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Found 24 results

  1. Hi everyone, this is my first post but I've been learning a ton on here so far! I am new to making candles in the past few months. I started with just 464 in 8oz straight sided jelly jars but I could not get a hot throw at all. I cured my candles for 2 weeks and used ECO wicks. I have switched over to a 50/50 blend of 464 and IGI 4630 and that has been a lot better with the hot throw, but now I'm having trouble with finding the right wick. Candlescience recommended an ECO 2 but that seemed too small. I have tried ECO 4, 6, and now 8. They all seem to leave some wax on one side. The 8 also has
  2. I've tried to find the answer to my question but was unable to. My question is this; what is the best parasoy for container candles? I want the best HT/CT possible in a parasoy. Im trying to research a few but can't find any good information. Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello! I am wondering if anyone has experience w wooden wicks using IGI 6006 parasoy blend and also what glass containers you have had best success with. Thank you in advance! ~The Rookie! 😉
  4. I have been using Premier Wicks 700 series, for my first batch of candles, and I didn't get a single HT. I chalked it up to not enough FO since they were pure soy 464, and I had no clue what I was doing. I have since changed to parasoy, and I made a test candle, let it sit for a week, and tested it. Again no HT, with 8-9% FO this time. So instead of adding more FO and making another candle, I threw some into my tart warmer, low and behold the HT is a little to strong. I have used 4 different size of wicks 760,765,767,770. I am using a 9oz hex jar, not sure if that could be the issu
  5. I started using IGI 6006, and the wax is a parasoy blend- its very soft, to the point where you can squish it in your fingers. I found that in melts I had some success and with candles, I didn't have the throw I wanted and I think that's partly because I was using the wrong type of wick. I have now switched to the CD-6 6' from Bulk Apothecary. I have some candles curing, and to be determined on the scent throw- I have now started combining IGI 6006 with IGI 4794- I find that the cold throw is stronger, but the hot throw doesn't throw like I expected it to. I also tried u
  6. Just wondering which throws a better scent? parasoy, soy, or paraffin. (In your experience.) I've heard paraffin throws best but I'm not sure if they mean with vybar or without. Thanks!
  7. I have a few questions about blending IGI 6006 with premium paraffin. #1. Would it be beneficial to blend IGI 6006 with more paraffin for a better scent throw? #2. Would a blend of IGI 6006 and paraffin be better for tarts or just the 6006 by itself? #3. Would I have an easier time finding a wick that works by blending the IGI 6006 with more paraffin? I also have about 2-3lbs of GW 464. I've tried blending the 6006 with the 464 and the wicks I've tried have tested better than the 6006 by itself. I want to get the best CT/HT with my
  8. So I forgot to order more aspen winter from natures garden and I really don't like ordering from them because of the expensive shipping even with small orders. I have really liked the scents from just scent so far, one of their best sellers is aspen winter. Has anyone compared it to natures garden aspen winter? I have a large order I need to make from just scent so was wondering if I should switch to their aspen winter or hurt my wallet and just buy it from natures garden. Ive found natures garden to be the most hit and miss compared to flaming candles and JS, so I am not as scared to order
  9. I have KY Para-Soy from RE and unlike most of their other waxes, they don't state an ideal cure time for this particular wax. I know the FO can alter it a bit but in general, what would be the average cure time for making melts with this wax? THANKS!
  10. Can anyone review these? Looking for strong scent throws that smell great in general. I use max fragrance oil in my joy wax (parasoy) candles. I am looking for something for my mermaid candles and never really have any luck with tropical scents. Especially coconut... here are some fragrances I am looking at. http://www.justscent.com/twisted-mermaid-fragrance-oil.html http://www.justscent.com/candle-and-soap-supplies-pink-sands-type-fragrance-oil.html http://www.justscent.com/sea-salt-and-ocean-breezes-fragrance-oil.html http://www.justscent.com/candlemaking-soap-supplies-bu
  11. Best gingerbread fragrance? Looking for the best one you guys have used for candles hands down from natures garden, just scent or flaming candle. Its one scent I am missing. Doesn't have to just be "gingerbread" it can be gingerbread cookie or whatever just need a good gingerbread scent. Please tell me your favorite ones and review them if you can! Only want strong smelling scents. I really want something that smells strong too, I want people to be able to walk in and smell the entire room with wonderful scent. If you have had your best be from a site I not listed please list anyways. Please
  12. I am looking for real strong scents and already have some favorites from natures garden or flaming candle but I have never ordered from JS and they have a lot of unique things I would like to try. I was hoping someone could chime in and see if they've tried these scents before as I already googled a lot. I use parasoy candles and use max load possible. Here are the fragrances I wanted to try: VANILLA SNOWFLAKE BUTTERCREAM CRUNCH BUTTERSCOTCH BRULEE PEPPERMINT BARK MARSHMALLOW PEPPERMINT CHRISTMAS WISH CHRISTMAS BLIZZARD COTTON CANDY SUPER STRONG BAHAMA MAMA
  13. What in your opinion is the best soy wax to use in a Parasoy blend? And what percentage?
  14. What are the top wax blends for melts? I know this question could have so many answers and it can be different results for each person but I'm kinda looking for a place to begin...I love soy and the look of it so I would rather use a parasoy blend...tried a all soy blend with terrible results unfortunately :/ Pretty bummed about it. Does anyone use vybar? Will that help my results with a all soy blend or parasoy blend..
  15. Sorry for all of the questions lately, guys ! I've been really wanting to try a parasoy blend, but I have an unhealthy fear of paraffin for some reason ? i have always had a fear of fire...it used to be so bad that I couldn't even light a wick, no joke. So my fear is that even though I NEVER leave my wax while melting ( and I only use palm & soy so far ) that it will catch fire. I'm being irrational, right ? And also, canni safely melt parasoy in my presto ?
  16. Hi guys so I have a question in regards to parasoy cure time, in my case I'm using igi 6006. I've heard people tell me it's anywhere from 24-48 hours to 1-2 weeks. Any help would me much appreciated!
  17. Hello everyone Ive never ordered from Natures Garden before and Im starting to order some FO for fall/Christmas to try. Pumpkin Crunch Cake has good reviews any of your opinions would be greatly appreciated on that one or any other NG FO you just love. Im also trying the NG Pink Sugar , I usually get it from ICS, but noticed that it varies from batch - batch. In all fairness, she does mention that in her description, says it varies due to complexity of the FO ? Rustic Essentials has MANY great sounding ones too that Im ordering,anyone used the pumpkin cheesecake. If the FO at
  18. Hello wax addicts! I am currently toying with the idea of making wax tarts for a few family members and friends. I am in the market for a mostly paraffin parasoy blend, that throws very strong and has a clean finished look. I am not enjoying wax that is softer to the touch, yet wanting to find a blend that is similar to the harness of paraffin Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you so very much TheSmellyLife
  19. So does anyone feel that food scents - cookie etc smell better in soy rather than in parasoy or paraffin - for Wax melts or candles Im asking because i once read somewhere that they do better in soy ? Any opinions Off topic : its going down in the 20s tonight here in MI .... BOOOOO !!!! Cant wait for summer !
  20. I'm still having big problems getting a decent hot throw with soy wax and I'm seriously considering switching to parasoy but I'm wondering if customers are OK with not pure soy in any big way? I mean, I realize a lot of people want pure soy, but are sales also healthy for parasoy? I have some new wicks coming (CDs) and maybe they will make the difference in hot throw but I'm beginning to think it's the atmosphere here in the CA high desert that's messing with the soy hot throw because I've been following advice from here that is working great for others and I can't still can't smell it in a me
  21. I've been making tarts and testing fragrance oils/waxes for about 4 months now. Before I started making tarts, I did a lot of research on waxes and decided I wanted to use all soy so I went with EcoSoya Pillar Blend. I've tested loads of fragrance oils in it and it's a pretty decent wax for me. I get pretty good cold throw and decent hot throw.. but it doesn't seem to last. I'm just not satisfied with it. I like that it's a smooth wax. I've never had bumpy tops. I like that I can use a lot of fragrance oil and it'll still accept it. I have recently purchased three other waxes, two of them b
  22. Hi have a question about cure time, I know Soy needs to cure for 2 weeks, but how much cure time is needed for Parasoy? Been using soy for sometime now and I get good HT, but I've heard that Parasoy can have much better HT, so I figured I'ld give it a try, just need to know how long I should cure before I test. TIA
  23. Hi, just wanted to see if I could get some oppions from experienced peeps. In your oppion and experience which has better HT parasoy or soy. Thinking about testing some parasoy blends because I heard that Parasoy is much better HT. TIA
  24. How do you know if your candle jar is too hot when burning a candle jar? I use a parasoy, and every wick I use, it seems when I get a nice melt pool, or when the wax burns down, the sides of the jar are very hot. How hot is too hot?
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