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Favorite FO Combinations


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Ordering FO's and getting them in the mail is my favorite thing about candle making.....paying for them is what I hate the most. My daughter loves lavendar and vanilla passion (Peak's). I call it Lavendar Passion. Thing is, I don't acutally like it. My family likes it too....hate that when that happens!

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Heather and Apple

I created a scent in a sugar scrub that I haven't been able to duplicate, but it was so refreshing and energizing, I LOVED IT! This may sound nasty, but with the right mix it was delightful...Bermuda Triangle, Bayberry, & Raspberry Cream. The predominant scent was citrus. I wish I could remember the ratios!

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My favs are lavender and eucalyptus tied with lavender and chamomile.

I once burned a verbena berry and a banana nut bread candle in the same room at the same time and I have to say that burning together they really smelled nice. Some day I will try mixing them together in one candle. DS once took some of my creme brulee tarts and threw them in the melter with a tropical papaya and said the smell was actually wonderful together. Who'd have thought?

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