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  1. Yes, Xtina! Along those lines.... I hope this is ok to post here-- As some of you know, I am a wedding planner. I have a show on iTunes, and I'm trying to wrap up this week's show which is about personalizing your wedding. At any rate, I'm looking for a vendor to promote for candle favors-- they can be votives, tins, etc. The only thing that I'm looking for is for them to be comprable or less than those sold by Yankee or Illuminations. I'm looking for something that is custom made, but still has that personalized, handmade effect, if that makes any sense. Also, if you make personalized b
  2. Grumpy Girl, That sounds AWESOME!! (I have something like what Illuminations does in my mind right now). Good luck with that, I know I would buy it
  3. Those are beautiful, and a totally different jar than I was thinking of. Can you get a clear round label for the top? I think they are classy too, but IMO, I think a nicely and simply done hangtag would make it look exquisite, high end and top of the line.
  4. I have seen so many jars called Metro, would you mind showing a picture? I might be able to offer a suggestion then LOL
  5. Thanks Lindsay! I appreciate your input!
  6. I was interested in her lip bases as well Thanks for your input, both of you!
  7. Can someone tell me if they prefer one over the other and why? What are the major differences?
  8. Wow!! She is great! Can you introduce me! LOL Im happy for you...things look like they are taking off for you. And I am lovin' the logo, girlfriend! PLEASE remember to invite me to that cabin once you guys get it!
  9. Lisa, Thanks so much Can I ask what your second order was? Was shipping fair and fast? Thanks again for answering my questions.
  10. I'm sorry :embarasse http://www.soapandthings.com/
  11. You guys really do excellent work!
  12. Here's what I have: 10% e-wax 8% stearic 14% butters 1% cetyl 2% FO 1% phenonip 1.5 oz sugar Someone, and for the life of me sent me this one: Thank you!! I cannot remember your name, but this was a great recipe! 25% butters 60% oils 6% cetyl 6% e-wax 2% FO 1% Preserve Soften butters and whip with the oils. Melt cetyl and ewax. Let cool and drizzle over butter and whip. Add Preserve, FO and sugar. I also just made one with FBB, mango oil, shea butter and some other oils and was SO impressed. It looked just like the strawberry cool whip in the commercials! LOL once I colored it pink, of cou
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