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  1. Ha ha! It happens to the best of us. You buy so much stuff from so many places, you don't remember them all. I totally get it!
  2. I only get mine from Fillmore (once my supplier retired and I figured out they were cheaper in bulk). No funky odors at all, quite durable, and I've rarely had leaks/holes. Maple Street has the best deal on the small square tart molds (I use those for samples), but for full clam shells I found that Fillmore has the most cost effective choice without compromising on quality. I don't know how far it is to ship for you - I'm in NE - but boy, the shipping from other suppliers is outrageous! Fillmore seems like a steal by comparison. One thing to beware of though, if you order them by the case
  3. Does anyone know of an oil company that carries "gemstone" scents? I've seen Rose Quartz and Amethyst but am looking for things like Garnet, Diamond, etc. I've seen a line of birthstone candles, so I was curious if there's an FO company that does them that isn't showing up in my search results. If there isn't one, are there any experienced blenders that would be willing to work together to create some? I had a jewelry maker approach me about including scent sample wax melts with her jewelry boxes, and I thought this was a great idea. I'm also a jewelry maker specializing in bir
  4. Karen, Do you mean Celery Salt from SOS? I tried that one. It's VERY strong in CT, and it is a very dry herb kind of scent, not a fresh green at all. It's kind of obnoxious in my opinion, but every nose is different. My favorite green scents are: CM's Bamboo Rainforest RE's Clean Green Fillmore's Irish Moss and if you can find it, Cucumber Apple Splash is amazing. I think JS made it years ago, but the only place I can find it now is on eBay. It's really clean and strong and bright.
  5. Cynna

    GW415 change?

    I've been getting cases from The Flaming Candle that have the AkaSoy name on them, so I'm guessing those are the newer batches. I just got a case from someone on Etsy that is clearly using an older batch, because all of my melts are sinking in the middle, and I remember them doing that when I first switched to GW415.
  6. Melts Wax used: GW415 soy + beeswax Fragrance load (%): 10% Average cure time: 5-7 days Wax additives: None Cold throw: Really Good Hot Throw: Really Good Purchased: 2020 I have a hard time keeping this in stock so I order it in 1 lb bottles. I've tried other companies' Oatmeal Raisin, and this one wins hands down, no question. It will make your mouth water even if you hate eating the real cookies. Very realistic warm oatmeal scent and the raisin doesn't smell fake, overwhelming or too spicy.
  7. Cynna

    Irish Moss

    Melts Wax used: GW415 soy + beeswax Fragrance load (%): 10% Average cure time: 5-7 days Wax additives: None Cold throw: Good Hot Throw: Really Good Purchased: 2020 This sells really well for me. It's a clean green / earthy scent with a soft musk tone.
  8. I didn't think that many people used Fillmore. Glad to see others do! Iced Lemon Biscotti BLEW ME AWAY. Easily one of my favorites. Lasts long, has a nice warm biscotti scent SO much better in throw than the Almond Biscotti I tried from another company, and the bakery notes really mellow out the icing/sugar so that it isn't overly sweet and headache-inducing. Wax Melts GW415 soy + beeswax 10% fragrance load CT: Deceptively medium HT: Uh-MAZING
  9. Cynna

    GW415 change?

    I started out making clamshell melts with EcoSoya CB-135. When that went away I switched to GW 415. Everything worked out okay for about a year. Now all of a sudden I am getting several reviews that the HT is horrible, and I've tested several myself...I agree. Some scents will throw no matter what, but ones that did well before are barely getting off the ground (Fruit Loops for example, which is usually pretty strong). Has anyone who uses Golden Brands wax noticing a change?
  10. I'll try that ktaggard. Where there's a will there's a way, that's one thing I've learned about DIY projects! NightLight, there has to be another option. I understand proprietary secrets, but in this day and age people want to save money and do things themselves. Surely there's a way to make your own, just have to figure it out! But I definitely won't be using diluted PineSol! I can't believe people do that!!
  11. Admitted addict here too. I actually have a 5 foot shelving unit with shoe/photo boxes for each oil company that I store all my bottles in and I'm officially out of space. If it didn't cost so much to ship stuff I know I'd do a lot more damage! I have to stop looking at all of your favorite places to get oils from because if I didn't already shop there before, I will, and then I'll have to add another list in my notebook and another shoe box! ...and win the lottery! We should start an FO swap board.
  12. I have seen videos of people adding diluted cleaning agents to wallflowers and about dropped my jaw. Well, consider this a lesson learned! I thought it would be great to use the FO's I love in a continuous form, not just wax. Shucks!
  13. Has anyone tried using FO's they get for candles/soaps to refill wallflowers/plug-ins? I don't know if it's the scents I'm using or the sticks, but they don't work!! I barely get any scent out of them and the oil doesn't evaporate. Do they make the FO's for plug-ins different? Wondering if anyone has some advice.
  14. I was just out here searching for perfume stuff myself as my supplier for oils has vanished, and I was curious if you can use FO the same as perfume oil. RWV, I make mine with straight oil and Everclear, nothing else. Are you using them in a spray bottle or roll on? I've only ever used glass spray bottles and haven't had any issues. I got tired of companies discontinuing my favorite perfumes, so I started making them myself.
  15. I have only ever used EcoSoya CB-135 mixed with beeswax. I'm down to my final case (I hoarded them), so I'm having to switch. GW415 is at the top of my list. I also got a sample of KY Pure Soy. I use about 20% blanched beeswax to 80% soy. I feel for every crafter that has had to switch brands/formulas. It's a lot of money, time and effort to find a replacement that doesn't screw everything up.
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