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  1. So after a few weeks using my presto, I am in absolute love with it. Actually I’m not sure how I ever made my candles without it. When I was making them before, I used a hot plate and pan. I had concluded that the steam was causing my flames to flicker wayyy too much. I also was only able to make about one an hour (🙄 gasp, I know.) currently i I am heating my wax in the presto to about 190•, pouring in my pitcher and adding fo quickly when it reaches my temp. I am still trying to figure out how to get rid of the odd smell it’s giving my wax though. Maybe it’s too hot? I’m not entirely sure. I am going to build a spigot on and try it that way. With my current setup, I’m making at least 5 an hour (each with different scents.) My only issue it that making different scents is tricky as I don’t scent it in the presto. I’ll have to figure that one out. I’m not able to use multiple prestos due to it using a ton of electricity.
  2. Do you heat it higher than your FO adding temp? That’s what I’ve been doing. It seems to work ok but the temperature drops so rapidly.
  3. 😁happy to help! so, I went and got one at Walmart tonight. (Couldn’t wait I guess ☺️) now that ive got it all set up I have another question! Do you fill it with water and put your pour pitcher in it or directly drop your wax on the inside of the pot? Thank you all again and again!
  4. My current set up is simple. I use an induction hot plate with a 2-3” deep copper pan. I fill the pan with water and set my pouring pitcher in the water. I was also recently given a copperchef skillet. Here is what both set ups would look like. It seems the copperchef would still steam and get water into my pitcher. Im sure I’m better off just buying the presto. Just wanted input first ****dont mind the hot mess
  5. •I’ve recently been testing wicks as much as I possible can (when I have the time.) I’ve noticed that my flames flicker almost 100% of the time. I figured it was the wick, so I’d move onto another wick to test. I did more research and came upon something I had read years ago. I really never saw this as a problem for myself and always blamed the wick/wax/FO. “Any water in the wax will cause the flame to flicker uncontrollably.” I wasn’t getting water in my wax, and I was always so SO very careful to make sure of that. I was melting some wax the other day and noticed how much my pot steams from the hot plate and exactly where that steam was going. Straight up and onto the handle of my stirrer, onto my pouring pitcher rim and thermometer handle, and dripping right down into my melted wax. (Common sense should’ve told me this, but it was the last thing on my mind.) So I've recently learned about presto pots. They look and sound like the answer to many of my issues. (Not to mention they’re $25.) Here are my questions about the presto pots : ••Do you own the presto pot or the presto pot with a spigot? ••if you do have the spigot, is it a necessity? ••Did you purchase the pot and build the spigot in yourself or buy the presto pot with the spigot already on it? ••If you don’t own a presto pot, what do you use that effectively works wonders while making your candles? thanks everyone for all of your input. Always Greatly appreciated!
  6. Just scent has an amazing one.
  7. I’ve tried researching this and couldn’t find a direct answer. (Maybe I’m a terrible researcher.) Long version ; I Purchased a 2lb sample of IGI 4630 a while back from VCS. I fell in love with this wax because of its consistency and burn quality. After I ran out, I bought a 10lb slab from CS. It was the same consistency as the 2lbs I’d used before. A few weeks ago, I bought 3-10lb slabs of 4630 from BA (I had a good discount and if I wanted to physically pick up my order, I would only have to drive an hour.) It was shipped via mail, and when it arrived I was very disappointed. The slabs were much harder And not sticky whatsoever. At first I thought maybe they just shipped me the wrong wax. I emailed them to return the 30lbs but that ended up going nowhere. Then, I decided to purchase slabs from CS. 30 more pounds later... I recieved the same exact slabs I got from BA. 😑 After emailling both companies, I’ve gotten nothing. BA just keeps sending automated emails and CS hasn’t replied. Also, sending the wax back would probably be useless as the shipping would cost as much as my refund. My instincts tell me I need to add some petrolatum. TLDR;short version: My question is this. Is the petrolatum you purchase online the same as vasoline? (Ex. Candlewic.com petrolatum versus vasoline jelly from Walmart) Is it the same thing or does one have something the other doesn’t? thank you all sincerely!
  8. I made a lot of candles last night and noticed that they looked unmixed ? I've never watched my candles cool, so I'm unable to tell if it's just the wax cooling or if the fragrance oil didn't blend. I always add FO around 181• and stir for 2-3 minutes. I feel like it couldn't possibly not have blended. thank y'all! Edit** I also only used 8% FO. I never go above that percentage.
  9. Is NGs eucalyptus and spearmint strong and does it throw well in paraffin and soy? ive been looking for a good one for what seems like forever. That's always been a favorite scent of mine.
  10. Thank you soo much! ☺️ That's insanely helpful Gail! (as you always are!)
  11. I ended up buying some the same night anyhow. I've spend so much already I was just trying to salvage what I could. I purchased them on amazon and tossed my old ones.
  12. I've been looking through each suppliers oil and they all offer amazing sounding FOs. Im looking for strong oils that throw well in paraffin and soy blends. If you have ordered FOs from these suppliers, which scents threw the best and which were your favorites? Thank you!
  13. I'm making candles for Christmas this year for my family, and I'm struggling trying to find scents. My my sister had mentioned before that she like YC midsummers night. I think she'd also like clean scents. My sister-in-law is more particular. She despises the smell of vanilla. I can't use any FO that even smells slightly like it. I know that she likes BBW scents (not vanilla, clearly) and Victoria's Secret sprays. I used to make my dad drakkar candles from CS, but they've recently Discontinued their drakkar FO. They all love strongly scented candles and melts. (Because many people who aren't prone to headaches do.) Long story short... I'm looking for strong smelling FOs that throw very well. Any and all recommendations are welcome! ones I need: * masculine/cologne types * good dupes of BBW or Victoria's Secret * clean and fresh scents * and other FOs you've had good experiences with. I'm using my own blend of 80/20 paraffin and soy. I've tried FOs from FB, CS, TFC, and northwood. I was pleased with most of them.
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