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My first CP batch! plus hp pic.


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i have done hp and cpop but this is the first actual cp. i just put it to bed. the pic is crappy cuz i took it with my hubbys cell phone lol

its a 4 colors swirl, raspberry pop with some black added made it a purple color, blueberry pop, grape pop and tangerine pop with black added but it turned into a poop brown lol i need to play with mixing my pops to get better colors lol and it is scented in red sedona from gloria!

the hp is also scented in red sedona, colored with the pops again. the pic is pretty blurry but will take new pics when cut.



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thanks everyone :) i know for my first batch i shouldnt have jumped right in on all the colors but i wanted to :D lol

i have a question though. i took the blanket off this morning and the soap is still warm, how long must i leave it until i can unmold it ? i made it about 7 last night so it has been 14 hours.

i need to figure out some kind of lid. i dont have one for this slab mold so i put some wax paper over it when i put the blanket on it to avoid the blanket getting soap on it. but the wax paper stuck to the top.

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thanks everyone! the hp turned out great. now the cp soap well i dunno lol, my wax paper stuck to the top and messed up the swirls. and i got the funny looking top on the edges again looked like beads under the color. so i pretty much ended up cutting the top off lol. the swirls didnt go further than the top cuz i waited until a thick trace to pour. so next time ill pour the soap at a thin trace. i insulated the mold with a sleeping bag. but i think next time i will put it in the fridge or freezer to try to avoid the gel stage. i think that is why my tops get like that. im not sure.

anyway ill take the cut pics tonight and post them.

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