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  1. Hey all! I've been searching the web and I was wondering if off the bat you guys knew of any vendors that sell 2 oz lotion bar tubes that were phthalate free? I know WSP says on their site that theirs DO contain phthalates. I wrote to BB and SKS and I probably will not hear from them until sometime next week. Any help is appreciated! TIA!
  2. Thanks guys! I appreciate you looking. I don't think it's a new scent, but then again I don't usually follow BBW scents like I used to as a teen. I went onto their website and they don't sell that particular fragrance any more so It may have been discontinued or it was a limited edition fragrance.
  3. Hey guys! I am wanting to start to experiment with lotion bars. One recipe I was looking at asks for IPM and I know it's not a required ingredient, but I was wondering if there was an alternative to this ingredient? TIA!
  4. I'm totally in love with BBW Sea Side Bloom! It says it has notes of California Poppies, Fresh Apple, and Water Lillies. Does anyone know of any dupes or something similar? TIA!
  5. Just Scent has it, but I'm not sure if they require a minimum order or not. HTH!
  6. Hey all, I'm trying to make some roll on perfumes, and I was wondering what % you think I should go by? For example, almost all of NG's FOs say 5% maximum use, but when I check the IFRA certificates, the skin safe max will range between 5%-66% and some IFRA certs actually say "No Restriction". I've tried making some roll ons at 5% at NG's suggestion and you can hardly smell the FO after like 30 minutes. I was wondering what you thought the average, safe % was and why certain vendors have a % much lower than the IFRA limit? TIA!
  7. Does anyone have any experience with any "natural" emulsifiers in lotions/body butters? I'm trying to move to a more natural line. Currently I use between 9.2%-9.5% e-wax in my recipes, but have no idea what the equivalent is when using another emulsifier. I thought about using beeswax as an emulsifier, then I stumbled onto an article that states it's not an emulsifier. Some of these I've read as being thickeners, but this is what one website said were "natural" emulsifiers: Beeswax Candelilla Carnauba Cetearyl alcohol Cetearyl wheat bran glycosides Cetearyl wheat straw glycosides Decyl glucoside Jojoba Lecithin Quince seed Rice bran wax Sucrose cocoate Vegetable glycerin Xanthan gum
  8. I've been experimenting and two questions that popped into my head was: if you have a blend that has 4-5 different scents combined, how do you know which note is which? How about when blending with blends? I've seen some scents where the final result was a mixture of 3 different blends, which of course, consists of God knows how many different notes.
  9. I dunno who does, but my hubby wears this and I love it! I too would love to know who makes a dupe. I'd love to make some bath and body products.
  10. Have you had any luck with just combining the oils together in the jars? What are the benefits of using Q-tips? Thanks for your help!
  11. That seems like what I'm experiencing with that morphing and all. What other method do you use? I'm not dealing with waxes so unfortunately I cannot combine them in a wax. I'm thinking I'll probably have to do it with a carrier oil or something. I just dont know what other things I could put my "experiments" in other than baggies, which are cheap and disposable.
  12. Ok I went ahead and used the q-tip method on several blends. They ALL smelled terrible when I placed them in the baggies together (is that normal?). I probably made a total of 30 baggies. I've randomly picked two blends and placed them in a ziplock bag three days ago. Today I have given them the sniff test dividing the piles into "Oh, that smells good" pile, a "maybe" pile, and a "absolutely not" pile. The good pile is something I could see adding more scents to or leaving them as is. My question is, do I judge what I should combine based on how they smell initially together or the result three days later?
  13. Wow everyone! Thanks for the plethora of awesome information! I will definitely have to try these methods. Does everyone find this to be a very time consuming tasks? I hope it's not too frustrating. How many FO's do you guys have? I'm in the process of ordering more, concentrating more of the straight FO's that aren't blends. I have about 30 blends or so.
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