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  1. Hi there and thanks for the help. Could you tell me the name of the AFI one. Is it smoke and odor eliminator as well. I've never been to their website. Thanks
  2. Anybody Somebody Onebody Please help kim
  3. Please I need to know if there's a dupe out there any where. I am so bummed they discontinued this. I've tried cinnamon and juniper but cant quite get it. Any recommendations for blending or is there another vendor out here with it. Please help Kim
  4. Hello all. I'm nearly 2 years Into studying and testing and i love loved candle science's smoke and odor eliminator that they discontinued last year. I need to find a dupe because I cant recreate it with the juniper and cinnamon that was suggested please help. I have animals and this was the only scent that made people ask me did I get rid of the dogs when the enter my place. Please help kim
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