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In the mold today...(Cut pics now in first post)


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is another rice bran oil soap but this time with an in-the-pot swirl. Here it is just after pouring. I'll be interested to see if, and how much, it darkens since I jumbled up a hodge-podge of a couple of EOs and FOs for the scent. I'm hoping for a kind of tropical/asian/oriental fruit market scent. But right now I've got an FO overloaded nose and a headache!


Instead of putting it in the oven, I've just set it out on our enclosed side porch...I'm sure it's hot enough there! Thanks for looking. :)

Here are the cut bars:


As far as the scent goes, imagine how juicy fruit tastes & smells and add a little sandalwood and patchouli to it and that's pretty much how they smell. Now I'm stumped for a name....:)

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Thanks, ladies! :smiley2: I'm waiting to see what happens with it.

You know I'm saving gas $$ to come watch you soap, right? I'll bring my famous homemade chocolate chip cookies.......

My gosh, you'll be saving your pennies for a long time. It's a far piece to Michigan from Sooner country! I know that for a fact. :) (I've got relatives in Yukon, Oklahoma and lived in Oklahoma City for a couple of years after college.)

Help! Just the thought of your "famous homemade chocolate chip cookies" has got me drooling!


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You all sure know how to make a soaper feel great! :yay: Your kind remarks are encouraging.

This batch is a "wait and see" batch. My scenting experiments that have been known to take a stray turn every now and then. Every batch is a learning experience.

Thanks again. :)

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