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  1. I had to set testing aside for a bit but my most recent tests with HTP wicks were pretty good. Trying to find that sweet spot of the right size, though, is something I need to re-visit...but overall I was happy with the burn with those particular wicks!
  2. I think since you're starting from scratch with soy - with no previous expectations of wicking, performance, etc. - you're probably at an advantage over those of us who have worked with soy for years and have been thrown into a tailspin with the changes!
  3. Oh wow...thanks for the heads up on that. I was planning on trying to blend in some soy, but we'll see...I was having OK luck with HTP wicks, although mushrooming was inevitable with any size at any point during the burn. I'm going to keep working with it because I really like how it looks and have been happy with scent throw, but if these sinkholes are a consistent issue then I might have to move on from it, too. I'm now playing with pouring temps, but who knows if that will help...
  4. I have been crazy busy so a bit MIA, and I need to catch up with posts here...but I just wanted to pop in and let you know that I just poured a few candles with the wicks in the jars (prior pours were into jars with no wicks) and there are sinkholes in the center around almost every wick. !!! I have used FO in all my testing so far, and have been pouring around the same temps (165-ish), but now that I've added wicks to the jars, I see sinkholes. I am hoping that this is not a trend, but will report back...ugh!
  5. You're so right about that...I've never had any problems trying to wick soy, it's been pretty straightforward for me. But the other headaches soy has given me over the past year...OY! I'm hoping that once I nail down the right wicks for my jars, that this paracoco will be much smoother sailing going forward.
  6. Your pan test results are fascinating. Thank you for doing that and being so detailed with your findings! I completely agree with finding it hard to wrap my head around how small to go with wicks. And to add to that, it seems like the further down the candle is in the jar, a wick that seemed OK to start suddenly becomes the completely wrong choice. I heated to about 180+, added FO, and poured right after mixing in the FO, which was probably around 160-165. I am also now noticing wet spots as well, but like you said...I'm also not taking any precautions to try to prevent them, either. So you had dips AND sinkholes? I've also poured into jars with no wicks, and have had severe dips in almost every one (interestingly, always in the smaller jars) but no sinkholes yet. (Sinkholes and air cavities below the surface have been major problems for me with soy, which is one reason I'm looking to move away from it...so I'm praying to the wax gods that they aren't an issue with this wax!)
  7. Really interesting results here, especially during burn 2...after seeing the burn 1 results, I was thinking that the Premier might pull out a win, but it's amazing how much changes during the second burn!
  8. Ah, thank you! I should get my HTP sample pack tomorrow and can't wait to start my test burns with them. I will start with the 62 in that jar. I have been testing out CD wicks and they aren't bad...tested a CD6 in my 2.5" jar and seemed OK after a 2-hour initial burn, with some mushrooming near the end. I may have to wick down a size, but I'm going to give it another burn with the 6 to see how it does the further down in the jar it goes. I don't have any papercore to test, but am hopeful that the HTPs will work for me since I can get them from Flaming, one of my go-to suppliers. I agree with ECOs not being the right fit for this wax, and reassured to know you had the same results...looks like once I officially move over to the paracoco, I will have LOTS of ECO wicks to unload! 😂 Overall, how are you liking the burn of this wax? After my struggles with soy, I have to say that I'm really loving the paracoco. Aesthetically it's beautiful, before and after burns...
  9. I did try an ECO 4 and it gave me a full melt pool in about 45 minutes...so that's when I switched gears and tried the LX wicks. You have me laughing at the thread!!
  10. That's great to hear about the Premier! I will order a sample pack next time I have to place an order with Flaming. I've moved on from the ECOs with this wax, I think. In my tests, consumption rate was really high and the flames were large. I'm going to start testing CD wicks next....
  11. Thanks @kandlekrazy...my air cavities are definitely near the wicks so I will try that!
  12. The dates on my boxes of 464 wax are all in late November 2017. (Interestingly, these have been the same dates on all of the boxes I've purchased from my supplier so far this year...I would have thought that by now they would have later dates on them...) One thing I have been doing is stirring slower and more gently, and eliminating intermittent stirring as the wax is cooling down before I pour. This does seem to help a bit, but not eliminating all of the air cavities. i do agree at this point that these issues are related to soy wax, because these issues just started happening to me last fall with no change in my production methods, wicks, fragrance oils, etc. Really frustrating!
  13. Glad to hear it's not just me! I've crossed those off the testing list...
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