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As usual, I can't sleep so what do I do...surf candle supplies sites. Has anyone heard of or ordered from brighterscents.com. They have some great sounding scents and some are made specifically for soy. Does that really make a difference? Just looking for feedback. TIA


I ordered from them not long ago, got a sample pack of FO's, but I will say about good for soy, it can make a difference, at least from what I have seen. I can take a bottle of FO, use it in both soy and para, and it most likely wont come out the same. They may both be good, however some scents dont throw well in soy. A lot of places will test in soy to be able to make a claim about working well in soy. You will notice some places will say, not yet tested in the soy column or something similar.

I ordered some Victoria Secret types from them in my sample pack, and havent tried them yet, but I'm not using them in soy at the moment but the OOB smell is wonderful.

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