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Looking for an authentic Sandalwood


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I have to blend my own sandalwood from single notes or simple pre-blends to get the results exactly how I want. I love sandalwood fragrance but am really finicky with it, especially when alternating between wanting the heavier and woodier interpretation and wanting the more common incense sort of interpretation. I usually start with juniper wood essential oil, as it's a very affordable essential oil and has a very neutral wood quality in blends, doesn't scream "CEDAR" when it's blended in modest amounts and gets along well with fragrance oils in my own experience. I pile different types of fragrance onto it to get a sandalwood interpretation that suits my tastes.

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With all the changes to Ifra limits, finding a good strong sandalwood is a real challenge.  Even when blending we have to be careful that the total of the restricted components in the blend are within IFRA guidelines.


For soap Bramble Berry sensuous sandalwood is good but it has changed in the past couple of years. Not as intense.


Hawaiian sandalwood from aroma haven is OK.


I didn’t like Indian sandalwood from natures Garden. It was strong and powerful but grotesque as a Sandalwood.


The perfumery which used to be essential oil university has a sandalwood blend that is pretty nice. Again it is not very powerful though.


Finally sweet cakes sandalwood is pretty good. But like all the others is pretty mild.

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A really good true sandalwood FO is gonna be really hard to find. The price of sandalwood EO is so outrageously expensive I am thinking most FO manufacturers use other components and oils to synthesize it without actually using sandalwood EO. For example amyris EO is a sub used for 'sandalwood' but to my nose is just not in the same ballpark. But it is widely used as a substitute. I think a blend of wood type EOs like cedar, teak, oud are also  subs mixed with a powder note. That makes most sandalwood FOs smell off or not true.


The only sandalwood FO I have found that I like is Peak's Asian Sandalwood. It is strong in wax and soap products. Every other sandalwood I have tried isn't.


We used to get blocks of sandalwood when I was a kid. It has a natural sweetness to it and a powder note to it. Maybe that's why I like Asian Sandalwood.


Since Peaks is closed you either have to find Alan on Facebook to buy it or wait for Community Candle to start selling the Peaks FOs they purchased.


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I use Aztec's cost-revised Sandalwood. It's not as good as the EO (what is?), but it's strong and readily identifiable as Sandalwood, unlike some others.

CS's Antique Sandalwood was nice, but soft and more like a Barnwood to me. It lacked the depth and nuances I was looking for.

I seem to recall NG's Sacred Sandalwood smelled perfumery and fake to me. But it's been a while since I smelled that one.

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17 hours ago, franu61 said:

Bringing this back to life.  I am hoping someone has some new favorites?  Anyone tried NG's sacred sandalwood or plain sandalwood.  What about candlesciene antique sandalwood or plain sandalwood.   

Unfortunately, both NG Sandalwoods are disappointing. And the antique sandalwood from CS isn't authentic either. It's a very strong woodsy scent, but not much sandalwood in there. Their newer sandalwood is more of a true sandalwood, but in soap it kinds of smells like burnt rubber to me. Not the smell I'm going for LOL. I didn't try it in a candle. Because CS customer service told me they had a lot of complaints about it, so I didn't pursue it. 


The best I've found so far OOB is one from Bitter Creek. They have 2.The one I like is from the original Bitter Creek South collection. Their other sandalwood isn't even close to the real thing.


And I also like one from Oregon Trails called Mysore Sandalwood. It sticks very well in soap. I haven't tried it in a candle. These two are the most authentic that I've found. The Mysore has some musk in it. The Mysore mixes very well with vanilla. It's a very big seller. I haven't used the one from BC much yet. I just recently found it. 

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