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  1. Thank you for asking! It went pretty well, in as I learned a LOT๐Ÿ˜‰ I made tiny 2oz tins with the C3 wax and only 1 fragrance in the 8 oz tin that I tested all other candles were with my CBadvanced wax. But I didnโ€™t sell many candles ๐Ÿ™ I sold a few candle melts and warmers though. I think I priced the candles too high? All in all I made enough to pay for the booth but I had fun after all the hard work and I know what I would do differently now๐Ÿ˜Š
  2. Has anyone had a bad experience with the 4627 having a burnt smell? I read a lot of really good reviews about this wax, but the newer reviews are experiencing a burnt smell to the wax and I am wondering if they have changed their wax recently like all the soy waxes?
  3. So as far as using the crappy (IMO) C3 now a days :-) would you suggest mixing with paraffin or naked soy? and would you suggest 20% of either, or a different percent of naked soy? I am just trying to use this 100lb box I still cant' believe I ordered without testing a smaller sample !
  4. thank you for that, I think I will hold off on that academic experiment for when I have more time, I may be giving up on the C3 and trying a tottaly different blend, I had no idea there were so many options! I need to consider more carefully before choosing! Is there a way to offer wax for sale on this site, or is that prohibited? I have a 50lb case still, but I don't believe I will even be opening it :-)
  5. I just googled emulsifiers & lecithin, wow, I'm just not there yet, this is so much to learn, I don't know how you do it!!! I googled midwest soy too and it looks so much better than C3!! and cheaper!! Is this the "naked" wax you talked about? so would this be a replacement for C3 to use by itself or is it a base to be mixed with the C3? I noticed you can add up 12% fragrance! oh I had no idea there is soo many different soy waxes out there! it makes my head hurt! and I am terrible with making decisions ha ha! ๐Ÿ™‚ please know I really appreciate all the advice you have given me ๐Ÿ™‚
  6. thank you! I like candlewic's FO, I will get some smaller cd's, what are your thoughts on double wicking the 8 oz tins? like if I find the correct wick for these 3 fragrances in the 2oz tins, wouldn't two of them work for the larger tins? I''m thinking with the 2 oz tins being about 1.5 inches, that 2 wicks will burn about 3" wide in the larger tins?
  7. ok now all that is over my head ๐Ÿ™‚ emulsifiers and lecithin, I don't know how you know all this!! it's incredible all this scientific stuff, but I love to learn! I will have to google emulsifiers and lecithin, so I will definitely heat and reheat my wax!! I am beginning to wonder what possessed me to get C3!
  8. LMAO!!! I do believe that memory is hogwash too :-) Is there is a cd smaller that cd4? it's looking like the cdn4 may be working, but whats really weird is all three testers in these 2oz tins are the same wax combo, different FO, but the one with the cdn4 had soooo many bubbles come to the top, I saw bubbles in the other two but not nearly as many as that one? not sure what to think about that? do you have any tricks on how to get rid of bubbles? I think I recall you saying somewhere that some waxes have bubbles, and of course this crappy C3 does! any ideas are super GREATLY apprecia
  9. thank you again for all that great advise! I did see somewhere where TallTayl did that tray test! that was interesting! I wonder if you could explain more about your speedy cost effective method for testers? I don't quite understand, and yes I cure for 1 week and then again at 2 weeks, so you think there is some truth to the memory theory? for the larger 8oz tins I am also testing, I under too if you have any experience in getting bubbles out of wax? this crappy C3 also has bubbles and they all come to the top while burning! then when it cools again it looks like crap! sorry for b
  10. again I get confused about melt pools, I have even heard that soy wax has "memory" and if your first burn does not reach the edge that it never will. i have a tiny 2 oz tin now with a cd4 in this crappy c3 with 10% coco2 and it didn't reach the edge in 3 hours! and it is hot and mushrooming! and I could scream and cry I don't know what the heck I'm doing anymore! do i go smaller or larger? do I get a whole new series? or do I just quit !!! Ha Ha not an option! just venting it's certainly the principle now, well and cost too
  11. all awesome advise! thank you so much! I was seriously considering double wicking these tins!! I think I started with CD10 and jumped right to CD16 for some reason I can't remember now (I am at my real job :-) I will keep trying my 3 christmas fragrances for now and know I can fall back on the wickless candles, it's so simple and such an awesome idea, I would of never thought about it !! thank you for the idea too , to use all those FO I have too LOL
  12. would you have an educated guess as to which series of wicks to start testing C3 mixed with coco2? so far I am up to a CD20 and CND 18, in an 8 oz tin and the flames are tall and dancing, and giving off some soot and not spreading to the edge of the container even after 3 hours, I haven't even started with my whiskey glasses, just thought I would bring tins to the show thanks in advance for any help
  13. OMG what an awesome idea!! wickless candles I LOVE IT , I love this site!!! I have 10 lbs of the coco2, and I know it has some soy in it too, but it was cheap at the time I bought it, and was mixing well with the last of my cb advanced, but I jumped the gun and ordered 100 lbs of C3 and regretting every minute of it!! but thank you soooo much for the suggestion to start with 10%, I will definitely continue to test this wax or sell it!! but in the meantime I sincerely appreciate the idea of wickless candles !!!! I can breath now :-)
  14. I am just sooo upset with myself for panicking and ordering 100 lbs of this so i wouldn't have to test a new box again for a while. Now I have my very first show coming up nov 23rd and running out of time! I thought i would save some testing time and go ahead and test three fragrances, only one with color so I could get through the show! thank you NightLight for all the advice! I won't sell a candle I'm not comfortable with, I will just bring melts and candle warmers! I think I am really beginning to HATE this C3 and that just makes me more upset! Sorry for venting! I am also going
  15. Gosh I hope thatโ€™s it! I guess iVe been lucky with all my other fragrances. But I am having a terrible time wicking this C3!! No matter the fragrance I use ๐Ÿ˜ž
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