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I just poured and am testing:

Iris and Fern (BnL)

Sage Sweetgrass and Cedar (BnL)

Sweet Pea (BnL)

Honey Coco Mango (BCN)

Spiced Tea (BCN)

Wildberry Zinger Tea (BCN)

I like all of them. Iris and Fern has a hint of a perfumey smell to it, but only if you really stick your nose in it. SS&C is great- oob is very sagey, but the sweetgrass comes through in wax, especially hot. Sweet Pea was a gift, but smelled pretty good (I'm not a sweet pea person lol). Honey Coco Mango smells like juicy mangoes and tropical fruits and makes me wanna grab a spoon!!! Spiced Tea was good, almost an orange clove without as much orange. But after a while, the HT seems a little fuely to me. I LOVE WZT, but it's much more Wildberry than tea. I don't care though, it's got a great raspberry note in it. Some hate it, I love it!

I also got Dreamsicle, Sea Breeze, and Tutti Fruiti sniffy samples (1/2 oz). Dreamsicle smells great, my DH is begging for me to make it! Sea Breeze is a sweet ocean smell, very clean. Tutti Fruiti I couldn't put my finger on OOB, but I got a little on my finger and it DOES smell just like juicy fruit gum!

So if you're placing your first order, remember than you can pick up to 3 samples with your order for free! Just put which ones you want in the comment line, or they will pick them for you (I didn't and I wish I had!)


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I have only ordered a couple from BCN, but I do plan on using them exclusively. I love the Ezsoy. If you read their board, there are FOs that are frequently mentioned as "favorites

Spiced Cranberry Pink Sugar

Creme Brulee With the scents I tried, 1 oz per lb was

Country Berry Hotcakes was all I needed to add.

Twigs & Berries

Blueberry Muffins


Blueberry Muffins

Verbena Berry

Basil Sage Mint

Honey Coco Mango

Cinnamon Bun

Wildberry Zinger Tea

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How do you think the Wildberry Zinger Tea would be in a lotion? I have my eye on that Honey Coco Mango you suggested! thanks so much!

Wildberry Zinger Tea is wonderful in a lotion...I keep a little 2 oz. bottle with me all of the time.

Some of my favs also...Basil Sage & Mint, Pink Sugar, Cinnamon Red Hot, Blueberry Cobbler (Closeout selection), and Angel Wings.

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Vanilla Sandalwood (BnL)

Vanilla Grapefruit (WYW)

Cedar and Saffron (BCN)

Hibiscus and Thai Palm (WYW)

Bamboo (WYW)

Campfire Smoke (BCN)

Sugar Cane (BCN)

Lime Leaf and Lily (BCN)

Basil Sage Mint (BCN)

Fresh Linen (WYW)

Fig Pudding (WYW)

Peppercorn (BnL)

Sage and Citrus (WYW)

Their Angel and Baby Powder both are excellent, good quality FOs if you like either of those fragrances. I am not too crazy for them personally, but I have tested them and they throw very well.

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