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  1. Pulling wicks?

    I read folks here pouring without wicks so I started testing like this. I like it for initial testing. I can pour wax and wait until cure is done before I have to decide what wicks to test. Then if a wick is a dud, you just pull it out and pop in a different one. It doesn’t work well one the melt pool gets deep or near the bottom of the container. The wick can easily tilt. I lost a bunch of wicks at the end of a test this way. I think if they were secured not all of them would have failed. Also easier to clean out jars for retesting.
  2. hello! 😊

    Isn’t it time for you to do some candle testing with us?
  3. New Espresso FO?

    I saw bramble has an espresso but it’s not in its new category. Have you tried this one? I’ve never ordered from bramble but it looks like the smallest is 2oz for $6.95. That’s a lot to waste if it smells horrible.
  4. New Espresso FO?

    I swear I think I saw a new Espresso fo somewhere this week. Anyone know where this was from? I can’t find where I saw it. @GailC?
  5. Why is scent throw diminished?

    Their handling sheet says to cure 12 hours that seems like doody to me. I typically try to go a week before testing. I usually end up at 5 days. I’ve kept some candles 56 days before testing. It has no lumpy cottage cheese tops like other soy I tried. It’s always smooth. Im a beginner to all candlemaking, so don’t take my advice as any expert opinion. I’m on here to listen to what TT, trap,moonshine,etc has to say! Wthomas pointed out it says “complete pull away” but I haven’t had issues with it in tins. I heat it to 190, take it off heat, add fo and stir and pour immediately. I haven’t had any fo not have good ct. I’ve had a time trying to find the perfect wick, but I am trying to wick 4oz tin, which appears to be a tough size. He wax seems thick to me so it needs a pretty hot burner.
  6. Why is scent throw diminished?

    Apparently I’m the only dolt using it. check it out at http://www.fillmorecontainer.com/NatureWax-Elite-200-Soy-Container-Wax-60-Case-P192.aspx?c=12 some members from 2010 I think posted about I and I’ve posted several times talking about it. Im hoping someone else will loose their mind and jump in the boat with me. Its made from the same company that makes c3.
  7. Why is scent throw diminished?

    My testing with RRD is that they look good initially then about 1-2 hours in it looks like the candle is struggling and wick gets a big mushroom. I’m testing several wick types in 4oz tin, 6% Christmas tree fo, and I’m using soy nw Elite 200. It’s very thick and cools really quick. My tests show cd4, eco 1 and lx8 burn the best. I’m not trimming in between burns. The rrd and Cotten core I have to remove mushroom. I don’t know which wick is creating the scent, but my home is thick with good smells. I’ve almost ruled out rrd for my setup. I need to burn just the cd4 to see if it throws well.
  8. ECO trimming

    I did one batch of 4630 - without fragrance, testing wicks. I only let it cure two days before testing. My notes don't appear to be great, but I've marked down some good and bad. I don't have listed what made them good or bad to me, but normally if the wick dies out I mark it as bad. Overall I wasn't sold on the look of the wax. it wasn't the creamy soy that I've been working with. My intention was to test the "good" wicks with FO. (I know the debate here of testing without FO.) I have some 464/4630 blend I haven't burned yet. Hopes this helps some. GOOD 8oz tin - CD10 8oz tin - HTP 83 4oz tin - CD8 BAD 8oz tin - 36-24 8oz tin - 44-33-18 8oz tin - CD12 8oz tin - CD8 8oz tin - HTP 41 8oz tin - HTP 62 4oz tin - 34-40 4oz tin - HTP 41
  9. New ornaments and pendant scent diffusers

    Very nice.
  10. Who is up for a board challenge?

    I'd love to help. I've been a graphic designer for 20 years and know a lot more about design/marketing than I do about candles! I'm also one who loves more simplistic designs. I designed and maintain three websites for my current company so I understand the challenges of making things look right online. Let me know if you want my help and how you want to proceed.
  11. Yankee hours

    do you burn 4 hour periods until the end? have you tested the elite 200 or the S-113? I've got RRD coming this week to test.
  12. Yankee hours

    Thanks for TallTayl. I wasn't meaning to compare jars to tins, but apples and coconuts sounds like an interesting mix for FO. Originally I was wondering what is realistic in a 8oz tin that holds 5oz of soy. I know there are a ton of variables, but if I have eight people say they get 60 hours and my burn times during testing are in the 20hr range then I'm either doing something wrong, or I need to be a good marketeer to sell mine. When I saw that Yankee candle my jaw dropped, and when Jcandleattic says 200+ for her large candles, I didn't have any more jaw left to drop. It did help to post here and find that large candles really do last that long. ..and not compare my small tins to a large jar. You use C3? I've been using C3's ugly cousin, elite 200. They are made by the same mfg, so I'm guessing they are at least more similar to me trying to compare elite 200 to others like 464. I choose the elite 200 because I thought my tops looked weird on C3 and filmores description of elite 200 says "It goes beyond the C-Series waxes by allowing for even higher fragrance loads without syneresis. ... No fat bloom upon cooling, burning, or hot/cold testing. " With a strong fo at 10%, what wick do you use in 8oz tin? So far eco 6 has been the winner more than others, but I'm not a fan of eco. I end up breaking off the wick during trimming and that would frustrate me as a consumer. And for a 5oz tin, I'm getting best results from eco1. honestly, I just want to make a good candle. my intentions in this pursuit is to raise money for charities by selling candles. So far, I would have been better off giving $1,000 directly to our food pantry. I truly appreciate everyone's comments and willingness to share knowledge.
  13. Wicking 8oz tins in 464

    earlier this summer when I was using 464 an eco 10-12 melted everything really quick in 8oz tin. I’ve got pretty good results with the soy I use, with eco 6-8 depending on FO.
  14. Yankee hours

    thanks everyone. I'm not disputing anyone's claims, I'm just trying to figure out for myself and what I'm making. All summer I've been working with small tins that hold 5oz and 2.7oz. Most of my longer burns are with paraffin. I've tested a gaggle of wick types/sizes. I'm trying to compare my results per wick size against the manufactures rate of consumption to see where I line up. I know the MFG suggestions don't take into account which type of wax is being used, FO, etc. They don't state what setup they use to get their rate of wax consumption estimates. If I hear a 16oz paraffin lasts 120 hours, then that tells me it's performing at about 7.5 hours per ounce of wax. (120/16=7.5.) This seems like a pretty slow burning wick. If I knew the maker used zincs, I might guess they used 36-24-24 or 44-20-18, because the zinc chart shows those two sizes burn between .11 and .14 ROC and 1/7.5= .13. A CD8 chart shows .20 oz/hr, which would be 5 hours per ounce of wax. I'm guessing if I used a CD8 in a 16oz jar I could expect somewhere around 80 hours (5*16=80). In my case, my longest burning candle so far is an 8oz tin (5oz wax) at 25 hours. (candle1: nutmeg ginger FO 10%, NW Elite 200 soy) It's using an eco8 which ROC chart shows .26 (hotter than CD8). It would be 3.8 hours per ounce of wax. So I should be getting aprox. 19 hours. I'd suggest if I observe the candle performing well from flame then this is pretty good. I have another 8oz, eco8 with a different fragrance (candle2: tobacco cherry FO10%, NW Elite 200 soy). it lasted 16 hours and my notes said the flame was too big, smoking and eventually the wick snuffed itself out. This one didn't make it to 19 hours with this FO. I mentioned I'm using this spreadsheet where I calculate a ROC after every burn period and then I look across the chart at the set of candles I'm burning and try to see if one is hotter than another based on the manufacturers charts. There is another element that differs between these two candles. Candle 1 was tested using 3 hour initial burn and then 2 hour periods afterwards. cooling overnight in between) Candle 2 was tested doing 4 hour burn periods each time and cooling overnight) I've tested a set of about a dozen doing the 4 hour burn times and I think only three are still alive. They get so hot during 4 hours that the wicks curl over into the wax. On some of them I know I could fish the wick back up straight, but I'm calling it a dud at this point. I'm assuming the consumer might not do that, or forget and then the next day when it's cooled the wick is not recoverable. anyway, it all may be poop, I just think it's interesting to consider. I'm still not happy with my wick/wax combo and have a bunch of other wicks coming this weekend. I plan on keeping the same charting and hopefully I'll discover something worthwhile to share.
  15. Craft Server in a year

    I wish you could set up a system like a one-year bible plan for craft server. You’d get notifications like “you have 245 more posts to read before the end of the day to stay on track”. I love the unread content tab but in down time I try to read as much as I can about a certain problem I’m having or just pick one of the topics to go through. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface. I see a button that says “mark entire site read”. It’s tempting sometimes!