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Found 7 results

  1. I have exhausted myself reading through dozens of topics on here... and I was all ready to hop on the FO wagon when I came across people discussing the health issues (asthma, headaches...etc.) they experienced when breathing in FO's for hours everyday. The solution was to wear a respirator. Now... I'd be willing to do that and possibly get an air purifier down the road if that's what needs to be done... but if EO's can work, then I think I'd rather attempt that just for mine and my family's own sake. I'd be doing these candles in a very small apartment with no real way to vent the air. My husband and I have both developed seasonal allergies the last couple of years and our cat seems to have her own set of allergies as she often has sneezing fits. So, I guess my questions are: Have you had any luck getting EO's to work in candles (I'm wanting to use coconut/beeswax) Would EO's work better in something like tarts?? How well do they work in soaps & bath bombs? I really love some of the scents in FO's... but I'm a lot more weary now after having read through some of the posts on here. I even took it one step further and read through some of the MSDS on some oils... one of them said "may cause cancer". I realize most anything can cause cancer these days it feels like but when you've known people who have had cancer ... it really makes you question things like this. Especially when I'd be surrounded by these oils all day and not just a few hours at a time while burning here and there. I was also a bit concerned about the issues FO's present when they end up in the water system and in the MSDS, it says to keep it out of the drains. So... how do you clean your materials when you're done?? Or do they mostly mean just in large quantities? Anyway... what are your thoughts??
  2. Does anyone know how to make a pink sugar scent using essential oils? I really only want to use essential oils but I am struggling with how to get a sugary smell.
  3. Anyone tried pipingrock.com? I've been buying carrier and essential oils from them at great prices! Right now they have a bogo deal going on if you're in need of those items in particular. I may pay more for EOs when I'm making a pain oil, but for soaps and room sprays, etc. where the use is not super therapeutic I really like to keep my cost down. No website yet and just sell to people at work for now who really don't want to pay much so this works great for me. Thought I'd share.
  4. Hi All- I am starting to make soy candles with essential oils to sell to help pay for IVF (to friends/family/craft fairs). This also give me a much hobby to funnel my energy into right now & help me focus on something other than doctors appointments! I have just started testing, and need some guidance. I have narrowed it down to working with C-3 or golden 464 wax and am wondering which you would suggest for someone in FL and a newbie. I would also like to use wooden wicks... for someone who isn't doing this as a full blown business, but definitely to make money, what tools are a must, what should I avoid, etc. I am thinking of using mason jars (a small & large size - does anyone have a size they would especially recommend? What wick size would you pair with that specific size? How much oil per jar?). I am in the process of getting an LLC and insurance as well. I know these are a lot of novice questions, but any advice would be welcome! I live in Clearwater, FL and there isn't much of a candle making community/store/or classes. Also, is there a brand of EO that I can buy in a large quantity? I have found in my test batch I am going through the standard jars I buy at whole foods very fast! Any tips, advice, love, encouragement (lol), would be welcome!
  5. Hi! I'm making: 66% beeswax, 33% sustainable palm oil candles (I'm told it's sustainable, and it has the verification, but would also love to know if this is a hoax?) 2.75 inch diameter / 230 gram containers with square braid cotton wicks (currently testing #s 4,5 and 6) and a 7% EO scent load, all measured by weight not volume. The scent is added off heat, at 180 degrees. No additives. Curing for at least 7 days. My questions: 1. Hot throw is not so great - I've read that you need to add the EOs earlier on, on heat, in order for the the molecules to adequately bond together because if you add at too cool a temperature, they don't mix correctly. But then I've also read that you need to add at a lower temperature so that the scent doesn't burn off. What does your personal experience tell you? 2. How many scents do you put together for composition - I know the top/middle/base ratios, but do you guys just use three scents total, or do you find yourselves using upwards of fifteen in order to create a really full, complex scent? Any thoughts would be great, and thank you so much for your time! - GG
  6. Since there seems to be more interest/questions about EO's I thought I'd list a few of the books I got when I first started using Essential oils. Some are better than others. I spoke to every Aromatherapist I knew of to find out what they used and only purchased those books. The Essential Oils Handbook by Jennie Harding, (small, compact, good info) -Walmart or Amazon $12.95 or less Reference Guide for Essential Oils by Connie & Alan Higley - (My Bible for Essential oils)- Amazon $22.00 or less Aromatherapy for Vibrant Health by Roberta Wilson - Amazon $13.95 Illustrated Encyclopedia of Essential Oils by Julia Lawless - (First book I ever bought in 1995 and still use it today) - Barnes & Noble I purchased a used copy for $9.50. I have a few others but these are by far my 4 favorite books that didn't cost a fortune.
  7. which essential oils are the best to use? what combinations work well? what purposes can these essential oils have thank you kyle @ creativecraftsuk
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