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  1. I am looking for frosted jars in 3 different sizes. Ones that can take a screw on cap. I ordered from SKS, and now they cant deleiver for 10 days, becuase I ordered too many (10 cases...hey whatever) so I need to find somewhere else. Any thoughts?
  2. I think it was sold to some lady named Anne...sorry thats all i know...Im not really helping
  3. I use vintage props, anything odd i can find the better!
  4. you work is always stunning bruce...im so jealous... best of luck on the ex thing, I went through that 3 years ago, it takes time, but it will get better, btw i could use another expert candle maker over here *getdown*
  5. I agree. I don't beleive there is any way to achieve those primitive colors using soy. I've never seen one done with out adding paraffin.
  6. My purchasing has not changed, however I took measures to negotiate leases and utility rates, in hope to increase my advertising, therefore more $$!
  7. tie your bow upside down and form the loops and tie a knot, instead of the wrap around method
  8. It took me a while to find that too. My Cinnamon Candles is just a little more red than my cranberry. A lot of cinnamon oils will turn them purplish.
  9. I only use two from them, but are both good sellers for me: Butter Pecan Pie Lavender
  10. I cut mine even with the jar, comes out to about 1/2". i've seen some do a 1/4" and some do about 2"
  11. Yes..that's what I need to do, but have no idea how or where. I tell ya, I took 4 classes of typing in h.s and still can't type worth crap!!!!
  12. link tio the website. i cought a banner, but how do I add the web addy? TIA!
  13. I think we are using 1tsp CO per lb of GB415. Works great and has nice smooth tops.
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