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  1. Thanks for confirming. From what I'm reading on the thread your customers don't seem to care about it as long as it smells good and burns well.
  2. Can anyone verify that your candles look like these after burning and cooling? The rougher one (top) is 464 and the other with bubbles is C3. Both have Eco wicks, 8%fo and are in 8oz tins. These have been burned at different test times. Assuming I did everything correct, are these the results you get? Appreciate any comments.
  3. Hi, I'm new to candle making and find reading the forums here very useful. Apologies if I'm missing it, but I cannot find anyone talking about a soy blend I only find at Filmore Container called NatureWax Elite 200. Maybe I searched using the wrong terms. I wanted to get into candle making and started with 464 and supplies from candle science. Seemed easy enough to make - perfectly smooth but after test burning the candles always looked like cottege cheese on top. After researching a lot it appears that most everyone accepts this type of look with soy. Since then I've tried mixing paraffin with it, trying one 100% soy and still wasnt pleased with the results. The jars I wanted to use 8oz anchor hocking were available at Filmore so I wanted to try to get my wax from the same vendor to combine shopping. They have golden waxes or C1,C3 and this Elite 200. The elite was more expensive so I decided to give it a shot hoping more expensive means more better. I just poured a sample this week so I haven't allowed a lot of curing time, but the tops are perfect after each 2-3 hour burn and cool. I can't speak for HT since the FO has had no cure time either. Overall this has been my best wax experience. In the glass jar it did have some adhesion/wet spots and a little wax buildup on the wick which took 10 seconds to fix with a hair dryer on low. One sample I used the hairdryer on the sides that looked like wet spots and air bubbles rose to the top and the candle looked great. I did notice after several burns the wet spots come back after cooling. I think in my scenario a label might cover up most of that, plus in tins it won't be an issue at all. So, anyone else using this regularly or another soy blend that isn't a headache? I can go into more specifics about my experience with it. But would love to discuss with another user. Here is a link to tech specs