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  1. Cynna

    Favorite Melt/Tart waxes

    I have only ever used EcoSoya CB-135 mixed with beeswax. I'm down to my final case (I hoarded them), so I'm having to switch. GW415 is at the top of my list. I also got a sample of KY Pure Soy. I use about 20% blanched beeswax to 80% soy. I feel for every crafter that has had to switch brands/formulas. It's a lot of money, time and effort to find a replacement that doesn't screw everything up.
  2. Cynna

    What Hot Throw? try Again

    @Moonstar Sorry it took me so long to respond...no I get mine from Flaming Candle, but I agree with Belinda...I think it's the same from all suppliers. I know a couple of people awhile ago were asking where the EcoSoya seller on eBay is. Her shop is currently on vacation, but she has been selling 50lb. cases of CB-135 this whole time. I don't know if she has any other EcoSoya older formulas, I only know of the CB-135 and only in cases. Her eBay name is ladydi221. She has single-handedly been keeping me in business!!
  3. Someone up there asked if GMO had an effect on the waxes. No, I think it's the FDA regulations on botanical oils that jacked everything up. I've only ever used EcoSoya CB-135 with beeswax for tarts/bars. Just started making my own last year. I was looking forward to the Quantum 230 so I could ditch the beeswax because it's so expensive. Cierra just released all of the new EcoSoya formulas, but I wanted to see what everyone thought of it first before I got in line to buy a case. Uck! Nevermind. My leftover CB-135 will just have to stretch as far as it can! Can't imagine trying to pawn off a smoking product that smells like vinegar and takes more than 10% FO and STILL has no cold throw. Yeesh. What alternatives are best for a good lasting hot throw with tarts?
  4. Cynna

    Wax Melt Point Question

    That's the problem, there are no distributors that live within a reasonable driving distance from me. Up to this point, I was getting my wax by the case from someone on eBay. I just want to make sure when I move to the desert I'm not mailing out clamshells that arrive full of melted goo - ha ha!
  5. Cynna

    Twilight Suggestions?

    Awesome Marilyna! I'll check that out.
  6. Dillard's has a "Twilight" candle that a potential customer would love to replicate. I've done a cursory search of the major suppliers I go through but all I can find is Twilight Woods and Twilight Orchid. Has anyone come across this scent and know who might have a good copy of it in an FO?
  7. Cynna

    What Hot Throw? try Again

    I don't want to create a rush, but.... there is a woman who bought up a bunch of cases of EcoSoya who is selling them on eBay. It was a $15 jump from the last one I got, but at this point it's worth it. Hopefully it'll last me until EcoSoya gets their poop together. That was a REALLY bad way to do business, just flat out stop production and keep delaying the new products that are going to have to be tested and re-tested by veteran candle-makers??? I'm guessing they've taken a pretty big financial hit over this. People who switch brands aren't likely to switch back. Moonstar, IKR?? My husband puts that in our melters and I can smell it OUTSIDE with all the windows closed!
  8. Cynna

    What Hot Throw? try Again

    I'm going to be the irresponsible commenter here and probably get booed by a lot of the veterans and professionals, but here goes: first of all, I won't use parasoy or paraffin as a matter of personal preference because of how paraffin is processed. I got into wax tarts 50% to save money and 50% to eliminate paraffin, so I did my research and ended up with EcoSoya and beeswax. I was using a 75/25 ratio but I recently cut way back because beeswax is expensive. I like how creamy it comes out, though. No, it doesn't have the throw paraffin does (with a few exceptions like Fruit Loops which will scent the entire neighborhood), but sometimes that's the whole point, and strangely enough the only complaints I've had about it are from myself (having been a former Scentsy addict). Anyway, while I have a measuring cup and measure everything going IN, my formula for melting, stirring and pouring is about the same method as my cooking - hoofing it. I wait until all the wax is melted completely, I take my glass cup out of the water and I let it sit until I can touch the handle on the glass without burning myself, then I dump my oil in and stir until the wax is clear again and pour. If I'm only making a couple of bars, I use 3ml pipettes and I count. I was only doing 8 transfers per 4 bars only to figure out I got away with that because I was using very strong oils, but actually I should have doubled the amount of FO going in. I tried taking temperatures, I tried being a good obedient recipe-following crafter, but more often than not doing it the formulaic way almost guaranteed I'd screw something up. I don't expect this work for everyone; it works for me. But I understand the frustration of trying to do it the 'right way' and not getting results. My best advice is do your wax research for your climate and intentions and find one you like working with, look for guidelines of how much FO to add to how much wax...I do testers of 2 clamshells (about 1/2 an ounce of oil or more...depending on how light the scent is) and try that. I have seriously never had a problem with anything but most cherry scented FO's...for some reason they just never seem to throw well...or AT ALL. Some FO's are going to be weaker than others just because that's the oil, not your process. I've never checked compatibility or temperature...and maybe I'm lucky to have gotten away with that. But I also think when recipes aren't working for you, you have to turn Mad Scientist and start experimenting to find what DOES. Thanks for the idea of the salt and oil fellow crafters! I had never heard of that and it could have saved me a lot of wasted wax and effort! I always thought there should be a simpler way to test an FO.
  9. Cynna

    Wax Melt Point Question

    I'm moving to Arizona next year and I make wax melts. I currently use EcoSoya CB-135 (at least until my supply runs out), but I'm thinking I'm going to have to go for a wax with a higher melt point once I move. Does anyone else out here in the Southwest have recommendations for soy that doesn't turn into goo too fast in the hot weather?
  10. I've only used Flaming Candle's Lemon Verbena. I had someone tell me it smells exactly like her real life verbena plant. Personally I think every lemon scent I've tried smells like Pledge, but I think that's just me ha ha!
  11. I've tried different suppliers over time just because they'll have an FO I can't get anywhere else, but honestly I feel I get my money's worth most from Rustic Escentuals. I make small batches of wax melts, and their bottles just seem to stretch a little further than most other suppliers...I just wish they'd stop sending me pens. I have too many pens! Ha ha! That being said, as far as selection goes I love Nature's Garden and their shipping costs are a lot more reasonable. I live in Nebraska and there are no warehouses anywhere near me. If there were I'd definitely stick with one I could drive to just to save the hassle of shipping. I'm glad you guys listed a bunch of places I've never heard of. I think it really helps to try them all out with small orders and figure out which ones you like best. I haven't tried Candle Science or Aztec yet.
  12. I'm wondering if anyone has run across a fragrance oil that's a more realistic briny, salty ocean/sea breeze? It seems everything has heavy "clean" floral, tropical or soapy undertones.
  13. Cynna

    Lonestar Fragrances

    I love the Flaming Candle!!
  14. Cynna


    Hello fellow crafters. I am new to the forum. I was looking for good sources on wax melts & suppliers and found really helpful threads here, so I decided to join and learn. I just started making melts a couple of months ago. I wanted to save money making my own (former PL, Yankee Candle and Scentsy addict) accidentally learned about paraffin and was horrified, so I use a 75% to 25% ratio of soy (EcoSoya CB-135) and beeswax. I am still figuring it all out...especially a more efficient way to melt and mix (my kitchen looks like the apocalypse came and went). I have yet to find a way to remove all the over-boiled hard water build-up in my pans! I have also been making natural stone jewelry since 2008 and just got my first Etsy shop this year. Like many here, I tend to order waaaaaay too many fo's. I feel like I am in good company. I look forward to learning from you all.
  15. Cynna

    Lonestar Fragrances

    I just got my first order from Lonestar yesterday. I noticed right away their oils seemed more watery, very weak smelling also compared to others.