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1st time soaping


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I posted this in a different forum, but for those of you not over there:

I did make my first batch of CP soap last night. It was fun, and I can see how it would be addicting.

I took a few photos, and need to pull them off the camera.

What to do next time that I did not do this time:

* Try CP without the water reduction. I think that is why it seized so quickly.

* Pick a better scent to use. I used Juniper, and from what I have been told by a few people, is not the best FO to use for CP.

* Make more than 1 lb at a time. I only made 1 lb. I didn't know better. LOL So for now on, I think I will do min of 2 lbs, and most likely 3.

I have some things to get through today, but if I can get all my tools run in the dishwasher, I will try another batch tonight. This time, with a better FO and 3 lbs of soap. icon_biggrin.gif

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Congratulations on taking the plunge into soapmaking.

I have only done two batches (cp and cphp), so I'm not an expert. My scale weighs in grams, so I used grams instead of ozs to make for a more accurate weights. My batches were 500g each. I wasn't sure what I would do if my first batches were 2 lbs each - my family is afraid of my stuff because of the lye. I tested a small bar of each soap, and it's actually soap. :D

I didn't use fo. I'm not sure how the soap should act yet. For example, the mashed potatoe phase was a mystery to me on cphp and the soap ended up being overcooked.

I want my next batch to be hp, but the only cookware I have is teflon or aluminum.

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I wouldnt make more than 2lbs at a time since you are still starting out and you will most likley make a few more batches that you are not happy with until you get it right. Its best to conserve your oils and lye for small test batches. I currently make 2lb batches and yeild 8 bars. Which is made up of 25oz of oils plus 7oz water. (i do 33% lye solution).

Anyhow, welcome to the wonder world of soaping and I hope to see many photos of your creations soon.

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LOL You are off to a good start!! When I started I did an 8 lb batch because I really didn't realize how much soap each lb would make!! And even with all the research I did the advice was not to do small batches for fear of a lye heavy batch, sooo... lol

Now I wish I would have only started with a 2-3 lb batch. It would have been much easier to manage, I would have probably used all the "icky" soap up much faster and it would have probably let me get the full experience a little better! lol

Most of my batches these days run right around 3-4lbs depending on which mold I plan on using.

Good luck, have fun and welcome to the addiction! :)

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a 2# batch is perfect, especially if your scale measures in grams. too small and you may or may not get a gel, too big and you waste materials.

BTW, a cardboard box mold is a great thing but is not very insulating so you may have difficulty getting a full gel. If that's what you are using insulate very well!

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I will just add here instead of making a new thread...

Thanks everyone! Here's the rest of the story:

I think I WILL stick to 1 or 2 lbs at a time until I get used to making soap. I will just not use the big log mold I have, and use the small cavity mold instead. I do not want to waste more oil while I am learning. This stuff is expensive! LOL

First photo is of (some of) my set up.


Second photo is of the uncut log. I need lessons in how to make something flat. Problem is, it seized so darn fast I had to scoop it out and into the mold.


Third photo is of the cut bars... if you can call them bars. The cut soap chunks. :P


The color is pretty much what I was going after. I think solids are boring. Swirls and chaos are where it's at.

At least the kitchen smelled good as I was cleaning up.

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If it doesn't gel it will be fine. Most of my soap never gel and they have all come out nicely. I've used plastic, carboard and wood and they've all come out fine as a matter of fact I had my brother in law build my molds using a thinner wood than is normally used for soap( to prevent gel) and guess what?...some gelled and some didn't but they all came out perfect. But who knows maybe I have a soap angel that insulates my molds.

I made my first batch in June so I'm probably still considered a newbie but I've already graduated to LS and done just about every method of soaping there is..yep I've been busy...just relax and take it easy because it's not complicated...it's like cooking....um hope you're good at that..lol..;) congrats on your first batch and keep up the good work!

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