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    I have a candle making obsession that has taken over my entire kitchen :). I am blessed enough to have a husband who love's me enough to understand me and knows how much I love my hobby.

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  1. There is a show the weekend of dec 14th in Louisville, KY I am wondering if anyone has ever done this show. We are signed up for it but shows havent been good for us this year at all so we may possibly back out of it. I hate to though. Just wondering if anyone has done it and if it is a good show. http://www.louisvillechristmasshow.com/
  2. I have no problem at all with 464 in clamshells. I pops out just fine for me.
  3. Its definitely to soft to do shapes with. I just use it for clamshells.
  4. I use 464 soy for melts with no problems of them melting fully.
  5. I really like leather jacket from natures garden.
  6. Has anyone tried making onries in silicone molds? I thought I read about it on here before but I cant find it now. Dont want to ruin my silicone molds if it's been tried and doesnt work. But if it does do you bake then at 350 also? Any help much appreciated!
  7. 25% off at fragrance buddy thru tomorrow use code LABORDAY
  8. has anyone ordered from candlepackagingusa.com? I fixing to order clams and they have a little bit better pricing on them but have minimum orders too.
  9. Getting seriously frustrated with beads melting out from under my cookie cutters. I got the cookie cutters from cookiecutter.com is there anywhere else that has some that are a little more heavy duty? These bend out of shape so easy and I am having trouble getting them to lay flat again 😫
  10. beckemmons

    Hemp oil

    Has anyone tried adding hemp oil to mp? I've read it has a short shelf life and just wondered if anyone has tried it.
  11. I have beads from plasticpellets4fun.com and baking them at 350 for 8 to 10 min depending on thickness of onrie. They keep getting spikes one the top sides of them. I cut them off but would love to not have to mess with all of that. Is there a better temp to cook them at to avoid the spikes?
  12. beckemmons

    PET clamshells

    I believe maplestreetcandle.com are pet
  13. I am fixing to order from plastic pellets 4 fun. Are the economy beads the ones everyone was having problems with?
  14. It holds 6%. I'm going to try a 50/50 blend to start out. I usually blend 4627 with 4794 for my melts but am just trying to figure out a way to use up this slab.
  15. Has anyone tried to blend 1230 with 4627. I have a slab of it and was thinking about trying it out. I would love to make a sell pillars out of it bit they just dont sell for me no matter what I have tried so thinking maybe I can make some melts at least.
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