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  1. I am looking for frosted jars in 3 different sizes. Ones that can take a screw on cap. I ordered from SKS, and now they cant deleiver for 10 days, becuase I ordered too many (10 cases...hey whatever) so I need to find somewhere else. Any thoughts?
  2. I think it was sold to some lady named Anne...sorry thats all i know...Im not really helping
  3. I did email one of the owners, as I talked to them before many times over the years. It was read...but no response
  4. Has customer service dissapeared because of online websites. I called a vendor today and they are always helpful. I order in bulk and my item is not on the website, as they custom make them for me. They informed me I HAVE to order on the website of my order can take 2 weeks because they only have a person come in 2 days a week to enter orders! WTH!!! I've never heard of this. I said, well i will order somewhere else then! How sad!
  5. Do they sell? I really don't know of anyone using or even making them. I need something new to my line, Im so bored with candles. Im country/prim so thinking this is not my thing, but maybe there is something to this. Thoughts?
  6. Just an FYI out there for anyone looking for the colored mason jars, Tractor Supply had them for 7.99 on clearance!
  7. I use vintage props, anything odd i can find the better!
  8. its spam... the main way to tell between real and fake is normal people dont talk like that!
  9. i have around 45-50 at a given time. Added 2 this year and discontinued 4. It is manageable and I can easily stock all my scents. As it is my customers have a hard time choosing their scents.
  10. Hawaiian Fig, tropical Fig, chinese fig, Fig & ginger,
  11. I had same problem this week. I emailed, then it surprisingly shipped that day. However they shipped me the wrong product, and am getting a hassle to get the right one, and no one ever answers the phones.
  12. so they sat for a week (yeah I forgot about them until now) and they are completely dry. I put some in a bag for somone to test and noticed they did mess up the bag really bad just from very light handeling. Even though I would put this in a plastic or glass jar, I assume the same will happen....hmmmmm
  13. My label program actually does this for me, so I cant help with too much detail. But I can tell you it calculates mine at .003 cents each. A lot depends on laser, inkjet and if they are individual color cartridges and how many colors there are on your label. I typically accounted my ink at .02 each. Are yours B&W or full color?
  14. thats one of the ways, you can also get a mold that makes them or drill it out.
  15. not sure what TAT is? I would just tell her you will refund all her money she paid LOL....just get over it and move on. It was free, and she did not pay for it, so she had nothing too loose. I would suggest in the future if you are giving something away, already have it made and send it right out.
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