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Pics of soap Dh made !!


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he wanted to help so yesterday i let him make a couple candles and then soap, of course he loved doing the soap and we ended up making 6 batches hahaha... here are some pics

Pomegrante ( looks like a rose i think )


Polo for men


Cucumber Cantaloupe


Lick me all over


Mango Papaya




too bad i have to cut them up lol they are so pretty, and Dh is very proud of the soaps he made lol .. of course it might of been funner for him if i wasent watching every movement haha

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thanks :D i will tell him, of course i kept telling him he did a great job lol, i think he is addicted i just hope he doesnt get a big head and try to take over my business haha

the molds are the tray molds from WSP's they were only i believe 5.99 per mold i really like them, they have bigger ones too for bigger batches but these hold 2 pounds and i dont need anything bigger yet... i also got their guest tray mold small rectangles i figured would be good for sample's when i start handing them out !

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Yep they are all MP soaps !!

and yes we did have fun, which we needed to we havent had alot of time together lately so we both enjoyed our day yesterday!

i have been working on swirls for awhile now.. i think i almost got it lol still have to work on it some more lol

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