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When do you order your fall fragrances?


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I guess what I’m really asking is how long does it take from the time you order a new FO until you have candles you are ready to sell? Last year in September my daughters started asking for fall candles. I made some, but I wasn’t very pleased with the results. I still have another round or two of wick testing before I’m ready to start testing with FOs. This year I’d like to have some nice candles ready when fall arrives.

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I should be so lucky as the rest of you.  I sell fall candles all year round...even Christmas candles....all but a few that really scream Christmas.     Christdmas Hearth is another all year seller and I change the name also.   I have one big account they sell "ANYTHING".   Then another finicky store who can't make up her mind from one day to the next, she doesn't even know what she is talking about half the time.    For example Pineapple Cilantro sells all year rounds.    My testing of oils is non stop and I constantly buy no matter what time of the year it is.  Even candles for myself I was never the type to burn just for spring, fall or summer.....If I like the scent, I burn it no matter what the season is.  It makes me happy to smell such nice aromas from scents I like no matter the time of the year.



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I'm in the same boat Trappeur, fall and winter year round...it's crazy !  I do pour some floral and fruit scents, but not nearly as much as the fall scents...I'm ok with that,because I prefer those warm spicy scents anyway :) 
 I'm buying & testing new scents / combos all the time, I'm a scent-junkie and cannot control myself 😊 
 I have to stay a season ahead ,fall is my busiest time and it gets absolutely nuts around here !
Wholesale orders start in July, open houses and festivals Aug.- Nov. then , when I think I can finally catch my breath...here comes Santa Claus 🎅 and the mayhem continues until January.

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I have not mastered candles soy its melts for me. I will start ordering oils this summer so i can be ready.  The people that are ready to suppport me either buy both melts and candles or just melts.  Theres no since in sitting out the game just because the candles arent ready lol.  Brambleberry has a farmers market line out. May give them a try.  Anyone try essential depot?

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