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  1. About 3 days before I started burning it. (4636)
  2. I may just dump the candles and make melts and cute tarts. I'm sure I can get a few candles that I'm happy with eventually, but hell... I'm getting old.
  3. I have sample packs of just about everything, except CSN's and the paper core (the one's numbered like zincs). I have one candle right now that just won't wick at all. It's "Dicken's Christmas" from LS, same 6% in 4636, 9 oz jar. I started with zinc 51 which at least usually burns decent in that combo, but it wasn't even close. Then went to a zinc 60 (largest I have), and swicthed to LX. Went from 18 through 24, and am now trying a premier 760. All I get are diminishing flames and carbon balls, incomplete MP, and zero scent. If this doesn't do it, I may try a soy wick (CD or ECO) ... otherwise I'm done with that FO. I'm getting nice burns with the LX-16/18 or Zinc 51's in these 9 oz jars now with some other FO's...just not much scent. May just be my nose though, so as long as the burn is correct I'm making progress I guess. EDIT: I may throw a Hemp-1400 in it just for giggles.
  4. That was my first thought also. But wicking down causes a small flame, and a partial MP at even the 3rd or 4th burn. It seems to only happen with certain FO's (and I'm only using 4636 now, although I have some leftover PB600 testers that I'm still burning just for points of reference)... but I notice it fairly often. Hit the top with a heat gun to either level it, or after changing wicks, and it throws like crazy. But as soon as I light the wick...nothing. At all. I thought maybe I was too hot and burning off the FO, rather than letting it evaporate from the MP, but changing wicks and even wick series doesn't seem to make any difference. I'm also wondering if I'm just not getting the FO and wax mixed properly, although I have no idea how that could be. I use a low speed mini-blender while adding the FO and dye at 175-180, making sure not to get any air mixed in, and then stir with a flat spoon for at least two minutes until the wax has cooled down to around 150, and then I immediately pour into heated jars. I sometimes can see an oil film on top as they cool...not sure if that is normal or not. This is all at 6%. Just another mystery to solve.
  5. IGI 4636 (from LS) in 9 oz straight jar, 6% FO, 3 drops of candlewic liquid dye, both LX and zinc wicks. Almost a full MP (1/4" deep) at around 170 degrees F and a nice burn after 2-3 hours, but literally zero hot throw. But, when hitting the top with a heat gun until the wax just starts to melt, or right after extinguishing the flame, the HT is excellent. I've actually noticed this on a few different wax and FO combinations, but can't seem to find a common denominator.
  6. I loved the way it poured and the look of it, but just couldn't get any consistency out of it. Using the 9 oz straight sided jars and 7% to 8%, I had two FO's that just flat wouldn't work at all in it, with any wick type or size. (NG's Fireplace, and FC's Apple Cinnamon). Barely any hot or cold throw at all, and could never get the burn where I wanted it either. That was with a 2 week cure. With FC's Woodland Foliage (basically pine) and Coffee House FO's, the throw was actually pretty good...but wicking it took forever. Eco-4's were too cold, Eco-6's were too hot. CD's were a sooty mess. Premiers were ok (something around a 750 or 755), but they weren't consistent. The best wick I found by far was an LX-16 or 18. Both worked about the same, and surprisingly had almost identical burn rates and melt pool temps. In fact in my tests with this setup, the LX-16 and LX-18 were for all practical purposes completely interchangeable (except the 18 had slightly better HT... which I don't understand since the MP temp and burn rate were the same as the 16) I finally got tired of fighting it, and am now moving on to IGI 4636. I'll probably just use up the rest of my PB600 in some old jars for candles around the house. On a semi-related note, the PB650 actually works pretty nicely for melts, with every FO I tried (about 10 of them). But I'm also going away from it and on to a pillar parafin, to simplify and cut down on shipping costs. Good luck. If you stumble onto something, please post back!
  7. Never! Yeah, I'm not in a hurry on the palm wax. I'll just play with it a little while pouring a few parafin candles that I know will work. I've been reading everything I can find, and am making progress on the other waxes (settled on some 4636) once I admitted it was the FO and found a few issues with my temperature measurement. I'm just tweaking my process to minimize any wet spots and cave-ins around the wick. I have a spreadsheet and custom program I wrote to collect and analyze data from all the burn tests with different waxes and wicks over the last 3 months or so, and it's helping a lot. I'm an engineer, so things have to be methodical, make sense, and have a reason for happening...or at least appear to. LOL
  8. Did you stay with the CD 20? I have the same jar and some glass glow, and am reading and trying to figure out which wick to start with. I have premiers, CD's and Ecos (and a few others)
  9. ... in a straight-sided 9 oz jar (2-5/8" inside dia) with a drop or two of color. I have CD's, Premier, Zinc, LX, ECO's, and some Hemp 1400's to choose from. and, 3% FO right?
  10. Just thought I would post an update. I tried FC's Woodland Foliage (basically a Pine scent) at 8% in the PB600, straight-sided 9oz jar, with an LX-18 wick...and it works beautifully. (Maybe a little warm at halfway, so trying an LX-16). But the scent throw is really good for a parasoy that cured for just 3 or 4 days. And the Coffee House is still fantastic in anything. I did find that I may have not been as hot as I thought when adding FO, but after resolving that I'm still going to chalk it up mostly to the Apple Cinnamon I was testing with. It just has zero hot or cold throw, in anythng. And unfortunately, the FIreplace FO isn't much better. @bfroberts - Thanks for suggesting that I try the zinc wicks again. The 51-32-18 worked really well in a couple of 9 oz test candles I poured with the remaining 4630, using Coffee House and and Dragon's Blood. Apple Cinnamon was still a complete dud though.
  11. I pretty much flipped a coin and went with 10 lbs of 4636 to try. Analysis paralysis.
  12. A week later and I still can't decide. lol Ughhhhh
  13. calan

    Black Friday?

    Yeah. I was hoping for something better, but I'll take what I can get. Have about $150 sitting in my cart, but waiting to pull the trigger while I'm paralyzed over which 46xx wax to buy.
  14. Trying to decide if I want to buy more 4630 on the black friday sales, or if I should try one of the other ones.
  15. calan

    Black Friday?

    Do any of the major candle suppliers (specifically Lonestar) typically have Black Friday sales?
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