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Some of the fo's are fantastic... and some smell great but don't throw. (I use paraffin).

I am testing the pink sugar (got it as a free sample) and it has a great ht.

I also love:

citrus linen h20

white barns raindrops type

midnight pomegranate

caramel cinnamon latte

salty sea air

chai tea

fabulous fudge

raspberry patchouli

vanilla patchouli

pumpkin patchouli

baby magic

aveday rosemary mint (a bit light but would be awesome in soap)


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I use 6006 and poured yesterday:

Glade Glistening Snow

Pumpkin Patch-ouli

Coffee Cake & Spice

Breakfast at Becky's

and they are all very very good, cold and hot and bet they'll be even better in a few days!

I poured myself a Pumpkin Patch-ouli and will be burning tonite!


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Do they have anything that is particularly unique to them? Or that theirs is better than everyone else's? I'm considering ordering a few things to take advantage of the free shipping this week, but don't want something I can get just anywhere, ya know. 'Pumpkin Patch-ouli' has been on my mind since somebody brought it up a couple of weeks ago. :drool:


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I had not purchased from them in awhile, because for me it seems it is hit and miss too. But I wanted to try a few and wanted to take advantage of sale.

All OOB the - Leather, is a it says smells like a new leather chair, and not a leather saddle if that is what you are looking for. Did not really realize there would be a difference. Not a big leather fan, but I have requests.

Japanese CHerry Blossom smells really weak to me, I HOPE:tiptoe: it does better in wax. I was told in the BBW store that this is their #1 seller right now!

:( Autumn Leaves I and very disapointed in, reminds me of Plumeria that I had, not earthy at all. To me I don't know where they get the name Autumn Leaves, I don't smell anything of fall! I have a sample here from the old Kings Supply and it smells nothing like that. Once it hits wax hoping it will change! But I doubt it!

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They have just recently became my new favorite supplier!!! i love their fragrance oils and so far most of them have been great in my pariffin candles. Here are some that i have added to tmy line that you NEED to order samples of

Black Cherry

Green Apple


Marshmallow Maddness (Light...but sooo great)

Salty Sea Air

Strawberry White Cake (to die for!!!)

Cosmopolitan Tini (soo good!!!)

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I also love the cactus & sea salt also

hot cocoa & Peppermint

Malted Milk

Pumpkin Patchouli and a bunch more. But I was a little disapointed in the:( Autum Leaves was very weak in my wax and not as woodsy as I would have hoped it would of been. Regina

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