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Thanks TopofMurrayHill and Geek! My Spring Candles!


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Wanted to take time out and thank these two for their math formulas that have helped me tremendously!

So easy to understand...

Now I no longer have to make a full pound batch of candles to enjoy. I can make 3 tarts, 1 flowerpot, 1 container-etc., because of the help they provide for the members.

Since this is just a hobby for me-it was getting way to expensive making candles by the pound. Now my 1 ounce samples last me a long time!

So, here's all of my spring-time candles I get to enjoy in different scents with my 1 ounce samples!


I have lavender vanilla, bartlett pear, flowerbomb, white tea and ginger, fig, baby powder and more!

I'm going to make about 3 more with my Backwoods samples. YUM.

Thank you!

These are IGI 4627. No wet spots!:cheesy2:

P.S. I miss Geek:undecided

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Thanks everyone. I'm making Wild Raspberry now. That fragrance smells so nice.

But now I think I have way too many candles to burn, haha.

Maybe some in the half bath. One in the kitchen!

Ladysj, the formulas that helped me are in this thread:


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You're so right, warmvanilla. I've never had the pleasure of meeting Geek, but (at the risk of sounding like a brown-nose :wink2:) Top seems to know the solution to just about every problem! His advice has helped me out on numerous occasions, and it looks like his knowledge and expertise has done the same for you. Your candles look wonderful! Great job!! :cheesy2:

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Thanks again for all the compliments. I burned three today and it smells so good in here.

Yes, Top is very smart! I listen (read) anything Top advises.

There's so many talented people on this forum.

love those lids - where do you get those? We don't have them in the UK so I've been wondering how to protect my flowerpots!

I purchase mine from Lonestar or BitterCreek. They fit perfectly and it keeps the dust off of them.

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