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You'll almost want to eat it!! 'Banana Bread' Soap

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I promise I won't hog up any more gallery space for a while, there were just a few fall soaps I wanted to make until my next FO shipment arrives! :wink2:

This soap is my first made with Goats Milk. I loved every minute of it. You wouldn't beleive how neon yellow the milk went once I added the lye! I added a yellow colorant and carob powder instead of my usual cocoa powder, because carob powder is naturally sweetened and smells sooo good. I also added Vanilla Pod specks for that more natural banana bread look, and sprinkled cinnamon and nutmeg to the top! Anyone notice I didn't use the wavy cutter this time! LOL.

CAN ANYBODY PLEEASSSSE HELP ME WITH A NAME FOR THIS SOAP? I was hoping to stray from 'Banana Bread'. Just too boring!


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I promise I won't hog up any more gallery space for a while,

Hey, we do not think that, I for one really enjoy seeing lots of pics. from you and everyone else. :)

I like that soap, does look good enough to eat. I like "nanas and more" and bananarama, or baked banana, if you wanna stray from the traditional names. ;)

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