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  1. You hear it all the time, right? Ooh, that''s too pretty to burn! Well not these babies! Haha And if you market it that way they will just think it was intentional that they look bad. They would have to smell fabulous for that gimmick to work though. I think I need more sleep!
  2. I think a lot of people use pillars for decoration instead of burning them. Not as much repeat business that way. Unless you market them as "too ugly to save" ! Haha, I kinda like that idea!
  3. With or without the Leprechaun?

    Ahhh, I got ya. Well, it looks good in the last redo. The only other suggestion I could make is to move him halfway back. Where his head kinda fills in the gap between St. And Day. Or move the whole clip art up a notch to see a little less of the rainbow. That way the name of the fragrance isn't too crowded.
  4. With or without the Leprechaun?

    As far as the crowding goes... I say leave the leprechaun where he was and remove the clover from right above the R in Rosemary and above the M in Mint. Can you do that?
  5. The instructions on the link Kervin supplied was what we used to make ours. We had to do some research to figure out what size tap bit to get. Cheaper to make your own and now that we have the bit it will be even cheaper to make new ones.
  6. Looking for a Clean not Floral scent

    What did SOS bleach smell like?
  7. Warmers and Palm Wax

    I have been testing for a year now and have used both bulb and hot plate style from candle warmers etc and a bulb type from scentsy. Both warmers from candlewarmers.com performed pretty much the same. The scentsy warmer I used melted the wax but did not get it hot enough to throw. When comparing one fragrance that threw strong in a large room with hotter warmers it barely threw in the scentsy in a small bedroom. I am not sure if all scentsy warmers are the same, but that bulb warmer only got the wax to around 150 degrees. Both the bulb and hot plate got the wax to 180-185. I really wish there were warmers on the market that got hotter, say, 190-195 because I think that is really where palm wax needs to be.
  8. Identification, input, advice

    What is it? A silicone liner to put the wax in so you don't have to clean out the melting dish?
  9. Packaging! Finally Proud of Sniffies

    That is amazing! I will have to google what a silhouette is... Great job!
  10. Palm wax for brittle

    @Barefootgirl I don't have any feather palm left, but here is a picture of the now discontinued starburst palm. I poured this batch pretty thin.
  11. That was awesome! Thanks for sharing it.
  12. Are you ready for some pictures?

    My husband just had his gall bladder removed and it didn't help his issues. He has had a rough year with gastrointestinal problems and they are still running tests. Now we are thinking diverticulitus. Best of luck to you in figuring everything out and getting well. In that first pic, what kind of cord are you using for that bow? Do you just tie it or do you have to glue it to keep it in place?
  13. Palm wax for brittle

    I haven't used portion cups so I'm not sure about that. But, I do pour feather palm into clamshells with success. I cover with baking pans to slow the cooling process. They still feather beautifully. I am trying to remember what temp I poured....it has been 2 months since I tested it and I am not near my notes. It was either 180ish or 170ish!
  14. My husband added a spigot to our presto at Christmas and we filled it with water to test for leaks...good to go! So, last night I used it for the first time. Put in 2 pounds of wax and within a minute wax was pouring onto the floor! I looked to make sure the valve was closed. Yep. Couldn't move it any more. So I put a pot under it and turned it off, cleaned up the mess and messaged him at work to let him know we would have to look at it again. Went back an hour later to see if I could figure it out. Ohhhhhh, yeah, I had the knob in the on position. Why did I have to text my husband so quickly?!