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  1. Sebleo

    Tough sell fragrance... have u ever

    Great example and great name change @TallTayl
  2. You are definitely going to want to double pack your candles to protect against breakage. Pack them in a corrugated box. Then put it in a shipping box packed with packing peanuts, paper, or bubble wrap. Check out the thread on how packages get handied by carriers! You don't want to pay full price at usps. There are ways to get discounted shipping with pay memberships like stamps.com or shippingeasy.com. If you start a website through shopify you automatically get commercial plus shipping prices. Their hosting prices start at $30 a month. Imho, might as well pay $30 a month and get a website plus discounted shipping rather than $15 a month for just discounted shipping.
  3. @FB157, I was really disappointed too because I had worked with the old pb for years wanting to start a business but had to stop. When I started back up and did final rounds of testing and excitedly went to order cases of it to start my business I found out it was no longer being made! Talk about a kick to the stomach! I've been working with palm and it seems a lot of people are switching to it with all the soy issues.
  4. There are a few reviews of the reformulated blend here. Mostly not good. I bought a 10lb bag to try for melts bc I loved the original. I was not impressed although I did limited testing. It "holds" a higher percentage of fragrance oil but sadly it seems to need the higher load to get the old throw. Not very cost effecient, especially since the wax price itself is so high.
  5. Sebleo


    On one hand it is shocking. But, I wouldn't have known it if it weren't for forums like this. If she didn't learn and hone her skills through the internet and has never been on crafting forums then it's easy to see how she may not know it. And she must not store them in baggies at home. Otherwise you would think she would have figured it out on her own.
  6. Sebleo

    Tough sell fragrance... have u ever

    Lonestar has a fragrance called tree lighting, which I love. When I was looking for new scents to try I saw the exact same fragrance description for another scent in a different category. So, I emailed them thinking they had the wrong description and wanted to know what that one smells like. They said it's the exact same fragrance, they just renamed it because tree lighting doesn't sell well, but that one does. At least they use the same description word for word so as a customer you don't buy it under two different names!
  7. Sebleo

    What do you think of this meeting?

    I see your point about the supplier. I probably would have handled it the same way. You handled the whole thing beautifully. Now hopefully they won't use your candles to try and get accounts with your local accounts. Have you thought about contacting them to let them know about the situation? It would have to be handled delicately because you don't want to be seen as bashing another business. But, I guess you could just wait and see if they show up in the stores. And then kindly let them know, "I made that." And who knows what you're gonna get after these sell out! I'm glad you're through it. Best of luck putting it out of your mind and moving forward. 💛
  8. Sebleo

    What do you think of this meeting?

    I can imagine your pain, frustration, and anger at this couple. But, I would be equally as upset with the supplier. They obviously duped them into giving away your info. I would call them back and make sure they understand the implications of what they've done. They have given a competitor of yours some of your propietary information. At bare minimum they could use this as a training example. I think they owe you big time.
  9. The scary thing about it is that people could get seriously hurt. I had a booth set up on the 4th of July and an acquaintance stopped to say hi and asked what I was doing. I told him about my melts and he pulled up his shirt to show me his stomach which healing from massive burns. He said they bought a candle from a friend who had started making them and it exploded on him. He won't burn candles anymore.
  10. Sebleo

    What do you think of this meeting?

    Wow! They are moving fast aren't they? My phones about to die so I'll have to respond later. Just wanted to wish you luck.
  11. Sebleo

    What do you think of this meeting?

    Sounds like they are trying to figure out your exact cost so they can work your price down when they start ordering huge wholesale orders for this big account. Like paying you $7 is fine for a few cases but when we start ordering hundreds of cases can we get her down to $5? And could be a back up if you won't come down on the price, to know your process so they can set up their own operation. I would say no. Selling wholesale for retail is a different ball game from selling wholesale for wholesale. A small one person set up cannot make money that way, even selling thousands every month.
  12. Okay. It's been over 100 here in Texas, so, I'm thinking 80 degrees! No way! Lol
  13. You keep your house at 80 degrees in the summer?!
  14. Sebleo

    FedX Video

    Sounds like me last Christmas trying to get 2 fire tablets out of the mailbox! I worked on it for 5 min. A guy working at a business across the street saw me stuggling and came over to help!
  15. Sebleo

    Flashing and smoking flame.

    Another thing to think about with using the double boiler method...another way you can be getting water in your pot is by condensation buildup on your vent that is dripping down into your pot. Make sure and turn your vent on to prevent this.