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  1. Thank you for that advice! Do you ever get 2nd pour rings even if it's just quick fill? Noticed that when my friend and I have tried to do a 2nd pour to fill sink holes, there's a slight variation in color/tone of the wax at the bottom. Definitely a lighter shade compared to the 98% of the candle. Thanks again!
  2. Does anyone who has experience with beeswax and aluminum molds have any tips or suggestions with this problem?The bottom of the pillar forms a concave which seem to keep occurring even after prior steps to avoid it have been taken. I understand that wax contracts when it cools down, especially if it's a rapid cool down(from what I've observed). We were getting cracks, and sinkholes before but have managed to fix those issues.info/steps taken to try and remedy this problem so far: what else are we forgetting or haven't tried?•aluminum pillar molds are wrapped with aluminum foil, preheated at 20
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