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kid happy scents..your suggestions?


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From NG......

Peppermint Patty

Fruit Rings (smells like Fruit Loops cereal)

Bubble Luscious (pink bubblegum)

Hot Cocoa (smells like Tootsie Rolls-to me anyway)

Tooth Fairy Taffy (another bubblegum type scent-they love the name!)

Apple Of My Eye-a new scent from NG- (a yummy apple scent)

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My sons is 8 and says he loves

Root Beer

dill pickle


he has a root beer room spray I made him and he sprays his room with it after he cleans it.

after he cleans it? it takes my (10) all week to clean his room, at which point it's time to start again...

I may tempt him with something like that, to he might be getting a little old for it.

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My son LOVES the cake scents, cotton candy and macintosh apple. If there is an FO out there that smells like sour candy tastes, he would be all over that too. Now to go searching... HTH.

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Pink Sugar - ICS (smell cotton candy in it)

Dreamsicle (I use orange vanilla from Southern Soapers?, I think)

Marshmallow - Daystar (the truest sweet gooey marshmallow without the toasted note)

Monkey Farts (ICS by far the best)

S'Mores (ICS although I don't know if they carry it anymore)

Jolly Rancher Green Apple (Just Scents)

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