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  1. So Final Cut pro is for Apple products and what the pros in the film industry use. That is what I used in college when taking a film editing class. It is extremely pricey. But if you want something simple and user friendly. I used Windows movie maker when I was younger. I had liked making homemade videos for my family. Nothing fancy but it got the job done. There is also an Apple app called iMovie but I have never used it as I have been out of the editing game for quite some time. I know that the iphone11 pro takes 4K videos as well as HD videos. I think Jeff Standley had also tal
  2. Dyes also can have an affect on wicking too. You will never stop learning.
  3. Yeah definitely wick up. I think because it’s so shallow too you aren’t going to get the same heat you would from a taller vessel once the wick is lower. I used an HTP-72 the other night and it was too small but I can’t find my HTP-83 wicks. I’m usually good about putting them away in the right place and I don’t think I used them all.
  4. Not a problem. Glad it helped. I would like to see any tarts you end up making with those coffee bean embeds!
  5. That is awesome that you did that for her. I bet she was nervous sending them to you. I am glad you ended up liking them. I enjoy burning other peoples candles because I can actually enjoy the candle and not have to set a timer, and take notes, and pictures every 30min or so. I have peaked at the list in here with the users shop links. I also have been checking that holiday thread. Just haven't pulled the trigger yet.
  6. The Mica is pretty I wish it did work. I had bought 3 candles from a vendor not knowing 2 of the 3 candles had Mica in it and was pleasantly surprised when I did see it because I had not been aware that it was a thing. I’m am a girl so yay glitter! However I was not getting any kind of HT and the flame was teeny tiny or would just go out on it’s own. When I told the vendor she said I probably cut the wick too short. Well I use wick trimmers that measure the wick to 1/4” and am familiar with candle care just not candle care with Mica. So I dumped out some of the wax and re-lit without trimming
  7. My main problem is I think it will burn through the wax too quickly. I’ll try adding some stearic acid.
  8. @TORI ok so I tested and I need to wick up to HTP-83 for this particular combo. The 72 worked on a different FO just fine so it’s good to have different sizes for this reason.
  9. @TORI oh and cure for 2 weeks. I think a lot of people get away from this wax because of the cure time. I have 6 pets and boyfriend that all like a lot of attention so luckily patience is one of my strong suits. 😂 I say patience but it might be the lack of time needed to record my burn results so 2 weeks easily goes by for me.
  10. ECO-16? Did you check the outside temp of the jar? I would think that would have gotten really hot. This wax definitely likes smaller wicks. If you go with the CD try CD-3 with that diameter. Like @TallTayl Said try not to overwick. I have a similar sized jar and a candle ready to test. I’ll see what results I get since its a different FO
  11. So that is what I was saying when someone was asking about “Watered down” fragrances. When some of these companies claim that they are 100% concentrated like BA and NG they are implying that other suppliers might “dilute,water down” their fragrances so they can have a larger profit margin. So I understand what you are saying about the manufacturer making the fragrance but are you saying that there is not a way for suppliers when receiving their Keg to add a lil somethin’ somethin’ extra to stretch out that FO? Wouldn’t that then make the original MSDS sheet invalid? I notice that
  12. Which wicks did that for you? I’ve been doing a lot of wickless testing. I didn’t notice that happening with HTP, PREMIER 700, or LX I tested recently that were wicked but I didn’t have a great HT I need to just stop with the citrus scents already. Thanks for the info that is good to know that can happen Towards the end. I am planning on making some wicked testers with CDN, Paper Core, and zinc since those came out with a good HT in a wickless test so now I want to see side by side.
  13. @birdcharm thank you for the info. I’ll let you know if I get to that point in my journey. So I did look at my RRD wicks and stripped some of the wax off I could see the braid but I didn’t see anything that stood out that would show me which way the wick went if it wasn’t tabbed. Sorry. I’m interested to see your results after a side by side test too.
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