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Long Time Lurker, First Time Member!


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Hi everyone :) My name is Teana and as mentioned in the title, I have lurked around the site a long time. In fact, when I'm using Google to find information about different FO companies, here is one of the places I always will check for any scoop! I'm 28 years old, wife almost 6 years and mommy almost 4 years from Sacramento (aka Northern) California.


I LOVE bath and body products, especially body butters (my favorite BB is from Victoria's Secret). I used to have about 9 of them sitting on my bathroom counter. Lotions, creams, perfumes, body mists/sprays, lip balms/glosses... I am all over them! My husband has had to force me to stop purchasing more because I never get around to using all of my beauty goodies before they go bad (or as you are probably familiar, flavor becomes stale and plastic tasting, product separates...)


I also love perfumes and fragrance oils, a lot! I currently have almost 200 FO's from different places because it's been a dream to have my own B&B business one day. I currently have almost 20 commercial perfume bottles, they are like my little babies! I've tried to make body butters before, but they always were too greasy and then they were way too hard as a rock. I've tried making body sprays, but the base never stuck to the oils (I'm looking at you BA). I've tried body powders but the scent would clump and I would eventually ruin the batch trying to MacGuyver it! So now I've been trying some bases, hopefully to continue keeping my business dream alive!


I'm so happy to have finally made the step in joining the forum! I'm a painfully shy gal but will try to come out of my little shell to become part of the community :)



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Welcome Teana and before you know it we will have your counter cluttered with Your own products using your collection of FO's......I don't do B & B - I am a candle girl but have made a sugar scrub recipe on here from one of the many many talented members and it was amazing- and even turned out! lol

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@moonshine Heehee! I'd love to try their recipe sometime! I forgot I tried my hand at it once but it separated! At least it smelled good :) My mom does candles too! I can't believe how many cool things you can make candles out of!

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