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  1. Wellington - Beach Bonfire The Common Scents - Black Butter, Black Orchid by Tom Ford Type. They have TONS of men's "Designer Type" oils. The Flaming Candle - Charcoal Tonka SaveOnScents - Sauvage by Dior Type
  2. Indigo - Pipe Tobacco, Vanilla Tobacco, Caramel Tobacco, Cherry Tobacco, Bourbon Tobacco, Santa's Pipe, Cognac & Cubans. Love all of these!
  3. I have Aztec's Brazilian Coffee & Pure Cane, it's definitely a sweet, creamy coffee scent! Smells great, but a bit too sweet for me, so it'll go to destash. It may not have vanilla in the description, but you wouldn't know it when you smelled it.
  4. Chocolate Frost Chocolate Icicles Chocolate Snow Chocolate Snowflake Iced Chocolate Winter Ganache Winter Cocoa Winter Fudge Winter Candy Dark Winter Breeze Hot Cocoa & Snow Cozy Winter Night
  5. How is their Tobacco? I was just eyeballing that one this morning. I currently am using Pipe Tobacco & Vanilla Tobacco from Indigo, both are great, but Aztec's added notes of brown sugar and mahogany woods sound lovely.
  6. Heading over to FB now to check em out. Thank you for your suggestions.
  7. By the description, it sounds pretty green. The issue isn't with the oils smelling good in the products, but rather on the skin. Once applied to skin, they morph into something "chemical." I've used different carriers/bases as well and still have the same end result.
  8. At this point, I'm honestly open to any of those categories, as long as it doesn't leave that horrid chemical/plastic smell on skin. OOB, I love the smell of JS's Coconut Extreme, but it morphs into that yucky smell as soon as it's blended and/or on skin.
  9. That would be fantastic, thank you! 😃😃 I will pm you.
  10. No, I haven't tried them. I have looked over Daystar's oils a few times, seeing many that I'd love to sample, but the site always seems.. forgotten, for lack of better words. Have you successfully placed an order with them recently?
  11. ALL I WANT IS A COCONUT FO THAT DOESN'T LEAVE THAT AWFUL PLASTIC/CHEMICAL STENCH ON THE SKIN!!! IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?? *weeps in the corner with all my coconut fo duds😢* Ok, now for my inside voice lol... Seriously though, what is with all these chemical-like coconut fragrance oils? Every single one I have sampled leaves that icky note on the skin. I tested them on others as well, thinking my skin chemistry might just be whack, but nope, the stench lingers on their skin as well. While I'm sure most of them are phenomenal in wax, they simply don't cut it in lotions/perfumes. Too long I've been searching for a good non-fruity, non-green coconut or coconut-vanilla fo. I have sampled so many.. Just Scent, Indigo, SOS, Nature's Garden, MMS, Eternal Essence, P & J, CandleLynn, Wellington, RE, Elements (off the top of my head.) Being a die-hard coconut addict and a perfume maker, I cannot sell plastic-scented coconut products to my customers. Any suggestions?
  12. My first time reading through this thread and I agree with GailC, it's definitely an interesting read. 😂 Earlier this week, I got a sniffie sample of Thunderstorm Scented Type from SOS. It immediately went into a ziplock baggie and into the trash! It smelled like pungent, urine soaked cat litter. As a kid, we had a not-so-tidy neighbor with a lot of cats. She would pay me 25 cents to bring her mail inside and I'll never forget the ammonia-like urine smell of the litter boxes in her house. I can't fathom how SOS could even remotely consider that oil a "thunderstorm" scent. 🤢 Bum Bum Type from TCS smells like an atrocious bathroom cleaner. Almond Milk and Sea Salt from JS. I had high hopes for this one, but all I could get from it was that sterile, alcohol-like smell you breathe in at hospitals. Cake Bake from Indigo is 100% plastic & chemicals to my nose. I find that a lot of vanillas (and cake scents) have a "barf-like" chemical smell to them as well. While I haven't and will never sample such a fragrance, SOS has a Halitosis oil that is said to be beyond vile.
  13. I forgot to mention that I received the Fresh Cut Roses sample from Indigo and the OOB bottle impression was great! Strong, with no perfume-y or "old lady" notes. Smells like sticking my face directly into a bouquet of fresh roses. Will definitely be using this one as a blender.
  14. I've only used a few of their oils in lotions/perfumes for my friends & family that don't want to pay designer prices lol, so I wouldn't know specifics on using their oils for candles, although I would think it'd be fine. You could contact them and ask.
  15. SOS was the first place I looked, they seem to have all the "weird" scents lol! I actually enjoy the smell of sulfur. Blending it might be tricky and the finished product would definitely be an avant-garde fragrance, but I would be excited to test it. If I ever find a FO, that is.
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