I know that I am far from being a luxury brand yet. *For give me, if you are already well known famous person and has that brand recognition from many people. I have another question for you. Why does it cost so much to produce a candle in your case? How much are you paying for your containers? Unless you figure out how to reduce your material costs, you are going to have hard time succeed in this business. Locating the best & unique ingredients & parts at lowest price possible would be a key to success in our business. Set your target price and divide that amount by 6 when you are small operation not by 4. That should be your targeted material cost budget in order to be stay open as profitable business. Figure out the costs in bulk(pallet pricing ) and small quantities in few boxes direct from manufacturers(both American & foreign) and wholesalers including shipping costs. If you want to do cement or ceramic containers, then you might want to looking into make your own containers. Many other candle makers make their own great unique containers.
  24. Oh this is beautiful! You have created beautiful vessels that goes really well with your nativity sets. And your candle flames are beautiful also. I am pretty sure you can repeat that again and again.
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