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  1. I was getting really frustrated with this too. I used a coconut wax blend I’ve been playing with. Pour temp and and how they cool Is a big part. I use polycarbonate chocolate molds for my snap bars and I had started having the same thing happen and I couldn’t figure out why. I am pretty sure it’s because I am a ding dong and I was cleaning the mold with alcohol before I poured. And that’s is supposed to be one of the tricks to stop wet spots from happening on jars. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I felt like such a dummy. So maybe that could be part of it for you depending on how you clean out the mold before you pour
  2. I am hoping that adding stearic will help calm the flames down so that my jars don't get too hot. did you find a significant change in the jar temps?
  3. I was wondering what wick I should use tonight for my testers. I'll throw in some LX wicks I haven't tested with those in a while. My recent testings in half jars I have been getting way too big of a melt pool and jars are getting way too hot in under an hour. Which is a bummer because on my wickless testing I did not see those issues. Especially the jar getting too hot otherwise I would not have re-tested.
  4. I think her name is Vanessa? She is awesome. She knew I had been looking for some CD-2 and CD-3 wicks that were not just for tealight/votives. So when I ordered some CDN wicks to test form her site she sent me some CD-2's and 3's from her personal stash. I do agree that 12% is excessive. I have had luck with a 5% load and have not gone above 8% in the coconut wax. Just need to get the right wax,wick, FO formula down. it is so amazing how much difference just a different wick makes. I made 3 candles with 3 different wicks and the first one even though it performed well in my wickl
  5. I can send you the shallow wide container you need! Look at you, you should have been an engineer! 😄
  6. Hello! I think there is a thread in here about FO recommendations. The search bar in here is really helpful to get answers faster. I haven't used lone star's FO's so I am no help there. I like Natures garden, Studio fragrance, and bulk apothecary. I know a lot of people use Candle Science and I had been seeing more and more people using candle cacoon (I think that's the name) If you are looking for a certain type of scent like a citrus type it in the search bar and use the filters and that might help guide you in the right direction. Marisa
  7. I use my Instant pot in the slow cooker mode and use a slow cooker liner for easy clean up.
  8. I love my coconut apricot wax. I did post a pan test I did 3 different ones so 18 different wicks. I also really liked Joy wax but I did not care for IGI 6006 only because I was spoiled with the Joywax that didn't give me sink holes. 6006 does have a killer HT though. When I was doing my pan tests with the coconut apricot I did notice that it seemed to purify the air. I know that is a known thing with beeswax but this is what I came to notice when I was doing my pan tests. So I am all for non scented candles with this wax. There is a lot of different information for the same wax. I had to
  9. When I was researching making fire starters with pine cones there were some people adding different things to change the color of the flame. Some of the stuff sounded almost dangerous. But one of them was salt. I have not come across anything about salt slowing down the burn. I have been testing with stearic acid with my little glass votive candles though. Do you have a link to the source?
  10. So Final Cut pro is for Apple products and what the pros in the film industry use. That is what I used in college when taking a film editing class. It is extremely pricey. But if you want something simple and user friendly. I used Windows movie maker when I was younger. I had liked making homemade videos for my family. Nothing fancy but it got the job done. There is also an Apple app called iMovie but I have never used it as I have been out of the editing game for quite some time. I know that the iphone11 pro takes 4K videos as well as HD videos. I think Jeff Standley had also tal
  11. Dyes also can have an affect on wicking too. You will never stop learning.
  12. Yeah definitely wick up. I think because it’s so shallow too you aren’t going to get the same heat you would from a taller vessel once the wick is lower. I used an HTP-72 the other night and it was too small but I can’t find my HTP-83 wicks. I’m usually good about putting them away in the right place and I don’t think I used them all.
  13. Not a problem. Glad it helped. I would like to see any tarts you end up making with those coffee bean embeds!
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