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  1. I am looking for frosted jars in 3 different sizes. Ones that can take a screw on cap. I ordered from SKS, and now they cant deleiver for 10 days, becuase I ordered too many (10 cases...hey whatever) so I need to find somewhere else. Any thoughts?
  2. I think it was sold to some lady named Anne...sorry thats all i know...Im not really helping
  3. I did email one of the owners, as I talked to them before many times over the years. It was read...but no response
  4. Has customer service dissapeared because of online websites. I called a vendor today and they are always helpful. I order in bulk and my item is not on the website, as they custom make them for me. They informed me I HAVE to order on the website of my order can take 2 weeks because they only have a person come in 2 days a week to enter orders! WTH!!! I've never heard of this. I said, well i will order somewhere else then! How sad!
  5. I use vintage props, anything odd i can find the better!
  6. We are suppose to get paid doing this? LOL Your price structure should include cost, overhead , and profit. The profit is where your pay should be. However as we all know, we end up blowing that for more supplies
  7. I do a handful of retail shows for publicity reasons or for favors and not neccesarily to make money, although I always do as I choose shows wisely. I line item my booth fees as advertising and its an overall cost of busienss like electric, w/s, insurance, etc. Sometimes shows can vary due to weather /economy so not sure how breaking it down per candle would make any sense, you should look at it year end, but evaluate your shows based on sales whether to do them again or not. Not sure of that makes sense...it does to me
  8. you work is always stunning bruce...im so jealous... best of luck on the ex thing, I went through that 3 years ago, it takes time, but it will get better, btw i could use another expert candle maker over here *getdown*
  9. I agree. I don't beleive there is any way to achieve those primitive colors using soy. I've never seen one done with out adding paraffin.
  10. My purchasing has not changed, however I took measures to negotiate leases and utility rates, in hope to increase my advertising, therefore more $$!
  11. tie your bow upside down and form the loops and tie a knot, instead of the wrap around method
  12. It took me a while to find that too. My Cinnamon Candles is just a little more red than my cranberry. A lot of cinnamon oils will turn them purplish.
  13. I only use two from them, but are both good sellers for me: Butter Pecan Pie Lavender
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