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    I have a candle making obsession that has taken over my entire kitchen :). I am blessed enough to have a husband who love's me enough to understand me and knows how much I love my hobby.

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  1. beckemmons

    TT’s 2018 Faire Days

    Where is this event at? It looks like so much fun.
  2. beckemmons

    Bubble Bar HELP PLEASE!

    I am new to making Bubble Bars and have found a couple of recipes I want to try but I have SLS not SLSA and am wondering if I use the same amount of SLS as I would SLSA? SLS is powder form not liquid. Also I have cocamide DEA that is called for in a recipe but would like to know a good sub for it since it is a possible carcinogen. TIA!!!
  3. beckemmons

    Recipes Galore!!!!

    Man there are so many that i want to try!
  4. beckemmons

    Show of hands

    So you blend 6 wax's together to make your melts? I buy blended and mix two different ones together, I can't imagine 6.
  5. beckemmons

    4627 - Should I wick up or down?

    I am curious to know if you found a wick that you liked and could use with the 4627.
  6. beckemmons


    I have only used JS and not bc but I love JS and it is a best seller for me
  7. How many times have you burned it? If it's not drowning out I would say leave it. What type of wax?
  8. Yes the did do the wax giveaways last time. But I think they gave more away this time. The FO companies also gave away oils like they did this time too.
  9. I had a blast! It was a good conference lots of good people there.
  10. I had a blast! It was a good conference lots of good people there.
  11. We are 5 miles from the store. So ready!!!
  12. beckemmons

    Craft Fair

    What is the biggest event you have done and how much would you pay to set up somewhere? I got into Holiday House in Little Rock, AR but it is a 1200 set up fee. The most I have paid so far is 150. Now this event goes from a wed thru a sunday and lasts 12 hrs a day 3 of those days. I am trying to weight the pros and cons here. Anyone ever set up at this event?
  13. beckemmons

    Show of hands

    I am just as bad old glory lol. I use 464 for candles but will mix paraffin or beeswax with for the frosting. Use comfort blend for my paraffin candles but also mix it with 4794 for melts have used straight paraffin a d additives for pillars and 1343 both with good results. How is 4625 gonna get a box this weekend?
  14. beckemmons

    Show of hands

    How many of you buy straight paraffin and add stuff to make your own blends and how many buy preblended and just use it? If you make your own blend what do you feel like the benefits of it are compared to preblended? Not asking for recipes here just curious.
  15. beckemmons

    Candle Making Convention

    aztec is suggesting the hilton