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Found 5 results

  1. Hi All- I am starting to make soy candles with essential oils to sell to help pay for IVF (to friends/family/craft fairs). This also give me a much hobby to funnel my energy into right now & help me focus on something other than doctors appointments! I have just started testing, and need some guidance. I have narrowed it down to working with C-3 or golden 464 wax and am wondering which you would suggest for someone in FL and a newbie. I would also like to use wooden wicks... for someone who isn't doing this as a full blown business, but definitely to make money, what tools are a must, what should I avoid, etc. I am thinking of using mason jars (a small & large size - does anyone have a size they would especially recommend? What wick size would you pair with that specific size? How much oil per jar?). I am in the process of getting an LLC and insurance as well. I know these are a lot of novice questions, but any advice would be welcome! I live in Clearwater, FL and there isn't much of a candle making community/store/or classes. Also, is there a brand of EO that I can buy in a large quantity? I have found in my test batch I am going through the standard jars I buy at whole foods very fast! Any tips, advice, love, encouragement (lol), would be welcome!
  2. I need to place an order for EO's for products ranging from soap - lotions etc + I remembered many on here talking about The Chemistry Store. The prices seem pretty cheap to me so I was wondering about the quality . I have the basics in my cart - Lime -California Lemon - Tea tree etc + a Cedarwood Texas White that seems very cheap but has a few very good reviews. Has anyone used their EO before, if so, what did you think ? Theres also Lebermuth FO's that sound really good too - Pineapple Jasmine Peach Gardenia - Mango Beachhwood - Coconut Cream - Vanilla Butter and Soothing Chamomile. Im hoping to hear some positive reviews on here but Im left to wonder if the prices are cheap for a reason. As always, thank you again
  3. Good morning all SO i was on the Lebermuth site looking at EO, lavender in particular, for soap - lotion - sprays etc. The prices are all over the board as they are with all companies. Have any of you used Lavandin -super or Grosso before ? If so what are your thoughts ? The lavandin varieties are in the mid ish $30 grande pp the bulgarian $72 + Lavender oil was $150 pp YIKES ! Also they had orange 15 decolorized very reasonable low $20 range but since citrus looses its potency not sure if i need a pound any soapers have any luck with getting orange 15 to stick ? Another note - I was told by customer service that their Lavender 40/42 is synthetic not a blend - i thought it was weird that it was in the EO section thank you in advance
  4. Since there seems to be more interest/questions about EO's I thought I'd list a few of the books I got when I first started using Essential oils. Some are better than others. I spoke to every Aromatherapist I knew of to find out what they used and only purchased those books. The Essential Oils Handbook by Jennie Harding, (small, compact, good info) -Walmart or Amazon $12.95 or less Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie & Alan Higley - (My Bible for Essential oils)- Amazon $22.00 or less Aromatherapy for Vibrant Health by Roberta Wilson - Amazon $13.95 Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless - (First book I ever bought in 1995 and still use it today) - Barnes & Noble I purchased a used copy for $9.50. I have a few others but these are by far my 4 favorite books that didn't cost a fortune.
  5. Hi guys! I have some general questions for you guys as a newbie. Sorry if there are posts on these already (I'm sure there are) but I couldn't find anything during my initial search for answer. I just started making soy candles a few weeks ago. I'm making them to sell as part of the merchandising branch of a family business and need them to be professional (not smell totally synthetic or like like crap lol). Currently I am shopping exclusively at Candle Science and using their FO and their GB464 wax, pouring into the little tin containers. I am using the recommended wick size per container, per the type of soy wax I'm using (so I think I have that down okay) I'm using the following formula for basically each candle... 12% FO (max fo), a little bit of the dye chips for color, mixing FO @ 185 per recommendations from reviews on the website, and pouring around 150-160 per recommendations from reviews on the website. I have tried using glass thermometers but nothing other than digital has been able to work so far. Only the digital will record the heat fast enough so I know when it REACHES 185, not reads 185 but is really like 240!!! I should also note that I'm trying to create some custom scents by blending some EO in with the FO (i.e. Nag Champa with a little Tea Tree EO). So far I have had literally one candle that had a good hot and cold throw. That was with the CS Very Vanilla. I'm not sure if the EO is throwing it off or what, but I also poured a Driftwood CS FO candle that had no mixed in EO (100% driftwood FO) and that one had great cold throw but meh hot throw. I now know that it is not JUST the mixing of EO+FO that is where I'm going wrong.... On top of most candles not having a good HT (even though CT on most is great), I have some bizarre looking candle mid-burn. Once cooled, there is very little frosting (yay) and no sinkholes yet (more yay), but after I would burn a candle for a while to test HT and then blow it out, once cooled it looked very strange. The surface was kind of chunky (almost druzy like) and there were little cavities (sinkholes?) and almost like little creases pointing outwards from the wick. (I attached a picture to help!) Thanks for all the help!!!
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