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Well, it's cut... My first batch of fugly soap


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I do believe I made soap!!!:yay: But.....

The colour is really all wrong.. the swirl... we won't even mention that one..:lipsrseal

It cracked a bit when I got it out of the mold, and there is a tad of ash.. but other than that..

It looks ok I think! I don't have holes, or liquid oozing.

Actually it looks like a block of badly coloured glycerin!:laugh2:

Of course I'm going to try again!! Later on today!! I'm going to keep doing it until I get it right!!:grin2:



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My first batch was fugly as well, and actually your first one looks much better than our first. Second batch we made was a bit better. I'm waiting until I have a few hours next week to make molds before we give it a real try.

The first 2 batches got cut up into small bars to give to some friends and family to sample.

Keep trying and I'm sure they'll be how you want them in no time.

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the cracking looks interesting actually - guess cause you used a flexible mold. next time maybe grease with mineral oil so you don't have to flex it to get the soap out or use a box with freezer paper. your swirl isn't bad at all - very nice in fact.

do I remember you saying you used lavender EO? That ALWAYS ashes for me. Some lay down a piece of saran directly on the raw soap in the mold. others say if you don't peek you won't get ash, still others spray with alcohol. I just accept the ash usually.

Doesn't look overheated or anything - very nice in fact! Try some then wait a week and try again...


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Thanks everyone for the encouragement!! :)

The scent is lavender EO, but I don't think I put enough in.. (½ oz for 40 oz oil)

I was also supposed to have a blue swirl in there!!! :laugh2: I guess I'll forget the blue liquid dye in CP!!

I haven't tested it for lather yet... aren't we supposed to wait until it finishes to cure?? The recipe says 2 to 4 weeks..

I haven't dared to touch it with my bare hands yet.. Do I have to wait until cure if over before touching it or trying it??

others say if you don't peek you won't get ash

I'd be willing to bet.. that's my main problem!! I couldn't resist peeking last night!!:D

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I never, ever, ever peek at my soap and all of it ashes. I think it's the RBO.

You can touch the soap now...Most of the lye has been used up and it's safe to handle. I find that if I use a soap within the first few days the soap doesn't rinse off well and then my hands feel very very dry. I always wait at least 3 days. Handling should be safe right now though.

Good job.

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That doesn't sound to appetizing!!:laugh2:

Well I've cleaned it up.. taken the ash off, and might not be quite as bad. My brown "swirl" is morphing to a dark purple now.

I also tried just an insy bit, and I think it might be very nice, although it still tingles a bit..

I have to go out for an hour but I'll post another "cleaned up" pic when I get back!!

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Well now I know what you were talking about in your other thread when you said it was turning dark brown. it was your color you added for the swirl, it morphed from blue to brown. it must not be CP safe and meant only for melt and pour type soaps that dont come in contact with lye.

the yellowness of the rest of the batch is because you used oils that were dark, maybe the wheatgerm and olive?

as for the cracking, i agree with carebear, its because you used the flexible mold and it was still soft when you twisted and turned it to get it to release.

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That looks very good for a first time! The color may still come back a bit. I always test mine 2 days after just to see the lather and the feel of it. It may be drying but in about 2 weeks it should be fine. I let mine cure 4 weeks atleast. The ash sometimes is unavoidable but I seem to have a lot less when I use saran on top. And I also fine rbo soaps have more ash. Great job with it!

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And I also fine rbo soaps

Hmmm a new term that I have to snoop for!! Geesh I never thought at 50+ that I would still be learning soooooooo much everyday!! :laugh2:

And about that blue, are there any liquid colours that do well in CP?? I have seen the lab colours.. are they really good and worth the investment?? Or am I best to use ultramarines and oxides.. I just got a sample of these ones in today..so I'll have to read up on how to use them...I know its around here somewhere, I saw it the other day!!! :)

Again, thanks everyone for all your kind words of encouragement!! I've cleaned it up a bit.. taken off the ash and cut off some of rough parts.. that I could anyways, so here's a pic 24 hours after it was finished!! It's not horrible maybe, but it really wasn't what I was going for!! Tomorrow's batch I think I might try using Sweet almond instead of Wheat Germ?????? I ran it through the Soap calc this morning, and there wasn't much difference!!

Last night I was soooooooooooooooo nervous!! And now I'm ready to start all over... tomorrow morning!!:grin2:

Oh.. and the cracking?? That is entirely my fault!!:embarasse Along with the flexible mold this morning, last night I had tried to move it to try and take pic, to show you the gelling....ooooopppppsssss, bad mistake!!!:laugh2: I learned my lesson!!!!:shocked2:


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