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1st Wedding Candles

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Someone mentioned the white candles with pearls looking like wedding candles.

This is my first attempt at anything really "wedding-ish". Can certainly tell they are HAND MADE. I saw those imported machine "jobbers" at the craft stores. I would love to keep working on something like this, get them perfected and cut a deal with David's bridal or someplace like it. They are fun to make. These big ol' hands get tied into knots trying to link hearts! Such therapy!

Now...about those photography classes:laugh2:


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Now THOSE are sooooo creative-you know I'm not really into the cut and carve candles, although I really appreciate the work involved, but I have to say I really think those "wedding" candles are PERFECT with the little couples cuddling inside and under the intertwined hearts-JUST PERFECT!!

:thumbsup: :thumbsup: Yep, that's 2 thumbs up for these Michael-WTG!!

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I am on my second wedding but could never create something like this.We are just wanting to do some floaters, scented rose petals and candles but not sure what ones yet.Something like this would be a special thing for the bride and groom to keep forever.

I just might look into making pillars since I never tried those before.Love to do those with a picture inside.Hey maybe after the wedding and get one of their best photos. Best to start now.I see where some have trouble with pillars.

You did a wonderful job and I saw your other candles on another post.Just curious are you artistic(can draw pictures).You have a talent and your candles will be known.


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Wow! Those are FABULOUS!! :smiley2:

I agree with Di, everyone has a niche. Look how far you have come in such a short time! Really, M! This is something you really enjoy, and excel at in my eyes. Just lovely, I tell you.

I couldn't make a carved candle with all the most fancy supplies and a gun put to my head. See, you are amazing. Keep creating those beauties.

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