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  1. debele

    CTW Burners

    Irvin's Tinware sells them. They also sell wholesale. CTW still has tin warmers on their site under " Wax Potpourri Warmers"
  2. debele

    Best aspen winter FO?

    Peaks Winter Wonderland is awesome. Smells just like Aspen Winter to me, good and strong too.
  3. debele

    Peak Fragrances Reopening?

    I messaged Keystone on Oct 12. This is the response I got back from them: "Preorders are shipping first. Once that’s done then website will go up. Soon".
  4. debele

    Looking for Peak replacements

    Yay!!! Great news!!
  5. debele

    New to the forum, not to candlemaking

    What will happen to the board? Doesn't Peaks sponsor it?
  6. debele

    Looking for Peak replacements

    Fillmore's Christmas Tree is nearly identical to Peaks Spruce Xmas Tree, Their Cinnamon Stick is comparable to Peaks Cinnamon. Peaks quality was beyond compare, the majority of my fragrances came from there. I built a business around it, I don't know how to replace them or how it will affect my business. Hopefully someone will buy them and keep it going.
  7. debele

    Your Favorite Apple Cider FO

    Wasn't impressed with Fillmore's Cinnamon Apple Cider or Peaks.
  8. debele

    Peaks Sweet Pumpkin Pie

    I personally thought the Pumpkin Crunch Cake from NG was weak. It was recommended here so much that I ordered an 8 oz bottle, but I was disappointed. it smells good but just not strong enough for tarts which is all I make. The Pilgrims Pie sounds interesting.
  9. Orange Chili Pepper (wow) , MacIntosh Apple (best apple ever) , Pumpkin Souffle, Mistletoe, Violet Lime is awesome although it doesn't sell well for me, Cranberry Marmalade ( I also blend this one with Orange & Chili Pepper) , Pine Cones (I mix with Mac Apple for Apples & Pine Cones). Peach Nectar is yummy, Very Vanilla.
  10. debele

    Prim fixins and potpourri

    I just Liked it too! Love you page and your potpourri looks divine!
  11. debele

    Rename for Nutmeg Ginger

    It reminds me of Pumpkin Souffle from CS.
  12. debele

    Apple and clove

    I just blended 50% red clove (Peaks) 25% Mac Apple (CS) and 25% Cedar (Peaks). I didn't measure exactly, I just poured approx. amts. into the wax pot with a little palm wax to test the scent. I think I like it. It's different.
  13. debele

    Palm Wax Tarts Get Fluffy

    I wish I could. I'm planning on picking up a new camera this week-end. I've never posted pictures here before but I will give it a try.