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  1. Dorothy Mantooth

    hello! 😊

    Isn’t it time for you to do some candle testing with us?
  2. Dorothy Mantooth

    Who is up for a board challenge?

    I'd love to help. I've been a graphic designer for 20 years and know a lot more about design/marketing than I do about candles! I'm also one who loves more simplistic designs. I designed and maintain three websites for my current company so I understand the challenges of making things look right online. Let me know if you want my help and how you want to proceed.
  3. Dorothy Mantooth

    Craft Server in a year

    I wish you could set up a system like a one-year bible plan for craft server. You’d get notifications like “you have 245 more posts to read before the end of the day to stay on track”. I love the unread content tab but in down time I try to read as much as I can about a certain problem I’m having or just pick one of the topics to go through. I feel I’ve only scratched the surface. I see a button that says “mark entire site read”. It’s tempting sometimes!
  4. Dorothy Mantooth

    Newbie from NJ

  5. Dorothy Mantooth

    hello! 😊

    Welcome! I’ve found Lots of nice folks giving great advice and years worth of topics to read on here. I might be wrong, but it might be that you’re using too much FO per pound. My my understanding is 1oz FO per 1lb wax is about 6%. (I think 6% is actually 0.9oz). I often use 1.6oz per pound which should be 10%. (1lb is 16oz) 3oz per pound would be like 20+%? seems like I heard talk about too much FO not burning correct.
  6. Dorothy Mantooth

    Hello finally

    Wanted to finally say hello from the land of newby lurkerville. First off- kudos to all of you who successfully make candles as a business or side business. Candles are hard to make well, expensive, addictive, and require a lot of patience. BUT they are so much fun! I have gained a lot of knowledge reading through past posts. I appreciate those who have come before me. I am 41, live in Arkansas with my wife and 3 cats, and have a grown daughter out of the house. I'm a graphic designer by day. I've always dreamed of owning a bakery. Aside from not being able to eat it, candles fit with so many things I enjoy - recipes, crafting, marketing, business, manufacturing. I only came to candling early this year. I know I'll probable catch some flack, but I want to start selling soon - like October maybe. I have applied for a city license, state tax ID and will get general liability insurance before any candle leaves my watch. I haven't given or sold to anyone yet. I plan to make three scents initially and I make them from my home. I would sell them through a website. I read a post today where someone asked if making candles at home violates a homeowners insurance policy. It never dawned on me that making candles might affect my homeowners insurance. Do any of you who sell make the candles from your home? If so, did you do anything specific about homeowners insurance? My wife says I'm over thinking it. Aside from when I do test burns I don't see where it would be a big deal either, but I'm hesitant. I also don't want to keep throwing money at candles to now find that I can't make them do to homeowners insurance. I don't think any of the supplies (wax/FO)I keep are any more dangerous than the 5+ gallons of gas I keep in our garage. The making of candles was fun, but the trying to setup a business has been frustrating at every turn. At the moment my city says I need a state tax ID before I can get my city license, and the state says I can't get tax ID until I get city license I appreciate any thoughts or advice or prayers or laughs.