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  1. Some cat Kodak moments

    Munchkin looks to fully understand the struggle of soy wax.
  2. Comparing Fillmore's Christmas Tree to CS Fraser Fir

    Apologies. I had tried searching a bunch and came up empty. I just realized I was searching “balsalm”. I’ll go back and search now for balsam and probably find 600 posts.
  3. Comparing Fillmore's Christmas Tree to CS Fraser Fir

    I tried Filmore Christmas tree after hearing @Trappeur exclaim it’s virtues. It smells great! However, I can’t get it strong enough for what I want. I tried 6% in 464, 10% in NW Elite 200 soy, and 10% in 4630. I don’t get enough scent from any of them. If I have six testers going all at once for three hours I can smell it, but just one small candle gives me nothing. And CT is very faint. I’m a little candle maker, so I know it’s a tough job to expect 4oz to fill an open room, but I’ve had other scents perform better. I see CS Frasier mentioned as sharper and filmore Christmas as softer. Maybe I’m expecting it to be sharp. I’m looking for a throat punch of Christmas tree! Any besides CS Fraiser I should try, or something I should mix to make it more punchy? I also tried Christmas Hearth and didn’t care for it. I love smelling it straight from the bottle!
  4. I think they might have removed it from their main page. It was posted 10 hours ago and I don’t find it any more. I see a post from 9 hours and 11 hours. I found the video still on their page.
  5. https://www.facebook.com/HGTV/videos/10155440360139213/
  6. I spy the smiling face of a craft server star while reading through all the comments on that post.
  7. New Espresso FO?

    Haha!! I'd buy it for sure if it had "doesn't stink" in its description.
  8. 4630 testing

    This forum is so great! I'm finally trying 4630 with fragrance and I totally forgot about this post I made and all the great comments. Luckily I ended up choosing a couple wicks discussed in this post. Crossing my fingers I get one that tests well.
  9. ECO trimming

    Hi. I didn't like this blend. I probably didn't test strong enough wicks. My notes say it didn't perform well and I gave up testing it three burn seassions. Mine discolored when burned. I was also testing Christmas hearth, which I didn't care for. Overall I might have been in a bad mood over candle testing when I tried this blend. Sorry I know this wasn't much help. Does the blend work for you?
  10. I think I purchased this same jar from Filmore.
  11. Pulling wicks?

    I read folks here pouring without wicks so I started testing like this. I like it for initial testing. I can pour wax and wait until cure is done before I have to decide what wicks to test. Then if a wick is a dud, you just pull it out and pop in a different one. It doesn’t work well one the melt pool gets deep or near the bottom of the container. The wick can easily tilt. I lost a bunch of wicks at the end of a test this way. I think if they were secured not all of them would have failed. Also easier to clean out jars for retesting.
  12. hello! 😊

    Isn’t it time for you to do some candle testing with us?
  13. New Espresso FO?

    I saw bramble has an espresso but it’s not in its new category. Have you tried this one? I’ve never ordered from bramble but it looks like the smallest is 2oz for $6.95. That’s a lot to waste if it smells horrible.
  14. New Espresso FO?

    I swear I think I saw a new Espresso fo somewhere this week. Anyone know where this was from? I can’t find where I saw it. @GailC?
  15. Why is scent throw diminished?

    Their handling sheet says to cure 12 hours that seems like doody to me. I typically try to go a week before testing. I usually end up at 5 days. I’ve kept some candles 56 days before testing. It has no lumpy cottage cheese tops like other soy I tried. It’s always smooth. Im a beginner to all candlemaking, so don’t take my advice as any expert opinion. I’m on here to listen to what TT, trap,moonshine,etc has to say! Wthomas pointed out it says “complete pull away” but I haven’t had issues with it in tins. I heat it to 190, take it off heat, add fo and stir and pour immediately. I haven’t had any fo not have good ct. I’ve had a time trying to find the perfect wick, but I am trying to wick 4oz tin, which appears to be a tough size. He wax seems thick to me so it needs a pretty hot burner.