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Wick sizes??

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I really need some advice. I've been testing the LX series wicks and they are by far my favorite wick in the wax I use. 


Here's my dilemma :

I've done my research on wicks for hours. Like most wicks, (not all) The LX wick sizes go up in number for larger diameter candles.


I've tested almost all of the sizes in the LX Series. I'm wondering why, though, they don't have a bigger melt pool with larger sizes. 


The LX 18 has a larger pool than the LX 20. 

The LX 18 had a dancing flame and a ton of mushrooming, but not a lot of soot.

the LX 20 had a decent melt pool and  limited mushrooming. I haven't seen it soot. 


I dont understand how the LX18 got so much larger and soot-ier than the LX20. 


Thank you all all very much. 








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Does the LX18 look smaller?  I've actually received wicks from a supplier that were mixed up and the wrong size on them.  I had to compare with other wicks I purchased to figure them out. I'm assuming here that everything else is the same in the candle.  Air pockets could cause it as well.

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I can't speak for differences in the LX wicks...but I know I've ordered HTP's from 2 different suppliers and the same size from each burned different. I contacted Atkins and Pearce, and they said that different distributors get then tabbed and waxed by different companies, so they could be different..  They sent me their samples, and they were different too!!  OMG..so might be the same situation with LX.  I found LX to work good with the "old" soys..cb135, Advanced...but not so much with the new Quantum waxes.

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